What is it like sleeping rough? Life on the streets

Being homeless and living on the streets is a harrowing experience that nobody should have to go through. It is a situation that is often misunderstood and stigmatized by society, with many assuming that it is a result of laziness or a lack of willpower. However, the reality of homelessness is much more complex and … Read more

Yogurt May Help Manage High Blood Pressure, Study Says


New research from the University of South Australia says that a daily serving of yogurt could be the next best food for people with high blood pressure. This could be a dollop of your morning cereal or a quick snack on the go. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a serious condition that affects millions … Read more

Nakto Electric Bike Review

Nakto Electric Bike

Product details Technical Specifications Motor:Brushless 36V 300W Output power: 10% increase Battery:Removable, 36V 10AH/36V 12AH Charger: Smart Charger with Overload protection Charging time: 4-6 hours Charging current: 2.0A Bike Details Frame: Carbon Steel Rear Gears: 6-Speed Braking device: V-DRUM, front V brake, rear drum brake Throttle: Variable Speed Control Speed: 20 Miles/hour Mileage: 20-25 miles … Read more

Witeem Surge Protector Review

Witeem Surge Protector

Product Details Product Name: Witeem Color: Black Power Outlets: 2 Voltage: 5 Volts Dimensions: 11.6” x 4.1” x 1.2” Product Weight: 0.85 g To assure safety and high-quality products and services, Witeem, a company dedicated to offering high-quality surge protectors, has a professional technical team and a user-friendly service system. Witeem surge protectors are commonly … Read more

Furman M-8X2 Review

Furman M-8X2

Furman M-8X2 Merit X Series 8 X 2 Outlet Power Conditioner is an affordable AC power solution for rack mount applications. The M-8x is installed in the top slot of the rack. It has an eight switched AC outlet in the rear panel that will power up and protect all equipment up to a load … Read more

Panamax MR4300 Review

Panamax MR4300

Panamax is the recognized pioneer in AV equipment protection, with over 30 years of innovation, millions of units sold, many patents granted, and numerous industry awards. It is specifically developed and engineered to offer home theater systems with safe and filtered power. Panamax’s unique AVM circuitry provides the finest in AV power protection and filtering. … Read more

Is L-theanine Effective For Weight Loss And Memory Enhancement?

L-theanine is an amino acid found mostly in green tea. It is thought to have various therapeutic benefits on the mind and brain, including the ability to alleviate stress and anxiety. However, it is not a common chemical in our everyday diet, so L-theanine health supplements are becoming popular. What Exactly Is L-Theanine? L-theanine, also … Read more

How Fast Does Adderall Tolerance Build and What Can You Do About It?

Adderall is the preferred medication for treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In certain rare situations, it may also be used to treat narcolepsy or encourage weight reduction. Because of its reputation for boosting attention, it is also illegally taken by kids and adults who need assistance concentrating on a task. Whatever the method used, … Read more

How Much Damage Can Anabolic Steroids Do?


Have you ever wondered how those bulky and built up weightlifters got so giant and size? Of course, while some of them have gotten to that kind of a huge and majestic body following a strict diet and weightlifting, others may have got there by using illegal steroids. For those who don’t know steroids or … Read more