Raikov Effect Review

Everyone today is looking for a way to enhance their abilities, be it by practice or by cheat codes. You may have tried meditation to improve your concentration power, or exercise to lose those extra pounds; you may have even succeeded a little at doing so. But some of you might still be looking for a way to boost these talents to the best of your abilities. So, how can you wake up your brain and use it to its full potential?

Inspire3 is now bringing to you a way in which you can tap into your latent capabilities and improve them by almost ten times. The Raikov Effect, initially designed by Dr. Vladimir Raikov, is now being simplified for your benefit. You can use these specially designed programs and enhance your cognitive skills and insights. You will be happier, more confident, more focused, smarter, stronger – in short, you will be able to achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Raikov Effect

About Raikov Effect

In 1971, Dr. Vladimir Raikov, a well-renowned Russian neuropsychologist, invented a unique experiment. He tried these tests on his students and observed some astonishing results. Dr. Raikov, using a special technique, unlocked the latent cognitive powers of his students’ brains. One of his students, through this session, was convinced that she was a famous artist and began creating masterpieces. Moreover, even after the session was over, her ability to paint magnificent images remained.

This experiment left psychologists all over the world in awe. Over the years, the test has come to be known as the Raikov Effect. Dr. Raikov kept his methods a secret for decades. However, through constant research, the team at Inspire3 has managed to decode and simplify the experiment for the use of common masses. The session includes a 7-step program that helps you uncover your dormant abilities. So, if you have any special skill that you have wanted to learn, you can learn that skill within days by using this method.

How Does The Program Work?

Your bodily functions are controlled by nerve cells called neurons that are present in the brain. These nerve cells transmit data from one part of your body to the other. An average human brain contains as many as 100 billion neurons. Dr. Raikov found a method through which he could combine the neurons to enhance your latent abilities. His experiment was safe yet powerful and had made his students believe that they were famous people whose talents they could imbibe as their own.

Dr. Raikov used a 7-step program that could stimulate specific parts of your brain to activate your desired skill or ability. With the help of this program, you can tap into your dormant genius and transform yourself into a talented individual. You can achieve your deepest desired skill using this method within days or break a habit that you are addicted to. This experiment has known to change many individuals into becoming better and more successful versions of themselves.

How To Use Raikov Effect

Raikov effect is a ten-minute exercise that you can do at any time of the day. The session involves seven steps for you to open up your brainpower. Before you start the session, you have to think about and focus on the ability you want to gain using this method. Once you are clear about the skill, you need to think of an individual who, according to you, has those abilities that you are looking for. For example, if you want to improve your business skills, then you can think of someone like Bill Gates, or any other successful businessman as per you.

After these two basic things are in place, you have to relax and follow the seven-step program of the Raikov Effect. The steps are:

  1. Trance States
  2. Relaxation
  3. Visualization
  4. Suggestion
  5. Positive Thinking
  6. Believing
  7. Modeling

These seven steps are your way of taking control of your abilities and boosting your power to perform them.

Raikov Effect Review

What Does The Program Include?

The following is included in the Raikov Effect program:

  • The entire 100+ page course on Raikov Effect: The course comes in a downloadable PDF format and includes all the step-by-step instructions on how to follow the Raikov method.
  • The 10-minute audio in MP3 that you can listen along: For those of you who are not readers, this audio CD will guide you through the exercise.
  •  5 x “Listen Along” Raikov Audios for Brain Power, Confidence, Abundance & Wealth, “Law of Attraction “ and Weight Loss: This audio CDs target specific areas that you may want to enhance.
  • As add-ons, the package also includes the below items:
  • Audio Quick Start 20-minute guide: You can simply listen to the audio CD and follow the instructions to start with.
  • Raikov Quick Start 15-page Guide: Using this guide, you can start off immediately without having to wait to go through the 100+ pages.
  • Cheat Sheet ‘Take Anywhere’: You can carry this sheet around every time you want to reminded of the process.
  • Lifetime support: In case you do not understand certain aspects of the program or have any queries regarding I,t you always ask for guidance.

Is It Safe To Use Raikov Effect?

The Raikov Effect may sound a bit worrisome as you have to take in the qualities of another person. However, the program is extremely safe. By following the procedure, you will not actually start believing that you are another person. Instead, you will only be unlocking certain latent abilities that already exist in you.

Benefits of Raikov Effect

  • The program can make you successful in any field of work, be it your own business or any employment. You can heighten your focusing power and be more motivated towards any chore. You will also be able to enjoy a grander lifestyle and wealth.
  • You can get your creative juices flowing with the Raikov Effect. You can learn to paint like a professional or play any musical instrument like a pro within minutes of using this exercise.
  • The Raikov Effect can help you in losing weight and inches. It gives you the ability to exercise in a more effective way. You can even excel in sports and become more athletic.
  • The program helps you enhance your cognitive thinking and significantly improves your memory power. You can remember information with little effort. You can also gain the ability to be a quick learner.
  • The Raikov Effect can increase your confidence by ten folds. You can fearlessly speak in public and rid yourself of your insecurities.
  • The program improves your overall health and happiness. You will learn to love yourself more, think positively, and reinvent yourself.
  • The Raikov Effect aids you in relieving your stress and anxiety. It can also help you sleep better at night.
  • You can develop a pleasing and charismatic personality with the Raikov Effect. Your love-life can drastically improve, and people will get attracted to you easily.
  • This program can help you get rid of your unhealthy habits. You can easily quit smoking, curb excessive drinking, and more.

Purchase And Price

The Raikov Effect is a course that is available online and only from the official website set up by Inspire3. The course is priced at $237, and you can download it immediately after purchase. However, currently, Inspire3 is offering a $100 discount. So, you can buy the entire course and the add-ons for $137 only.

Raikov Effect Review

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Inspire3 is very confident with the program that they are providing. Therefore, they are offering a 1-year money-back guarantee. If you do not benefit from the Raikov Effect within one year from purchase, then you will receive a full refund, no questions asked. Moreover, they will also let you keep the course material.


Who can use the Raikov Effect?

If you wish to achieve remarkable success in your life then this program is for you. Raikov effect can be used by anyone wanting to achieve their goals whether at work or at home. However, it is advisable that you talk to your doctor before starting the course to ensure it does not interfere in any pre-existing condition.

Does Raikov Effect Really work?

Yes, the program really does work. Raikov Effect is something that each individual can experience for themselves. You can take charge of yourself and change your lifestyle within days using this experiment.


  • You can do the course yourself without the help of an expert. The steps are easy to follow and can be achieved from the comfort of your home.
  • The exercise is only for 10-minutes. It is not time-consuming, so you can even do it during your lunch-break, or before you sleep.
  • Raikov Effect comes from trusted manufacturers called Inspire3. They are known for their brain development tools which are scientifically tested.
  • The program comes with a 1-year money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund, no questions asked.
  • For a brain development program, this course comes at an affordable price.


  • The program is only available online. There is no physical copy available for it.
  • Since it is a self-practice, there is no way of telling whether you are doing it right or wrong.

Customer Testimonials

I started using the Raikov Effect program after I was failed for the third time to get a promotion. My colleagues always managed to be a step ahead of me and it had started bothering me. I was desperately looking for an answer and I was blessed with this course.

I started seeing the results almost immediately. At first, I couldn’t believe it but I knew the exercise was working. I felt more confident and I was more focused. I worked on each aspect slowly and steadily. I got promoted within three months of using this program. The Raikov Effect has definitely improved my life.

– Jodi Berning, 35, California

I was writing a novel and faced major writers’ block. I tried meditation but it did not help. A friend of mine recommended this program but I was skeptical about it. Failing to find any other solution, I opted for the Raikov Effect and I am glad I did.

The techniques really helped me think better. My first session itself cleared out a few ideas. The next time I sat to write the words followed through with great ease. I even changed the text I had previously written to an improved version. I felt the change in me as a writer. I am loving this course now.

– John Dawkins, 43, Oklahoma

First of all, let me start by saying that this program really works. I initially started with simple hacks like organizing my cupboard. I have never done a better job at it. Since that experiment worked, I decided to try and focus on learning a guitar. Sure enough, within a few days, I could play like a pro without having any formal practice.

For all those who are thinking twice about this program, I would say give it a try. The course will start showing effect within a month but you have a 1-year guarantee. So, if you are not happy with it, you can always get your money back.

– Ruben Odom, 40, Illinois


The world today is run by people who are not afraid to take risks. But not everyone is brave enough to do it. If you are looking for a way to become fearless, then you should try Inspire3’s Raikov Effect. You can become smarter, stronger, more creative, more productive, happier, and so much more.

This program is designed to tap into your latent abilities and convert you into a talented individual. You can use the power of this course and unlock your dormant musician, painter, businessman, writer, and more. Not only that, if you can even find more happiness and a sense of fulfillment using the Raikov Effect. This program is an excellent way to take charge of your life and see yourself grow as an individual.

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