7 Day Prayer Miracle Review


The power of praying is often underestimated by people. The intangible is seldom easy to believe in. In today’s fast-paced world, we would prefer to put in efforts and hard work to find the solution to a problem and upon failing to find one, we’ d rather sit and be upset about the whole situation. Prayer is never high on our list of solutions to a problem. We do not have the mental strength to believe, have faith. We are not completely aware of the strength of prayers, how praying in the right way can lead to major positive changes in your life. Praying helps you get rid of the social toxins, negative energy, enabling you to attract the good into your life.

The question is how do we pray the right way and get that dream life we have always wanted to? The 7- day prayer miracle by Amanda Ross is the answer to your questions. It explains the concept of praying in the right way to help you reap the benefits of this miraculous phenomenon, leading you onto the path of a happy fulfilled life.

7 Day Prayer Miracle

What is the 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is a program developed by Amanda Ross. It helps you believe in the power of nature and your mind. It has been proved over and over again by scientists that our subconscious mind is what controls our lives more than our conscious mind. It is your beliefs that make you what you are. We are repeatedly told about the power of our thoughts. How positive thoughts attract good and negative, likewise. But why do we find mostly our fears coming true and not the desires?

The key factor in this is your subconscious mind. You may think positive thoughts, and imagine the luxury car that you desire so much but sub-consciously if you believe it to be an unreal thing, that car will never happen; no matter how many consciously positive thoughts you think.

It is the sub-conscious mind that you need to trick into believing. By inducing Theta state, you will be able to make your sub-conscious mind mirror the thoughts of your conscious mind; bringing all the happiness and joy you’ve always wanted to have in your life.

Prayers have scientifically been proven effective to induce Theta state into our subconscious minds. It helps you believe and manifest the good and attract positive energy from the world, into your life.

How does the 7 Day Prayer Miracle work?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program aims at teaching how to pray in the most result-oriented fashion. We usually pray when in trouble or need; however, there is no fixed set of rules involved. The act involves communicating with a higher power, seeking help, in whatever manner we deem fit. There is no set format or template to be followed which we can claim get us results.

Praying generally is believed to be an act of communication with God, and is more of a means to let the stress out, be heard. However, we do not believe in prayers enough to expect much results.

While the existence of God may not have been established by science; the effects of praying are. Prayers, similar to mediation or yoga, has a straight and scientific outcome. It involves focusing all your energies on a singular aspect for attaining the desired results.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program will provide you with a set of 7 prayers, which will help you achieve all that you wish for. The program will teach you how to pray to improve the strength of your thoughts, help bring them to life; with a guided approach of proven techniques. This course is designed for your heart and soul to be in sync and draw powers from the elements of nature. It helps you focus on the positive, on the good; helping you attract only the good things to your life.

It could be a mounting debt, an unhappy relationship, the desire to own a house or the quest for something higher; the 7-day prayer miracle will help you achieve all that you wish to.

This program uses the prayer method of Prophet Daniel to help you manifest the desires. It has helped many people across continents to achieve a life more to their liking.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

About the 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program (Contents)

The program has a prayer of 4 lines, which is said to help you align your soul and heart and receive the gift of abundance from mother nature. This prayer has been received directly from an Archangel Michel. These four-simple set of lines will have a profound effect on your life, transforming it to your liking, without much effort. This prayer is nothing short of a miracle in any form.

Upon purchase of the 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program, you will get access to the members’ area. It will consist of the following:

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program main manual: This is a book of prayers and teachings to help you connect with the divine and achieve the unimaginable. This is a small book of 3000 words, with simple methods explained to attain all that you want.

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program prayer journal: This journal contains 7 prayers. There is a different prayer meant for each day of the week. The sole purpose of this journal is to help you connect with the universe and draw from its bounty.

Divine Hearing (Bonus edition): This book teaches you how to recognize when the divine reaches out to you. Ms. Ross describes how angels have always lived amongst us and helped when needed. You, however, need to learn how to recognize the signs and messages given to us from time to time and be able to benefit from their love and kindness.

Song of Shifts (Bonus edition): This is a bonus provided in the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program. This is an audio compilation composed at a frequency that will help your mind enter the Theta state and maintain it. Theta state is essential to help you make the prayer effective. It connects your conscious mind to your subconscious mind, helping your sub-conscious mind get rid of the negative thoughts and believe in self-worth. For it is only when your subconscious believes in your ability and worthiness that your prayers will have the desired impact. You can play this audio track while praying to make your prayers more effective.

It is said that all the positive in this world vibrates at a higher frequency in this world. This song of shifts tunes your mind to vibrate at that frequency and helps connect with the positive vibrations easily.

Divine number (Bonus edition): It is said that numbers have their significance in each individual’s life differently. This book helps us learn to recognize the numbers which have a special significance in our life and what messages they convey at different points in our lives. This is a bonus provided in the 7-day prayer miracle program.

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Pros and Cons

Before you decide to invest in this 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program, it is best to analyze the pros and cons of the program. A summarised analysis will help you decide if this program will add any value to our life as it claims to.

After studying the facets of this program in detail we have found the following points to be of significance:


  1. Scientifically backed: The features of this program are not just based on beliefs. These theories have been scientifically proven and accepted.
  2. Attainment of peace: In this fast-paced modern society, we need something to keep us going, to help us believe in the power beyond and miracles. As human beings we are an evolved race, able to solve our problems, find fixes; yet, there remain many problems that still are beyond our ability to solve. To deal with such problems and not lose heart we need to believe in the power of praying. Praying brings peace and calms to our heart and soul.
  3. Stress-relieving: Stress is a common evil in today’s time. We constantly worry and are stressed about things; which sometimes leads to chronic anxiety issues. The 7 Day Miracle Program helps you alleviate the stress by attracting positive vibes. In brings the mind to Theta state and keeps the mind in such a state; this makes you vibrate at a frequency similar to that of positive energy. This phenomenon helps you get rid of the stress and calms your mind.
  4. Money- back: The program is an intangible product. It’s not something that will affect everyone in the same fashion. Despite all the goodness and modern approach; not everyone gets the same experience. If you are not satisfied with the results of the 7-day prayer miracle program, you can get your money back within 60 days.


  1. This program requires your total focus towards the object of your desire, without distractions. This is not easy in itself. If you are not focussed enough, chances are that the results may not meet your expectations.
  2. The 7 Day Miracle Program is not available in print. You need the internet to access the program.

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What are the customers saying?

People have benefitted widely from this program. Let’s find out how the 7 Day Prayer Miracle program has affected people’s lives across the globe. Here are a few customer reviews about the program.

I was going through a very tough phase in my life, the 7 Day Prayer Miracle helped me believe in myself. It restored my faith in God, made me believe that the heavens are watching over. All you need to do is believe; in yourself and the power of praying. It is a true miracle. Praying, as taught in this program has helped me enormously. It has wiped away the problems I saw no solution to and made me such a happy person. – Cecile

I was not too sold on this 7 Day Prayer Miracle, my friend had recommended this. The fact that they have a 60-day refund policy encouraged me to give this a shot and I was not disappointed. The prayers helped me enormously. The program does need you to be focused and follow a strict routine for all 7 days of a week with no break, but hey! This is for our happiness. With the program’s guidance and my focus, I am now in a much better place. I would like to thank Amanda Ross for introducing this wonderful program to us. –Merlyn


In today’s time, the 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program is nothing short of a miracle. It is a scientifically-backed, well-organized program, helping us strategically achieve our happiness. Your happiness is now within your reach. Seeing our dreams come to reality, isn’t that what we all want? Who would’ve thought that a simple prayer would be the answer to all our life problems? 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program will help you believe in yourself, in the power of your belief.

The idea of being able to train your mind to attain all that you have longed for be it in a relationship, work or in terms of spirituality is exciting. This program opens doors to possibilities we never could have even dreamed of. Armed with this knowledge and ability the whole world is in our reach.

The words like dis-satisfaction and unhappiness will be a thing of the past. Nature with its boundless bounty is our reach, all we have do is reach out. Prayers have always been a part of every culture and known to have great powers. With the secret to effectively harnessing the powers of prayers revealed, the human race will attain new heights.

For ages, unhappiness and dissatisfaction have plagued our kind. This is one of the oldest diseases which we have not been able to cure. With the help of this newfound knowledge, all we need to do is believe and focus, the end goal will be worth the perseverance.

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