Benefits and Uses of Clove oil

Clove oil is vital to oil that comes out from Syzygium aromaticum (clove trees). It is one of the Southeast Asia native trees, but it might be available elsewhere. On the clove trees, dried flower buds develop that are distilled to produce clove oil. Also, clove oil comprises some other parts like leaves and stems added to the clove oil.

clove oil

You might find several colors that can range from lightish yellow to colorless in the range of clove oil. It holds a strong aroma that is used for several applications for centuries.

Some eye-catching benefits of clove oil

  1. Helps in moisturizing skin:

Clove oil is an excellent remedy for dry skin problems. It is best to enjoy beneficial results from the clove oil available in liquid form. You can use the liquid and apply it to your dry skin. In some other skin related products, clove oil is used for beneficial outcomes. It can reduce some other skin problems like puffy skin or stretch marks.

  1. Heals some painful conditions:

Most people are aware of the beneficial aspect linked with clove oil for healing properties. It works as a great pain relief oil for conditions like pain in teeth or toothaches. It turns out to be a natural remedy that can result in excellent outcomes. You can use the clove tree leaf in different ways to enjoy the pain-relieving properties.

You can use the natural leaf and place it under your tooth where it pains and let it stay for 2-3 minutes. You can use the liquid clove oil and pour a few drops on the painful area. Along with toothache reduction, clove is an excellent herb for healing dry socket pain. Even in infants that are facing teething pain, it is better to rely on cloves. It will help the teething pain reduction and prevent your baby from crying in discomfort for several hours. Warts and bunions pain can also become better with clove oil.

  1. Helps in raising libido:

A few clove drops in your drink like tea or coffee can help you increase energy in sexual intercourse. Many people believe that it can be an excellent remedy to improve libido levels and raise a lowering sexual drive.

  1. Calms down irritation:

When you suffer from a burning or itching condition caused by contacting any ivy or oak poison, it is best to pick clove bud oil and apply it to the painful area. You can also squeeze out the juice from clove leaves and apply it over the itching area. It is also beneficial to apply any ointment comprising clove bud oil.

  1. Helps in improving circulation of blood:

Many balms comprise of clove bud oil to heal over the blood circulation level in the body. Cloves are a natural herb that can improve your blood flow in the painful muscle area and calm down the pain.

Some uses of clove oil

  1. Insect repellent usage:

Many companies producing insect repellent relies on clove oil as a main ingredient in the products. If you get your hands over clove leaves, you can use them directly without buying any insect repellent. You can also plant a clove tree in your yard area and get rid of the bugs. Apply some clove oil to prevent any mosquitoes or bug bites.

  1. Wellness supplement:

Clove oil can turn out to be an excellent wellness supplement in your daily life. You can enjoy the beneficial properties linked with clove oil by adding a few drops of it to your daily life. Consider intaking it as a health supplement that can promote your health.

  1. Useful for ensuring dental hygiene:

Clove oil is added in candies and other dental products from the past years since it comprises the mouth-cleaning and breath freshening properties. You can enjoy availing of the benefits linked with clove oil over your mouth, teeth, and gums. Without any other artificial product, you can rely on clove oil for your dental hygiene.

  1. Prevent excessive palm sweating:

If you’re not aware of clove oil’s beneficial properties in preventing sweating in the palm area, you must try it out now. In some research, it is out that clove oil can be an excellent remedy to get rid of excessive palm area sweating within 2-3 weeks.


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