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Any man who has ever suffered the problem of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) knows how embarrassing and humiliating the situation can be. ED can affect your sexual life miserably. ED not only harms your sex life and relationship, but it also lowers your self-confidence. Today, many men face the ED problem. Most men are too embarrassed to visit a doctor or medical store to solve their issues. Even if they order pills online, it does not help them. Getting pills and medication without consultation of a doctor or expert can even harm the health and well-being of people. Thus, it is very important to have a system wherein you can receive medical care and medicines without getting embarrassed.

And you won’t believe there is a platform that offers medical consultation as well as chewable tablets for men facing the ED challenge. The platform is known by the name BlueChew.


What is BlueChew?

BlueChew is an online portal that connects patients with the doctors for the treatment of ED. BlueChew is specialized in providing treatments that are not commercially available in the market. BlueChew offers chewable tablets that men can use to solve their ED problems. Many men don’t like to swallow tablets; thus, the BlueChew offers chewable pills that are easy to take. The chewable tablet by BlueChew has helped lots of guys over the years, and it can also help you in improving your sex life.

How Does this work?

For more ED pills, you need to visit a doctor and get the prescribed medicine from a medical store. For many guys, this can be an embarrassing situation. Thus, BlueChew helps you to get the prescription, as well customized treatment plan matched to your situation. The best part about BlueChew is that you don’t have to meet the doctor in person. You will get all the services online without getting embarrassed.

The ingredients used in the preparation of BlueChew includes the same elements that are used in the preparation of viagra or the Cialis ED medication. The only difference between these products and BlueChew is that BlueChew comes in a chewable form. Thus, chew it when you are ready, and your partner is ready. The Sildenafil and the Tadalafil are the two active ingredients found in BlueChew. Both these ingredients promote blood flow in your body and thus give you a better erection. The physician on the BlueChew portable will help you with the usage as well as other queries about the product.

Ingredients used in Formulation of BlueChew

The Bluechew includes similar ingredients that are found in viagra and the Cialis ED medicines. The two major ingredients found in BlueChew include Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Both these ingredients increase the blood flow into your penis, thus, leading to better erection and better sexual performance. Most ED medicines work in a similar manner. The only difference is that they need to be purchased after a face to face consultation with a doctor. But, to get BlueChew, you don’t need to meet the doctor personally. You can ask your queries online. Sildenafil helps the blood that goes into your penis to stay for more duration so that you don’t have an erection problem. These ingredients are basically helpful in altering the flood flow into the penis for some time. Thus, you need to chew the BlueChew before you have sexual intercourse for better performance.

Benefits of BlueChew

Every man wants to have a better and pleasurable sexual intercourse. But due to certain dysfunction or health issues, many men are unable to have pleasurable sex. Erectile dysfunction is affecting many men in the world. But chewable pills like BlueChew are helping people get rid of ED, at least for some duration.

Following are some of the benefits of using BlueChew:

  • Convenient to use: Unlike other pills that need to be swallowed, BlueChew tablets are wrapped properly and look like chewing gum. Thus, you won’t get embarrassed when you are using it. You can use the pill whenever you need it.
  • Safety: Every treatment provided on the BlueChew is recommended by well-known doctors. People who use BlueChiew have almost zero side effects from the product, and they mostly have positive reviews about the product.
  • But in case you want to consult a health professional, you can check with them about the effectiveness of BlueChew.
  • It really works: Unlike other medications available in the market that claims to give 100% result. But when you use it, you don’t get any benefit, BlueChew has helped millions of men. This is not another scam in the world of ED medication.
  • Privacy: The treatment and all specifications about the medicine are sent in discreet packaging. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your privacy. The packaging has nothing mentioned over it that will indicate that it is an ED medicine.
  • Easy to order: You don’t have to visit multiple portals to purchase BlueChew; all you need to do is to visit the official website of BlueChew and get the product. You will get the package within a few days of the order.

bluechew review

Drawbacks of BlueChew

Although there are no major drawbacks related to the product or the ingredients used in the product, some of the drawbacks that people claim are:

Not FDA approval 

The prescription medicine provided by the portal is not FDA approved. Although the ingredients mentioned in the product are FDA approved. Thus the product is safe to be used.


Most people don’t like the subscription they have to get to use the treatment and medicine. Although you can stop the subscription and sign out from the portal anytime you want. Thus, it is just a minute inconvenience that users complain sometimes.

Other than these minute drawbacks, there are no major problems and complaints about the product.

Side effects of BlueChew

There are almost no major side effects of BlueChew. But a small percentage of users experienced nasal congestion, headache, or prolonged erection. But the cases of these small side effects were experienced in less than 1% of the users.

Where to buy BlueChew?

You can get the BlueChew chewable tablets from the official website of BlueChew. Buying BlueChew is a pretty straightforward and simple process. Fill out a form with basic details about your health, and the problems you are facing. When you reach the payment page on the website, you will be asked for an ID. In some states, you may also need a short video consultation before paying for the product. You will be given various subscription plans on the payment page. You can choose the subscription plan as per your requirement and budget.

Usage of the product

Your usage requirement will be dependent upon your requirements and present health. Consultation with the doctor will help you know about how and when to use BlueChew. Most people are recommended to chew the tablet 30 minutes before having sex or planning to have sex.

Customer’s review

Most guys who have used the product have given positive feedback about the product. We will look at some of the famous reviews provided by users:

One guy named Nathanial said that “I got my relationship back after using BlueChew tablets. The tablets are easy to chew, and you won’t feel any discomfort or inconvenience in using the product. Using this product will give you the biggest boner you ever had.”

Another guy named M. Jen claimed that he took two pills, and he was completely rocked solid. He highly recommends BlueChew to anyone facing ED. This product has really changed my life, claimed M.Jen.

Another user named Tommy Blake said that he got his lost confidence back after using BlueChew. According to his review, he claims that BlueChew is the future of manhood.


What makes BlueChew different from other ED medications?

Most ED medications claim to have the same ingredient as BlueChew. But still, people don’t get the result, or they are embarrassed to visit the doctors. But when it comes to BlueChew, you don’t have to face any embarrassment in front of the doctor. This is because you don’t have to get a face to face consultation with the doctor. All you need to do is to create an account on and order the product as per your requirement. In addition to this benefit, BlueChew is also easy to use, as you need to chew the tablet 30 minutes before having sex. There are almost no side effects or safety concerns associated with BlueChew.

The best part about BlueChew is that all your privacy concerns are taken into consideration, and the packaging of the product is very simple so that you don’t get embarrassed.

Price, Return, and Refund Policy of BlueChew

BlueChew is one of the most affordable products that you can get for your Erectile Dysfunction problem. If you are someone who has tried and tested different products to help you with your problem, you must try BlueChew at least once.

When it comes to buying BlueChew, you need to have a subscription plan. There are many subscription options to choose from.

Some of the subscription plans include

You can choose the subscription plan as per your requirement and budget. In case you don’t need the product anymore, just sign out from the portal or stop your subscription.

In addition to the subscription plan for the tablet, BlueChew also offers subscription-based service. Under this plan, you will need to fill a detailed questionnaire related to your medical condition and other queries. Your answers will be referred to a specialist medical practitioner, who will have a look at your answer and will help you know if you have ED or not. If the doctor confirms about ED, you will get confirmation within 24 hours, and within three days, you will receive the product.

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Return and refund

Most people ask what to do when you don’t get any benefit from the use of BlueChew?

For all those people, who feel that they didn’t get the benefit, they will be eligible for the refund policy. In addition to it, you can also change your subscription from Sildenafil to Tadalafil and vice versa. For many users, changing their subscription helps. And if you still don’t find any benefit, log into the BlueChew account, go to my account, and change plans. You can also stop the subscription in the same manner.

If you find the product to be unsatisfactory, you will get your refund for order within 30-days of purchase. There is no scheme for returning the product.


BlueChew is one of the most affordable and effective pills for male enhancement. The best part about BlueChew is that it is easy to use and has almost no side effects. If you are struggling with erectile Dysfunction, BlueChew can be the best product for you. Many guys today face the problem of ED, and they are not confident enough to visit their doctors. Most guys lose their relationship, confidence, and their partner due to the Erectile Dysfunction. If you are facing these issues, it’s time to resolve them. Visit the official website of BlueChew, and know about the different packages and subscription provided. You will definitely get a positive result after using the product. If you want to get back your joyous sex life back, it’s time to buy BlueChew. You will have rock-hard manhood, and your partner will love you even more.

Have a happy and healthy life!!

bluechew review

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