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An adhesive that works well can prove to be a godsend in times of emergencies. Suppose, you break your mom’s favorite glassware or your father’s glasses, what would you try and do?

What would you do if you, unintentionally, break an item, treasured by someone you love very dearly?

You would run to the market, get an ordinary glue, and try to fix the broken items!

This is the normal reaction of any individual. But, you must realize that this is a temporary fix.

Of course, everyone wants to fix things on their own – broken pipelines and taps, car parts, or toys – we fix everything close to our hearts. But most of the time, the repairs are short-lasting. Why? Because the glue that you are using is not strong enough. Or maybe it works only for metals or plastic. You buy separate glues for craft purpose, fixing metallic surfaces, or for plastics. What if you get a single glue for all your needs?

Bondic is a multipurpose liquid-based formula. It will help you fix anything and everything. The liquid formula works on all surfaces too. Add unlike other superglues, the fix that Bondic provides to items is permanent. You never have to worry about the glue drying out and the parts disassembling after continuous usage. Read along to find out more about Bondic.


About Bondic

Bondic is a liquid-based adhesive that will help you fix broken items. It is a unique, multi-functional adhesive that, unlike other adhesives, works on all surfaces. So, you can use it on metals, wood, ceramic, glass, and plastic. Once the liquid glue dries up, Bondic gives long-lasting, permanent hold. It is easy to use, as well. You’ve to aim the UV light over the area and harden the glue. Then, use the brush to shape it. And there you go, you’ve fixed the item you wanted.

The adhesive is safe to use as well. The manufacturers used a non-toxic formula to create it. You don’t have to use your fingers to do anything. The glue only hardens when you throw UV light on it. Bondic can last over 3 years if stored properly. The liquid doesn’t dry out. Order Bondic and try it the next time you want to fix an item.

What do you get in Bondic Kits?

  • Bondic Adhesive: This is the main component of the kit. One bottle has multiple uses and if stored properly, can last for 3 years. 
  • UV light tool: Once you’ve applied the glue and joined the broken parts, you’ve to throw the UV light over the surface for 4 seconds to harden the glue. Bondic won’t work without the UV light tool.
  • Applicator tip: The applicator tip is sharp, just like a pen. It allows you to apply a fine layer of the glue over the surface, avoiding any kind of wastage.
  • A brush to shape the glue: After applying the adhesive and throwing UV light over it, you’ve to use the brush and shape it.
  • One carrying case: A case allows you to store the adhesive properly. Bondic lasts for 3 years, on average, when stored properly. 

How Does Bondic Work?

The manufacturers make use of a unique liquid-based formula to formulate the product. It is a non-toxic formula, safe for customer usage. You’ve to apply the adhesive over the surface of the item you want to fix and then join the parts. Once you’ve put the broken parts together, aim the UV light tool over the surface for 4 seconds. This hardens or cures the adhesive. You get a permanent fix after following the necessary steps. The adhesive doesn’t require the usage of hands, so there’s no chance of getting messy fingers.  

How to Use Bondic?

Follow the steps given below to use Bondic –

  • Start by cleaning the surface of the broken item with sandpaper. This ensures the smooth and proper application of Bondic.
  • Now, apply the adhesive over the broken parts and join them. After putting the parts together, you need to apply the UV light tool.
  • Take the UV light and hold it over the concerned region for 4 seconds. Make sure the light covers the entire region of the applied adhesive. Move it around if required. This will harden the glue, giving you a permanent fix.
  • Use the brush provided to shape the glue. And you’re done, the item gets fixed.
  • You can repeat the steps to get a more durable fix. Using multiple fine layers of the adhesive proves to be more effective than one layer.
  • The best part is that you don’t have to use your fingers and get them messy. The applicator tip, UV light tool, and brush do the job for you just fine. 

Bondic review

Is it Safe to use Bondic?

Yes, it’s safe to use Bondic. The creators make use of a non-toxic formula to manufacture the product. The adhesive doesn’t require the usage of hands or fingers for any purpose, whatsoever. So, unlike other super-glues, you won’t have messy fingers using it. Bondic gives a permanent fix after hardening. You don’t have to heat the surface.  

Benefits of Bondic

  • The manufacturers have used a unique liquid-based formula to create the product.
  • It is safe to use. Bondic is a non-toxic, risk-free adhesive. The product won’t harm in any way if you get it on your skin.
  • You get a permanent fix once the glue hardens. So, don’t worry about the parts falling apart after some time.
  • The adhesive is applicable on all surfaces. It works on plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, and metal.
  • Unlike other adhesives, you don’t need to use your fingers for any purpose. So, zero chance of getting messy fingers.
  • If stored properly, the adhesive can last for as long as 3 years.

Purchase & Price

There are three packages of Bondic available on the company’s website. Each kit includes adhesives, applicator tips, UV light tools, and a case to carry it around. Given below is the detailed pricing for each package-

  • One Bondic Kit: You can buy one kit of Bondic for $19.99 on the company’s website. This is the starter kit.
  • Three Bondic Kit: This is the most popular kit. This is the 2+1 deal, where you pay for two units and get one free. You’ve to pay $39.98 for the package. You save $19.99 on it.
  • Five Bondic Kit: This is the ‘Best Value’ package of the company. You pay for three units and get two units free. Get this package for $59.97. You save $39.98 on this deal.

You’ve to pay minimal shipping and handling charges if you buy one unit. The shipping and handling are free for the other packages.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The seller has a 30-day refund policy. If you’re dissatisfied with Bondic, you can ask for a refund. Follow the steps to get a refund-

  • The company only gives refunds for unopened and unutilized products. To get a refund, contact the seller within 30 days of purchase.
  • The company generates a unique RMA or Return Merchandise Authorization number for you.
  • In order to obtain a refund, you’ve to return the unused units of the product to the company. Make sure you accompany the RMA number along with the return package.
  • Once the seller receives the package, they will inspect it thoroughly, ensuring that it meets the company’s criteria for refunds.
  • You will get your refund if the package meets the criteria.
  • For damaged goods, you’ve to contact the company’s customer care within 7 days of receipt. Return the product and you will get a refund.
  • The seller might charge a restocking fee. You bear the shipping and handling charges.    

Side Effects of Bondic

There are no side effects of Bondic. So, don’t worry if, perchance, you get the adhesive on your skin. You’ll easily be able to wash it off using water and soap. Wash the bothered region and apply soap. Rub the soap thoroughly over the region. Now, use running water and wash your hands.  


How many drops does each bottle of Bondic provide?

Each bottle of Bondic gives 80 drops. So, you can use it a dozen times before it finishes.

Does Bondic have an expiration date?

No, Bondic doesn’t have any expiration date. You can keep it on the shelf for as long as you want. The adhesive won’t dry out.

What makes Bondic different from its competitors?

Other super glues and adhesives dry and harden when they’re exposed to air. But, Bondic hardens when you wish. You’ve to use the UV light tool, hold it over the concerned region for 4 seconds, and harden the adhesive.    


  • Bondic is a non-toxic, risk-free product.
  • You get a permanent fix after the glue dries up.
  • The adhesive works on all kinds of surfaces, such as ceramic, glass, wood, and metal.
  • It doesn’t require the usage of fingers and hands. So, you can avoid messy fingers.
  • You can use the adhesive for 3 years.
  • The seller offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.   


Customer Testimonials

I am a proud grandma of two super cute grandchildren. They visit us once every fortnight and I wait for them eagerly. With kids around, I am careful enough to put away my décor items and chinaware. When they paid a surprise visit yesterday, I couldn’t put the chinaware away. And unfortunately, one of my precious chinaware teapots broke. I was in tears, but my husband assured me that he will fix the teapot. with Bondic glue. He carefully joined back the pieces with Bondic and there you are! It was as good as before. Laura, 56, California. 

My grandfather’s gramophone and discs are one of the prized possessions of my dad. He would often show it to his friends with much pride. He cleans it with utmost care. However, during one such cleaning, one of the coveted discs broke into two pieces. It was devastating for my dad. He tried to fix the parts with the ordinary glue, but it didn’t work. I got Bondic and re-joined the disc with it. To the utter surprise of my dad, it was so well joined that it would play without any difficulty. My dad thanked me profusely but I believe that preserving family heirlooms is my honor. Ben, 16, Missouri.

I always keep Bondic glue in my house. It comes handy in numerous ways. From using in my kid’s craft project to fixing a leaking pipe or repairing my pearl necklace, I use it everywhere. I used it to fix my husband’s broken glasses and join the parts of my child’s toy car. I used it to fix the wooden cupboard, and believe me, it worked great even on wooden surfaces. Furthermore, there are no sticky fingers because it only works when I apply the UV light. This prevents any mess as well. And the best part is that it is non-toxic and extremely safe to use. Ruth, 42, New York.

In my day to day job as a plumber, I need to fix the leaking pipes, broken outlets, basin, and sink cracks. I need a glue that is extremely powerful and can fix the broken and cracked pipes and help it to remain in place for months. I use Bondic glue for all my plumbing requirements. It repairs the leaking pipes and cracked sinks in a way that no one can get to know that there was a leak ever. It is non-messy as it doesn’t stick to my palm so I am ready for the next job! Gary, 35, Florida.


Choose Bondic over other adhesives. There’s no adhesive like it. It gives a permanent fix to items, once it dries up. The best part, unlike other superglues that dry when exposed to air, Bondic hardens when you want. You’ve to hold the UV light tool over the concerned region. You can use it to fix practically everything.

You can check out the official website of the seller for the best deals. Bondic can prove to be a life-saver at times. Order your supply of Bondic now.

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