BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags Review

Today, most people have one or other types of allergies. We may think that it is due to allergens present outside the house, pollution, and other things. But, in most of the cases, allergies start inside the house. Dust mites and molds are two important things that can result in allergies.

But in some cases, it can be due to smoke and pet danger as well. Hence you should always think about inside pollution as well as pollution outside your house. You can think about making the air inside your home clean and breathable.

Yes, there is also a solution for indoor air pollution, and that is the Breathe Green Charcoal Bag. This bag is designed to remove the allergen, odor, and all kinds of indoor pollution. You can breathe healthy air after using this Breathe Green Charcoal bag. This bag is designed using activated bamboo charcoal, and it can quell awful smells. The BreatheGreen Charcoal bags filter out particles causing allergies. Apart from that, it can also soak up moisture.

BreatheGreen Charcoal bags are one of the highly unique products designed for purifying the air. The main reason behind this is it comes with heavy-duty fabric. More than that, it just uses “eco-friendly” materials in making the air clean in your house.

breathe green charcoal bags


The BreatheGreen Charcoal bags are made using only one ingredient. These tiny bags are designed with high-quality material and then filled with activated bamboo charcoal. When you keep these Breathe Green Charcoal bags inside your house, it starts purifying the air that passes through it. It can clean the air filled with an allergen, odor, bacteria, and even dust. These particles are easily trapped on the surface itself, and the air is completely purified.

Bamboo charcoal is very effective in cleaning the air. It can reduce the chemicals present in the air. It is proved that bamboo charcoal can absorb all kinds of chemicals present in the air. It can eliminate chemicals and reduce the impurity of air. It reduces the harmful chemicals present in the air, such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and even chloroform gases. These are chemicals emitted by carpeting, paint, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, plastic, and also from rubber.

Working Mechanism

BreatheGreen Charcoal bags are filled with just one component, and that is activated carbon. When the air passes through the pores present in the coal, it starts absorbing all kinds of allergens along with the smell and bacteria present in it. It absorbs all these chemicals and other things present in the air and purifies it instantly. It is proved scientifically that bamboo has all the essential things to purify the air. It can absorb chemicals like benzene and ammonia present in the air. The indoor pollution can happen by dry cleaning agents, air fresheners, floor coverings, paints, and even plastic we use. If you think pollution is high inside the house, you can also make use of many bags.

Bamboo charcoal brings many benefits. Hence it is mostly used in the beauty industry as well. Activated bamboo charcoal filled in the Breathe Green Charcoal bags can eliminate allergens and odors present in the indoor air. These bags even suck up complete moisture from objects like shoes. Hence, it becomes easy to keep shoes in perfect shape.

All you need to do is, you should use these Breathe Green Charcoal bags in places inside your house where there is a high possibility of mildew, mold, allergens, and odors. These Breathe Green Charcoal bags are nothing but odor eliminators. Along with eliminating all kinds of chemicals and odors, these Breathe Green Charcoal bags can also absorb moisture. The only thing you need to do is, you have to keep these Breathe Green Charcoal bags in the sun at least once a month. The lifespan of these Breathe Green Charcoal bags is two years. After two years, you need not throw them in a dustbin. You just need to dump them in your garden. These Breathe Green Charcoal bags are eco-friendly, and they can also help to increase the soil quality.

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bag review

Advantages of BreatheGreen Charcoal bags

BreatheGreen Charcoal bags are designed for reducing indoor pollution and maintaining quality of air. These Breathe Green Charcoal bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal. This charcoal can reduce harmful chemicals present in the air like ammonia, formaldehyde, chloroform, and benzene. There can also be certain kinds of chemicals produced from chemical cleaners, air fresheners used in washroom, and plastic items we use.

  • Breathe Green Charcoal bags can easily remove bacteria, molds, odors, and allergens.
  • It helps you in reducing the molds at home.
  • It can absorb all kinds of toxins present in the air, and it stores them inside. It never releases any other chemical or absorbed ones.
  • You can also maintain foods in good condition by absorbing fungi, bacteria, and moisture.
  • It is easy to maintain shoes in good condition by using these Breathe Green Charcoal bags. It can remove moisture from the air and helps in keeping all kinds of objects in good condition. These BreathGreen Charcoal bags even help in preventing the formation of unpleasant odors in your house


  • BreatheGreen Charcoal bags are completely natural. They can help you in removing the allergens and odors naturally. They help in preventing the mildew and mold without any usage of chemicals.
  • You just need to keep these Breathe Green Charcoal bags near shoes, suitcases, in cars, and bathtubs. You can also keep them in refrigerators and near freshly painted walls.
  • Compared to chemical air fresheners, these Breathe Green Charcoal bags are completely safe and healthy.
  • There is no maintenance required for these bags other than keeping them in the sun once a month. You can use these bags for at least two years and after that throw them in your garden.


  • The only thing is, these BreatheGreen Charcoal bags should be kept in the sun once a month. So, you should remember this and keep them under the sun.
  • This is an online product, and you should order it on the listed website. You may not get this product from your local stores.

Price, money-back guarantee and refund policy

breathe green charcoal bags price

The BreatheGreen Charcoal bags offer 90 days money-back guarantee. You should try this product for at least 90 days to check the results. If you are not satisfied with the product then, you can go for a refund.

Side Effects

There is no need to worry about the side effects of these BreatheGreen Charcoal bags. The ingredient used in these bags is activated bamboo charcoal. This ingredient is completely natural and safe. There is no usage of any other chemical in making of these Breathe Green Charcoal bags. So, you will not be affected by any harmful effects when you use these Breathe Green Charcoal bags. They can clean the inside air and keep all the objects inside your house in good condition without causing any damage to your health.

Rather than making use of other chemical-filled air fresheners, you should try out this natural product for indoor air cleaning. The Breathe Green Charcoal bags bring a natural solution for cleaning the air inside the house. It can remove chemicals, dust, and even mold from your home. It absorbs moisture, and that helps in easy maintenance of food and other objects like shoes in your house.

Customer Reviews

You can check online reviews for the Breathe Green Charcoal bags.


Cleaning the house was not that difficult for me. But when it comes to odors, it can be challenging. This is especially difficult when you have pets at home. You can make use of air fresheners, but what about the chemicals present in those fresheners.

Moreover, you cannot use these air fresheners daily. So, I was thinking about a natural solution, and one of my friends informed me about these Breathe Green Charcoal bags. They are like a boon. They are completely natural, and you can keep them anywhere in your house. I started using them near my pets. To my surprise, the odor was completely absorbed by these bags. Initially, I was not sure about the effectiveness of this product. But, after using, I understood how effective it is. Thanks, Breathe Green Charcoal bags, for keeping my house clean.


Moisture was a big enemy in my house. Along with this, comes the mold and odor. So, I was struggling to maintain the items in perfect condition. Most importantly, food and other things which become victims are shoes. I was tired of using chemical filled air fresheners. More than that, they never brought any permanent solution. They just removed odor for some time, and it again appears. Finally, I found a solution online. I was searching for a natural and chemical-free solution in purifying the air inside the house, and I found Breathe Green Charcoal bags. They are very easy to use. You need not do anything other than keeping them in a proper place.

Moreover, these bags are reusable. You just need to keep them in the sun once a month and start using them again. I checked the official site and many other review sites, and I found out that there is no side effect of this product. The moisture is reduced significantly in my house, and I use these Breathe Green Charcoal bags regularly. They can prevent all kinds of odors in your home. Thanks to Breathe Green Charcoal bags for purifying the air inside.


Unknown and invisible dust, mold, and chemicals can be common even in indoor air. I have kids, and it was hard for me to maintain the healthy air inside my house. Even after regular cleaning and usage of air fresheners, I was finding it hard to rule out certain types of molds and odor. I stopped using air fresheners since they bring new chemicals. I was in search of a natural solution since chemicals can be harmful to kids. I found these Breathe Green Charcoal bags through one of my friends. The best part is, these Breathe Green Charcoal bags are filled with activated bamboo charcoal, and there is no other chemical present in these bags.

Along with removing all kinds of impurities present in the air, they even remove odor. These Breathe Green Charcoal bags are the right solution if you want to maintain clean, fresh, and moisture-free air inside your house. They are worth the money paid since they are reusable. Thanks, Breathe Green Charcoal bags for keeping the air clean in my home.


I was in search of an air purifier mainly to remove odor created by moisture in my house. I couldn’t remove the odor present in the air. Even after cleaning the house regularly, there was one or other odor. Then I came to know that it is the odor resulted from moisture. Increased moisture inside the home can result in many issues, and one of them is odor. I started struggling to maintain the freshness of food and other items. Then I found a natural product called Breathe Green Charcoal bags. I didn’t believe the effectiveness of this product initially. Later after using it for a month, I understood it is the best air purifier. Thanks to Breathe Green Charcoal bags for making my house clean.


You may find hundreds of air fresheners and air purifiers in the market. But, you should understand that they are filled with one or other chemicals. So, rather removing the chemical already present in the indoor environment, you will be enhancing it further. So, you need to use a natural product which helps in purifying air and meantime removes odors present in the air. Breathe Green Charcoal Bags is the best product since it is completely safe and environment friendly.

These bags can remove chemicals present in the air along with moisture and odor. Rather than making use of different products, you can rely on this complete package. More than anything, using these Breathe Green Charcoal bags is very easy. You just need to keep them wherever you find more moisture and impurities. These bags will do their job, and you will experience significant results in a few days. These Breathe Green Charcoal bags are available online, and you can order them anytime. They are reusable, and you can use them for at least 2 years.

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