CBD For Children: Is It Safe?

We are all living an ever-advancing world right now. And with all the unbelievable inventions and technologies taking birth, there’s another aspect of growth. The growth of complexities with respect to health; and if you are a parent to a toddler or a young child, it’s inevitable for you to overthink about how to shield your child from the kinds of illnesses that carry with themselves the tag of “chronic” or “infectious” or “deadly.” With the air becoming a lesser purer with every passing day, the water becoming toxic with every passing day, with the knowledge about deadly viruses spreading every day—it is scary to think if you could always shield your child from all the bad health. The more worrisome thought begins with the words “what if”.

Off late, several studies and reports have been talking about how CBD is proving to be beneficial for children’s health. You must have already been reading news articles and health articles about the same. With every article that you read, you might have had both, a ray of hope for your child’s health and also a lightning thunder of doubt clouding your mind. This is why we are here to help you understand a little better about the choices of CBD for children and if it is safe or not.

cbd for kids

CBD these days are available in several forms right from liquids to chewable. And it has gained popularity for being able to treat multiple conditions, some of which that occur in children as well. Read on.

What Is CBD Oil?

First of all, CBD’s full form is cannabidiol. It is a substance that is extracted from both marijuana as well as hemp. Therefore, one can conclude that CBD is a component that is found in common in both of these plants. This shouldn’t allow you to assume that both these plants are the same. There are many differences between the hemp and marijuana plant. The main difference lies in the amount of resin present in these plants. Hemp is on the lower end of resin plants whereas marijuana is on the higher end of resin plants. Resin also contains this chemical compound called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is this compound that is responsible to give intoxication to whoever consumes it. And this THC compound is present more in marijuana when compared to the hemp plant. Therefore, dear parents, whenever you decide to give CBD to your children for better health, it’s always advised to go for the isolate CBD and not the full-spectrum one. Irrespective of whether it is derived from hemp or marijuana.

Different Forms Of CBD

As mentioned earlier, CBD is available in plenty of forms. One of the popular forms includes preparing beverages and baked goods out of it. These forms usually make it difficult for one to know how much percentage of CBD is being used in the making of these products.

You see, the key lies in the quantity of CBD that is administered in the child. And unless you are using prescribed medicines like Epidiolex, it is quite certainly impossible for one to know how much of CBD one is taking or giving to another to consume. Some of the significant forms of CBD include:

  • Gummies: The chewable gummies which are infused with CBD are a lot tastier. They are sweet just like your favorite candy. As much this form makes it easier for you to give it your kid, it also dawns on you to hide them so that your child doesn’t end up consuming more than required (like how they do with candy) when you are not around.
  • CBD Oil: This oil can be labeled in several potencies. The oil can be purchased in the form of an oil capsule and is also traditionally administered just below the tongue. CBD Oil is known to have a very earthy and distinctive taste. It leaves behind a strong earthy aftertaste. This might be disliked by your children. However, off late, flavored forms of CBD oils are also available. But always remember to consult your doctor or pediatrician before deciding to administer CBD on your kid.
  • Transdermal Patches: The plus point about these patches is that they let the CBD penetrate through the skin and make its way into the bloodstream of the body of your kid. This form of CBD provides more consistency with respect to time.

For What Can CBD Oil Be Used In Children?

  1. Epilepsy: a medication made out of CBD was recently approved by the FDA to treat seizures which are difficult to take a hold on. These are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome—the two rare forms of Epilepsy. The medication name is Epidiolex which helped in reducing the frequency of seizures among children according to studies. This medication however is very carefully manufactured and is administered too in the same manner.
  2. Anxiety: It’s not just adults, even children suffer from anxiety problems. In fact, in children, the anxiety problem is more as the children won’t have the ability to control emotions like adults. Studies have spoken about how CBD is considered as a far more effective treatment for anxiety when compared to pharmaceutical medications for children.
  3. Sleep Disorders: CBD is considered as a great way to treat sleeping problems in children. It brings a sense of peace and calmness in children who are very aggressive when they do not sleep properly.
  4. Autism: Autism results in several negative effects in a body, especially so in the case of children. Several real-time proofs show how children who had been administered CBD for six months or so showed a drop in lethargy, hyperactivity, inappropriate speech, and irritability.

Benefits Of Using CBD In Children Include

  • Protecting the brain
  • Alleviating nausea
  • Fighting cancer
  • Obtaining mental clarity
  • Managing appetite
  • Solve sleep issues
  • Lowering the risks of cardiovascular problems
  • Helps manage ideal weight

Choosing The Right CBD Product For Your Child

Currently, many companies worldwide are manufacturing CBD. And as parents, you will always not know what kind of CBD product best suits the kid. Questions like, “What do I look for while purchasing a CBD product?” arises in your mind. We’re providing a quick help guide for you to do just that. Keep the following in mind when you are choosing a CBD product:

  • Observe The Label: Read what the label says correctly. Also, it is very important for you to look for the amount of CBD present if a single dosage is given.
  • Look For Where It Has Been Manufactured: Understand and research about the manufacturers of the CBD product that you want to by. Find out if the product comes from organically grown hemp or not. And if the product is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.
  • Pick The CBD Oil Which Has A Third-Party Testing Result Attached To It: In simple terms, we are trying to say purchase CBD oil which is from a verified manufacturer. Such products usually come with a COA that stands for Certificate of Analysis.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD products that are derived from hemp and come with a THC level that is below 0.3 percent—these are legal at the federal levels. However, still, in some states, they are considered to be illegal. Therefore, check for your state laws before deciding on buying a CBD product for your kid. And always remember that non-prescription products of CBD are not approved by the FDA and could also be labeled in an inaccurate manner.


CBD products are proven to be effective for the health welfare of children in the case of rare epilepsy conditions. However, it isn’t FDA approved for treating all kinds of health conditions in kids. Since CBD is regulated at a federal level, many companies are manufacturing CBD products. But this makes it difficult for one to understand how much CBD is used in making the product. On an anecdote note, several parents largely speak about the positive effects on their children after using CBD oil. But as a parent, on your own, it’s vital to see and understand all the legal laws of your state. Then consult a doctor and decide whether you can administer CBD to your kid. Ensure that your pediatrician’s words are the final words for you. After all, as a parent, you will only want the best for your child.

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