CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer Review

Sanitizers have become the new gold. Drugstores have run out of it during the COVID-19 outbreak. Almost every social media platform, agency, medical professionals, and news outlets are stressing how important a sanitizer is.

COVID-19 is declared a pandemic and this means staying super-safe. Hands must be washed after touching anything alien. As one does not always have water around, a sanitizer is the next best option for keeping hands clean.

Numerous innocent people have lost their lives. Some by being affected, and some by helping the affected. The virus can wreak havoc inside our bodies. As the importance of using sanitizers became common, the shortage of sanitizers was obvious.

Using just a regular sanitizer won’t be effective. It’s because this virus is no ordinary virus. It has claimed nearly a million deaths, and not looking to slow down. The fear of death can turn any atheist into a believer. That is why now is the time to believe in an advanced sanitizer – UV Light Sanitizer.


What is a UV Light Sanitizer?

UV Light Sanitizer is a powerful product that kills viruses, bacteria, and germs off all surfaces. It uses Ultraviolet Light to kill unseen carriers of the disease.

UV Light is powerful because it can destroy bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye.

Imagine you order food from a delivery service. You receive the order from the delivery guy, what should your first action be? A couple of drops of UV Light sanitizer on your hands, rub them vigorously, and voila. Germs gone.

Common hand-sanitizers contain alcohol. Although it is known to be a decent alternative to soap and water, it is not 100% potent. Firstly, most local sanitizers don’t even add pure alcohol. They contain a mix of chemical compounds and a bit of alcohol.

Secondly, it is not easy to control your surroundings. The doorknob, stair railing, house keys, car fob, grocery bags, etc. are all susceptible to outside intrusion. Your hands touch every one of these items. Sanitizing these everyday items numerous times is not feasible.

The solution to staying safe from possible contaminated surfaces is presented by CleaniX.

What is CleaniX?

The portable and easily storable CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer is perfect for staying 100% secure within the confines of your home.

CleaniX is not an antibacterial spray, but rather an advanced sanitizing device. It is a light sanitizer that looks like a want. It eliminates germs and viruses from your car, office, or house. It uses ultraviolet rays to decimate toxic cells.

During these testing times, CleaniX’s revolutionary product comes as a respite. Personal hygiene is of utmost priority. Wash your hands with soap, but use CleaniX Ultraviolet Sanitizer to kill bacteria and germs over surfaces.

It can easily be used to sanitize or disinfect any object laying on any surface. Just shine the light over the surface or object for a few minutes. Viruses and germs will no longer exist.

The product is available in the shape of a rectangular box. Flip it to turn on the light switch. Hold it over the object you want to sanitize and the UV light will do the rest.

After about 10 minutes, the light will go off automatically.

What are the features of CleaniX?

CleaniX is a portable UV Light Sanitizer. You can carry it around in your purse, shopping bag, car glove box, backpack, or even in your pocket. Its prominent features are,

  • It is so portable that it can be carried to work, office or college with ease
  • High-quality materials cause no infection or skin allergies
  • CleaniX is highly durable and fits easily in your hands
  • The product is effective and delivers with 100% success
  • Works on numerous surfaces such as wood, plastic, metal, etc.
  • CleaniX UV sanitizer is compact, enhancing a strong grip
  • It can be stored anywhere – from the closet to a drawer
  • Simple switch mechanism ensures easy usage

What are the benefits of CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer?

CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer is designed with the latest technology, to fight malicious viruses and bacteria. It is no hidden fact that powerful UV light can annihilate probing bacteria and germs with ease.

It can turn any surface clean, even a public toilet seat. It is an absolute must for healthcare centers and hospitals to use it regularly. Its germicidal properties can help,

  • Eliminate that are present in rugged surfaces
  • Destroy viruses, germs, and bacteria
  • Sanitize all surfaces making them clean for children and adults alike

There is no worry of rust or corrosion during any weather. It is compact and can be stored anywhere with ease. They can be stored in cars, shops or warehouses.

The easy switch mechanism does not need any training manual to operate. From individuals living alone to large families, it can keep everyone safe.

The sanitizer is safe for humans and pets. It produces no odor and pungent smells. It is lightweight and durable.

Bacteria and viruses are unseen by the naked eye and can be anywhere. One may not see the UV Light’s effects through the naked eye, but it is scientifically proven to be highly effective.

CleaniX reviews

Do UV Light Sanitizers work?

Is the UV Light sanitizer worth the hype? Do we even need sanitizers when we already have soap and water?

The answer is Yes. When it comes to life, there should be compromises. Imagine you use the soap-water combo at home, but don’t wash hands when purchasing vegetables from the market. Are you sure the vegetables are clean and won’t carry something called the COVID-19 virus?

The UV Light Sanitizer can easily clear your doubts and fear. Just 5-10 minutes of using CleaniX on grocery bag handles can keep you safe.

According to microbiologist Alec Berezow, UV light emits with high frequency. This damages the nuclear material within viruses, making UV light highly potent.

There is no conclusive evidence of UV light’s effectiveness against the coronavirus. It is, however extremely effective against the flu virus.

Ultraviolet light is used in hospitals against various pathogens. This makes a UV light sanitizer effective versus germs or viruses. It can work on surfaces such as marble, metal, fabric, wood, and plastic.

It can eradicate viruses within 300 to 600 seconds. It is simple to store, and can easily be carried in a travel handbag. It can be stored in office drawers or college lockers.

Is CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer safe to use?

Firstly, ultraviolet is safe for humans. It is safe on human skin and causes no respiratory or tangible problems. This makes a sanitizer that uses UV light, non-harmful to humans as well.

Secondly, the UV light used in the sanitizer is not the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. There is a huge difference between the intensity from a mass as big as the sun, and a hand-held device. The sanitizer also turns off by itself when not in use. The human skin is now not exposed anyway.

The UV sanitizer cleans all surfaces and decimates harmful particles. Its compact size makes it handy. It is convenient to store the sanitizer. It gets the job done within minutes, making it the best weapon against fighting harmful viruses.

CleaniX UV light sanitizer also causes no inflammation, infection, or skin allergies.

How potent is CleaniX sanitizer?

  • CleaniX can easily get rid of microscopic bacteria, germs, and viruses. It does not damage the surface it is exposed to.
  • UV light, in general, is highly potent against disease-carrying microorganisms. At times of crisis, such as now, CleaniX is delivering safety, security, and peace of mind.
  • Along with being highly potent, CleaniX is lightweight and easy to carry around. This UV light-based device sanitizes with extreme efficiency.
  • It disinfects the contents of any surface or objects to get rid of susceptible infections. The UV light switches off by itself when not in use.
  • Everyday items and appliances such as TV remotes, mobile phone chargers, dining table, desktop table, kitchen platform, etc. can easily be disinfected.
  • CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer sanitizes your home and eliminates germs with ease. The spread of dangerous infections and deadly diseases can be curbed.

Side effects of CleaniX

Rest assured that there are no reported or documented side effects of CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer. It is also safe to use, as it’s the same technology that’s used by hospital bots to clean surfaces off pathogens.

How much do CleaniX Sanitizers cost?

CleaniX can be easily purchased online for a discounted price. CleaniX is offered at a discount ranging between 50% and 71%.

You can avail of the discount depending on the package you choose.

This also includes a third FREE device

This also includes 2 additional FREE devices

Buying CleaniX from its official website can get a prompt refund policy for damaged items. Simply contact the customer service within 30 days of accepting the product, and claim a refund in case the product comes damaged.

CleaniX review


Q.1 Can CleaniX be used as a regular hand sanitizer?

Answer – CleaniX is not a hand sanitizer. Although it is more effective as compared to alcohol-based regular hand sanitizers, CleaniX is designed to disinfect objects and surfaces, so that you get a holistic safety net around you.

Q.2 Does UV light-based technology work at home?

Answer – Yes. This technology is the same one that’s used in hospitals. There are no doubts about its usage in homes, officers, or warehouses to keep surfaces clean.

Customer Reviews

“I run a shop selling sex toys. In such an industry, there is no tracking where the products go and how they are used. I have the habit of sterilizing all the products present in the store. This product saves me so much time as soap and water is just not feasible.” – Robert W

“Disinfecting a house is super-difficult. And with coronavirus making this process a compulsion, I didn’t know what to do. I found CleaniX UV Light sanitizer online and decided to give it a go. I am so happy with the results. Children at home feel safe and the cause for fear has reduced.” – Cassie J

“I was sceptical at first. Can UV rays be trusted? What if it accidentally touched my skin? But, COVID-19 made it a must-have device to fight back. I spoke to the customer care team at CleaniX, which cleared my doubts. I ordered a pack of 3, one for home, one for my husband’s office, and one as a standby.” – Janet D

“It is said the computer keyboard is more contaminated as compared to the toilet seat. I am now working from home and starting the disinfection of my house had to start with the keyboard. I ordered CleaniX and got to work disinfecting each personal item first, then moving onto the kitchen and bedroom. I know this is the right thing to do during this pandemic.” – Nathaniel V

Final Verdict

We need CleaniX now. The need to keep our surroundings clean and 100% germ-free is paramount.

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, CleaniX UV light sanitizer ensures all that you touch can be kept clean. Any surface that you come in contact with can be sanitized within minutes.

It cleans your devices at home or office, keeping you safe from unwarranted contamination. There is no need to touch the area you feel is contaminated. Simply hold the device above the surface and it will be sanitized in no time.

There is no doubt that CleaniX is the best product available for getting objects and surfaces sanitized. It is cost-effective, portable, easy-to-store, and fits easily in your hand.

There is no danger from its ultraviolet light. Go ahead and order the CleaniX UV light sanitizer to keep your home free from germs, viruses, and bacteria.

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