DroneX Pro Review

The unmanned aerial vehicle in short UAV technology is one of the most growing industries in the world right now. In the beginning, drones and other similar products are only used for military and particular purposes. But today, even the hobbyists and non-professional have access to drones. This device has many benefits in day to day life.

Many companies are showing interest in the manufacturing of quadcopter drones. The drones are becoming more advanced day by day. The drones are so popular because of their high demand in various fields like photography, mapping, agriculture, and security. The competition between the drones manufacturing companies is very high, and it is tough to find a drone that will be suitable for all your hobbies and works.

There are many points you must keep in mind while purchasing a drone. Some people only buy a drone for entertainment, and some need a drone for photography. So it is essential to choose a drone that fulfills your needs. Here is a small guide for you to choose the best drone for you.

dronex pro

Guide To Buy A Drone

Flight Time: The most important thing you must notice while purchasing a drone is it’s flight time. Most of the drones have a flight time of 5-10 minutes. The average flight time of the drones varies from 5-30 minutes, depending on the cost of the drone. Some individuals keep 2-3 extra batteries with them for more flight time. But the drone having more battery life will be best.

Camera: The other crucial thing you must check before buying a drone is the camera. The quality of the camera in your drone also matters. The one reason for the growth of the drone industry is the use of drones in photography and videography. So it is wise to know the camera quality before purchasing a drone. 

Range: The range of drones indicates how far you can control the device from your remote. The range of drones varies from 50-5000 meters, depending on the drone. Choose the drone according to the range you want.

Availability of Spare Parts: Most likely, you will get into a situation where you have to change some of its parts. So the availability of spare parts of your drone in the market is also an essential factor.

What Is DroneX Pro?

Based on the above factors, we managed to find a drone that will be very useful for you. The drone we will talk about today is Drone X Pro.

Drone X Pro is a quadcopter drone that comes with a 720p camera resolution. This is the most popular and feature-loaded drone for every technician. The device comes with a 120-degree viewing range so that you can capture the photos more efficiently.

The drone is foldable and light in weight. The device can be transported easily with you in your bag. The device comes with a gravity sensor that automatically moves it away from obstacles and trees. The sensor prevents the drone from accidental damage.

The manufacturer claims that the device is highly upgraded and easy to use. The controlling of the device is user-friendly and handy for everyone. The controller contains two joysticks for it’s an operation, and it can be connected to your smartphone to view and capture the photographs.

The pocket-friendly device is pushing the competition, and it is leading the market. The tool is handy for a professional photographer to capture scenes with ease.

What To Know About DroneX Pro?

Are you still taking selfies with the phone? This is the old way to capture yourself because you can now take stunning selfies with Drone X Pro. Taking photos with Drone X Pro is easy and best, rather than capturing a selfie by using a selfie stick. This is a unique way to capture beautiful images of you.

Now the trend of capturing selfies by a drone is spreading at a vast rate. The device is convenient for both new and experienced photographers. You can easily make a video or click photos by Drone X Pro that you might not be able to capture.

The fantastic device fulfills all the shortcomings of its predecessor. The manufacturers of the Drone X Pro always make high-quality products instead of fooling the customers. The price of the device is another awesome thing that makes it highly beneficial for every person.

The Drone X Pro is highly suitable to capture the videos and photos of stationary as well as moving objects. Capturing photos in the sky is now not a difficult task. The four rotors used in the Drone X Pro are helpful in advance control.

dronex pro review

How Does Drone X Pro Operates?

The Drone X Pro is made up of sturdy and quality material with a compact design. The makers of Drone X Pro, constructed in a practical and useful way. The blades used in the Drone X Pro are foldable so that you can carry the Drone X Pro while traveling.

If the blades got damaged in an accident, then you can replace them with the additional set of modules that comes inside the package. The battery life of Drone X Pro is fantastic, and it gets fully charged in just one hour. The battery used in the Drone X Pro is removable so that you can replace them with some other similar lithium batteries.

The device is very light, and you can easily carry the equipment in your backpack. The camera includes a wide-angle lens to capture 120degree high definition images. The camera is packed with many other features, including panorama and slow motion. Using panorama, you can obtain a 360-degree scene with ease.

How To Use Drone X Pro?

The device is straightforward to use even for newbies. The device can be controlled easily by every professional and non-professional person. To use the tool, you have to press the power button to start the machine. The remote comes with Drone X Pro has two joysticks to control the direction of the drone during flight.

If you have a smartphone, then you can control the device with more comfort. The Drone X Pro, when connected to your Android device, allows you to check the footage of the drone. You can also monitor and make changes by using your smartphone in Drone X Pro. The machine travels approximately 19 meters in one second, which is a good speed for any drone.

The device is governing the way in innovation and technology. Some people think the device can be used only by professionals and engineers, but it is a suitable choice for every person. Unlike other similar drones, it is light in weight, foldable, budget-friendly, and robust quality product.

DroneX Pro

For Whom The Drone X Pro Is Suitable?

The device is suitable for professional photographers and cinematography because of its high camera quality. The 12MP camera is imposing and accurate.

If you are a traveller and wish to keep a drone with you while travelling, then Drone X Pro is highly recommended for you because of its compact design. The blades are foldable so that you can easily fit the drone in your backpack. The device comes with 6-axis gyro sensors and built-in stabilisation.

The device can be used for taking selfies and asteroid shots. The photos captured on Drone X Pro will be transferred to your smartphone within a fraction of seconds. This feature allows you to share your memories with your friends and relatives.

Is Drone X Pro Worth The Money?

The Drone X Pro is lightweight, compact, and robust, which overshadows its competitors thoroughly. The quality of the product is up to Mark, but the manufacturer reduced the cost, and the Drone X Pro is available at an affordable price.

The drone is not overrated. All its functions are excellent. The device will provide you with every benefit than any other similar or expensive drone. There is no competition for this drone in this price range. The Drone X Pro is highly beneficial and recommended for you.

The device is worth every penny spent on it. This flying camera device is beneficial for you in your day to day life. Drone X Pro is straightforward to control and use. The crash-proof feature assures the protection of your device and money.

Manufacturer Details

Two German engineers design the Drone X Pro because of their interests in drones. They take inspiration from the older heavy and bulky drones to make this lightweight and small drone.

The demand for Drone X Pro is increasing day by day, and till now, it satisfied many beginners and professionals across the globe.

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We already talked about the features and functions of Drone X Pro. To understand every fact related to Drone X Pro, you must read the list of below features.

  • Control Options  – Unlike similar cheap drones, the Drone X Pro comes with a suitable quality controller. The device supports universal controlling means your smartphone can also control it. The control features of Drone X Pro allows you with more comfort and ease. Smartphone management is beneficial when the drone is out of sight. The real-time FPV provides you with all the information regarding the position and speed of the drone.
  • Stability  – Advanced stability functions are used to manufacture the device. The device has a perfect landing and flight system. The drone always maintains a specific distance from the objects and trees to prevent any mishaps. The device captures the photos and videos more steadily. The device can also take incredible wide-angle images.
  • Durability  – Anything that flies in the air has the chance of being crushed. So it is essential to choose a drone that can withstand a typical crash. The Drone X Pro is the best durable drone available in the market that comes with collapsible propellers. The outer covering of the Drone X Pro is designed innovatively to protect your drone from external factors.
  • Controls  – Controlling a drone for beginners is not an easy task. Most of people damage their drone while flying. But Drone X Pro is formulated with sensors and features that keep the drone away from the obstacles. When the connection of the drone is lost, it automatically lowers the speed until a safe landing. The device has many other features that help in a smooth controlling over it.
  • Flight Time  – Everyone wants a higher flight time. Less flight time will not let you shoot large videos. To enjoy any view, you must shoot the scene for at least ten minutes. The thing that impresses you is it has a flight time of more than ten minutes. You can now capture incredible videos and photos for more duration.
    The flight time of the Drone X Pro is more than other similar drones available in the market. Also, the device gets fully charged in approximately 60-70 minutes. If you still think the flight time is less, then you have the option to purchase similar batteries from the market.
  • Portable – The foldable design of the Drone X Pro is a blessing for every drone lover. The device is very light in weight and highly portable. You can easily carry Drone X Pro with you while traveling. The device is suitable for trips and adventure tours. The device is even lighter than any camera, so it is wise to take Drone X Pro along with you while going outside.
  • Camera – The reason for the popularity of drones is the ability to capture extraordinary images. The camera of the Drone X Pro is fantastic. It can shoot photos of objects in motion. The wide-angle camera is also a plus point in its application. The device is handy and helpful for every photographer and cinematographer.

Box Contents Of Drone X Pro

The package of Drone X Pro contains many other items other than the drone. The list of the things that you see in the box are:

  • Storage Bag: The storage bag can be used to put your drone and its accessories in it to prevent them from dust. Keeping the drone in the bag when not in use will extend the life of your product.
  • Propeller blades: The package contains four extra propeller products. The propeller blades can be used as a backup in the case of an accident.
  • USB Cable: For charging purposes.
  • Screwdriver: The screwdriver is included for installing and repairing fundamental issues on your own.
  • Batteries: It comes with a battery to give it power. If you want an additional source, then you can purchase the same cells in the market.
  • User Manual: The user manual contains all the information for installation. The user manual also includes instructions to fix minor problems.


  • It has built-in WiFi FPV
  • Drone X Pro comes with 6-axis gyroscope
  • The device uses 2.4GHz radio frequency for connection
  • The device comes with a 3.7v Lipo battery with a capacity of 500mAh
  • It also has an SD card slot for memory boost
  • The device takes one hour for complete charging.
  • It is favorable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
  • It has a flight period of 12 minutes.
  • Drone X Pro is available in only black colour.
  • For clearer, FPV keeps the drone in a range if 50meters.
  • It comes with a 12MP primary camera and a 120-degree wide-angle camera.
  • The device can be easily controlled at a distance of 80-100 meters.
  • To control the device by using a smartphone, use the JY UFO application. It can be connected easily with both Android and iPhone.
  • Weight of the package is 360grmas
  • When the propellers are not folded, then the size of the device is 27*19.5*5cm.
  • 5*16*7cm is the size of the container.
  • In the folded form, the size of the drone is 12.5*7.5*5cm.

How Much Drone X Pro Cost?

The DroneX Pro is a budget-friendly drone for you. The price is very less as compared to the features it provides. The device is currently available at a flat 50% discount. The manufacturer offers the product at a little cost without compromising the quality of the drone.

If you want to buy a drone with all features at a low cost, then DroneX Pro is suitable for you. The money-saving drone works well for at least a year. The headaches for repairs will inevitably come to an end if you purchase Drone X Pro today.

To claim the best deals and genuine products, please follow our buying guide. The DroneX Pro costs $99 for one piece.

Where To Buy?

Follow the steps to visit the official website to buy a DroneX Pro.

  • Click on the link.
  • Select the product quantity.
  • Add your address details
  • Choose the payment method
  • Place the order.


How To Set Up DroneX Pro?

The DroneX Pro is straightforward to set up and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. First of all, charge the device for 60-70 minutes, while charging read the user manual carefully and scan the QR code provided on it. The QR code will redirect you to the app store to download its application. Download the app and wait for the activation process to complete. You can also directly download the form by merely searching it on the app store of your smartphone.


  • The device comes with high-speed technology to capture more
  • It has 3-speed handling modes
  • Robust material along with a small size
  • Attractive look, available in black colour
  • Portable because of its ability to fold propellers
  • Height control mode
  • More flight time
  • You can keep it with you while travelling
  • It has a gravity sensor
  • Highly stable
  • Easy control
  • High Definition camera
  • Shoot amazing pictures
  • Developed according to modern needs and technology
  • Ability to fly at 360° angles


To use the Drone X Pro, you have to follow some protocols depending on your location. Also, the price may be an issue for some users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of Drone X Pro?

The weight of the Drone X Pro is around 360 grams. The device is light in weight as compared to other similar products.

Is it best for beginners?

Yes, the device can be easily used by newbies. The manual has all the instructions provided for safe flight.

Does it lose its connection?

No, you can control the device smoothly in a range of 150 feet.

How to clean the DroneX Pro?

To clean the DroneX Pro uses a smooth, soft cloth. It does not require comprehensive care.

How to order Drone X Pro?

To order the Drone X Pro, follow our guide. You will also get a flat 50% discount on your order.

Is it long-lasting?

Yes, the device is long-lasting if you properly care for it. It is proposed to put the device in case after use.

When to replace accessories like batteries?

You can replace the battery when they don’t work. Also, other accessories can be replaced when they are not decent in performance.


If you are looking for a drone that can fulfill all your needs, then Drone X Pro will be suitable for you. The device is affordable to everyone. The device has many benefits over other drones. You can trust Drone X Pro easily because till now; it has satisfied many users. The device will provide you with complete value for your money.

The device is light in weight, robust and comes with an attractive design. The battery life of the device is fantastic. The camera quality is also excellent. Order the DroneX Pro today to claim a 50% discount along with free delivery.

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