Winsol Review

About Winsol

This legal steroid is perfect for enhancing an athlete’s performance. A permissible and safer alternative to Stanozolol or Winstrol, which is a steroid used to attain extremely intense performances by athletes and can be used by both women and men.

Winsol review

It is a perfect blend to achieve quality lean muscles for that sculpted beach body. It is a Food and Drug Administration approved supplement with natural ingredients. Winsol not only helps in lean muscle gains and increases in strength immensely but also helps in stamina enhancement and brain functioning, which help athletes to function better even under stress, thereby enhancing their overall performance. 


It is a blend of herbal stuff to make it a safe health care product. The ingredients found in it are-

  1. Safflower Oil Powder– Safflower oil actively preserves muscle mass at the same time promoting the fat burning process as it has linoleum acid chains that help in the tissue build up in muscles and the energy exhausted in this process helps in fat burning. The Omega 6 present in safflower helps in boosting immunity, protecting the heart and preventing water retention.
  2. Wild Yam Root-A powerful aphrodisiac with testosterone boosting properties, this tuber helps much more than that by dealing with muscle soreness, recovery time and fatigue which helps in longer and larger gym sessions for muscle building and fat loss.
  3. Choline– This ingredient keeps the brain active by releasing acetylcholine in the brain, which is a neurotransmitter playing a pivotal role in maintaining the memory, mood, and other cognitive functions. Choline is also functional in DNA synthesis and lipid metabolism, which helps in the proper functioning of the brain and fat burning, respectively.
  4. Acetyl-L-Carnitine is the most powerful ingredient in Winsol, an amino acid that works on the fatty acids to break them down in simple easily digested units. This process releases a large amount of energy which is utilized by the body for intense workouts. It also enhances testosterone secretion, which increases stamina.
  5. Dimethylaminoethanol– A proven nootropic helps in increasing brain strength as it acts as a catalyst to promote the synthesis of acetylcholine. It protects the brain from age-related cognitive damage to keep it active.
  6. There are some other ingredients present in relatively small amounts which also have a positive effect for muscle production and endurance Lomé silica, vegetable stearate, Maltodextrin, gelatin, rice concentrate and lactose( essential for anaerobic activities).
  7. It is free of any artificial sweeteners, colouring, and flavors. Perfect for those who are allergic to gluten or prefer vegan as it is gluten-free. Also free of sugar and salt, the primary ingredients for water retention and blood stagnation.
  8. Winsol is free of yeast, wheat, rice, and shellfish. 


How does it work?

Winsol covers up fat burning areas with muscles replacing the fat burnt. Hence it functions both as anabolic (muscle formation) and catabolic (fat burnt) steroid. It improves the production of Red blood cells in the blood, which in turn promotes the enhanced synthesis of oxygen.

Muscles which are supplied with fresh blood with enhanced oxygen breadth better and can easily lift weights. This increases performance and fat burning capacity.

This supplement doesn’t directly boost the testosterone levels. Instead, the absorbed nutrients from the supplement activate testosterone receptive in the organ, which enhances the production rate of testosterone.

With more testosterone pumped to the blood, the stamina increases as a tremendous amount of pain are experienced. This leads to a reduction in recovery time and also avoids excess accumulation of lactic acid after vigorous workout sessions which make recovery faster. Also, a higher supply of oxygenated blood reduces recovery time.

The areas where water retention is high-fat burning slows down. The ingredients present in it avoid water retention aiding to the process of cutting down enhancing the fat burning process. Since water retention is eliminated, it gives a sculpted chiselled look to the muscles. 

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  1. Use of herbal ingredients which has no side effects. Since mostly the ingredients used in it are herbal, there is no major side effect claimed yet, which makes it a much safer option to use for endurance performances and fat loss.
  2. It can be administered without a prescription.
  3. Increased metabolic rate and reduction in excess body fat. As the supplement contains metabolism-boosting ingredients, it forces the body to burn off excess fat for energy resulting in fat loss and enhanced energy.
  4. Enhances endurance and boosts stamina.
  5. Improved immunity with enhanced muscle mass.
  6. Testosterone enhanced production increases muscle density which not only enhances sexual libido but also improves stamina helping in more intensive workouts with higher endurance power.
  7. Nitrous oxides are essential for energy generation in the muscles. Winsol improves oxygen circulation and nitrous oxide production in the body by improving the circulatory system. This, in turn, promotes fresh oxygenated blood supply which betters the stamina and endurance power, a major component in bodybuilding and athletic activities.
  8. Removes water retention- water retention gives a bloated look. Winsol eliminates this process from cutting cycle to give more shredded, ripped and vascular appearance. It eliminates all the water in the muscles, to give a well-defined and ripped physique.
  9. The supplement contains metabolism-boosting ingredients that force the body to burn off the excess stored fat for energy production.
  10. It stimulates speed, strength, and endurance, which in turn improves the overall performance and simultaneously burning the excess fat. This characteristic is perfect for the cutting stage in testosterone synthesis.
  11. Since this is an all-natural ingredient product with no anabolic steroid activity and nothing to control, it cannot be detected in an anti-doping test.
  12. . Gives well-defined rock-hard muscles.
  13. Developed by an experienced company, so the desired results achieved.
  14. World wide free shipping.
  15. Money-back guarantee.
  16. Excellent for lean muscle preservation during the cutting phase.
  17. Keeps fatigued at bay.
  18. Reduced recovery time.

Price, refund and money-back guarantee

  1. Single piece available for $61.99 and bulk orders for $123.98.
  2. Unused, new and product in marketable condition can be returned within 30 days of payment with no repayment of shipping charges.
  3. If for any reason shipment refused, the customer to be charged for reshooting.
  4. If an item is not needed after first attempted delivery, purchase price with shipment charges deducted will be refunded with a 15% restocking fee.
  5. If the product received is damaged or not as described or a different product has been delivered by mistake, then it can be returned. Also, an order can be canceled within 14 days after the package delivery with a 100% refund of money.

Winsol reviews

Side effects

Though no side effects have been officially reported the only con one can think is the high dosage required daily by the professionals.

However, some can be allergic to certain ingredients so check for allergies. Also, one might get acne and mild stomach upset because of the intolerance of the user to digest some herbal ingredients.


  1. It is in capsule form, and one serving size is three capsules per day to be taken with any meal for the best results.
  2. However, it is not for everyone. Persons under life-saving drugs or any other serious medications should avoid taking it or should take it under prescription.
  3. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not be consuming it.
  4. Anyone under 18 should not be consuming the supplement.

Winsol Before and After Result Pictures

Winsol Before and After Pic

Winsol Before and After Result Pic

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Customer reviews

Being a professional boxer, Blake wanted to lose the fat percentage of his body and enhance his stamina along with his performance. He says that after he started using Winsol, he cut down his fat percentage very quickly with developing lean muscles and triggered fat loss.

The supplement not only helped him gain an amazing increase in his stamina but also helped him immensely with his persistent struggle to improve his lean mass and lose fat.

Winsol helped him to achieve his fittest shape and in the process, achieve his fitness goals by improving his endurance levels, thereby increasing his stamina to perform harder and for a longer duration. He recommends Winsol for all the lean athletes out there!

Emraan says that Winsol combined with D-BAL helped him cut his body fat percentage by almost 7% within completing two cycles of the usage. He further says the difference was stark noticeable and everyone complimented him for the fat loss.

He adds that with further usage of both the supplements with another cycle added to the usage he feels his endurance levels have increased which gives enhanced strength for his workout sessions along with the increased stamina level which has done wonders for him.

Another customer of Winsol, Callum, has been using the combination of Winsol and HGH-X2 for almost a month, and he feels he has achieved amazing results. Being an athlete, he aimed to achieve six-packs with a goal weight.

He says that when he started using the supplements, not only was he underweight from his goal weight but also did not possess the required muscle definition.

After taking the supplements for good 30 days, his vein was popping out, and he had attained almost the desired body weight with the required muscle definition. He says he felt giant in a good way.

Since he kept track of the maximum weights that he did in his every workout session, he felt he sessions had drastically improved. He further says his biceps and triceps along with his shoulder, became more defined and stronger and also his stamina increased tremendously. He adds he would keep buying the supplements regularly as if workout sessions became much more enhanced after their usage.

Another customer Andrew says he used the combination of Anadrol and Winsol and just after consuming them for a mere two weeks his energy and strength levels increased tremendously.

His weight also remained consistent in the two weeks of his usage, which was a huge headache for him in the beginning as his weight flickered so much. He thanks Winsol for his much-desired shredded body which he dreamt of!


Winsol being a natural alternative to an asteroid and herbal supplement is a safer option to use for enhanced stamina and functioning along with lean muscle production and fat burnt away without any side effects.

Used in combination with other supplements it offers wonderful results even though not immediately but in due course of time with stable results. Winsol contains powerful natural ingredients that help support your overall performance.

It is best suited for those who desired to lose excess fat and get ripped with more lean muscles for a chiselled look. One of the best supplements in the market to help grow lean muscle volume along with the process of cutting with no side effects to its kitty.

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