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‘Inner Peace,’ – Sounds familiar, right? The big fans of the King Fu Panda series must be very familiar with these words. Do you remember Master Shifu telling Poo that one can get inner peace by meditation? This is so true.

If you are one of those people looking for smart techniques to gain peace, focus, and enhanced thinking, cheer up! You are on the right page.

Zen12 proudly presents a scientifically proven meditation technique with proven benefits – physically and mentally. This program is simple and requires less time than you think. It offers you all the benefits that your gain from an hour of meditation.

To experience a peaceful, smart, and hassle-free life, try the life-changing Zen12 meditation technique. As you scroll down, you will get a further understanding of the incredible Zen12 program.



Zen12 is the answer to all your questions on meditation and its effects. There is no need to be anxious about anything. Your battle with the mind, to quieten it or stop fidgeting, ends here. Zen12 will transform your perspective on meditation. Using special brainwave sounds, Zen12 takes you into a complete state of relaxation. The tiny audio pulses entertain your brain to a superstate of relaxation by influencing the patterns in the brain. It gets away with the conventional methods of using your efforts to focus or meditate. All you need to do is listen to the twelve-minute audio and expect the miracles.

This program adopts brilliant natural methods to quieten and calm your mind. You have the advantage of choosing the kind of meditation style you prefer each day.

This program offers you wonderful benefits as soon as you decide to start with it. Choose Zen12, and you will be surprised to see your life change in a short time.

What Is In Zen12 For You?

Zen12 is a result of scientific research carried out and proven time and again – over hundreds of years. It has a systematic approach to help you achieve a meditative state in a short time.

  • Firstly, special pulses in the Zen12 audio replicates meditative frequencies in the brain.
  • Secondly, your brain copies these frequencies through the ‘brainwave entertainment’ process.

As a result, you achieve deep meditation and enjoy all its benefits.

The Zen12 program has twelve levels. As you shift to a higher level, you get into an in-depth meditation. Guess what! Each level has 4 different flavors, as well. You can enjoy the kind of flavor you want.

Have a look at the list of flavors.

  1. Music for Relaxation – You get the ultimate chill-out feeling like in the spa
  2. A Guide to Meditation – This drives you to profound meditation
  3. White Noise – A perfect filter from all kinds of distractions in the background
  4. Special Sounds of Nature – A journey to exotic locations with sounds of babbling brooks

These flavors will motivate you to meditate better.

Zen12 is backed up with rich literary studies and research in understanding the functioning of the brain, logically and physically. The program uses binaural and monaural beats, isochronic tones, and audio tracks that have brainwave tones embedded into them. These tones energize your brain, helping you get into a meditative state. Consequently, your mind gets sharper enabling you to appreciate your surroundings, making your life better.

Zen12 review

How Does Zen12 Work?

The Zen12 brainwave audio sends audio pulses into your brain that relaxes your entire system. It helps you release all kinds of stress, and anxiety thereby helping you relax. It improves your focus, creativity, moods, and energy levels. It increases the power in your brain and boosts your health too. Zen12 helps you get over all your struggles with meditation. With the special brainwave sounds, in twelve minutes, your mind quietens, and body chills out.

This program also elevates you to a higher level of meditation as you progress to the next level. Each session in the program has brainwave sounds that motivate deeper reflection. This helps you get the advantage of one-hour meditation in just 12 minutes. The special tones and pulses replicate the brainwave frequencies. This enables the brain to access the deep state of mind by gradually lowering the pulses. With the adoption of this natural process, the program becomes more efficient than regular meditation. You can expect instant results with this program.

How To Use Zen12

Take the liberty of using Zen12 whenever you have twelve minutes to spare. You are free from all kinds of rules that the contemporary styles of meditation hold.

Zen12 – A new style of meditating that cares more about you! All you need to do is download and click play from the first level.

For a short span of twelve minutes, sit down at your favorite spot. Relax and let the brainwave sounds do the tough job of meditation.

You don’t require headphones, any kind of sitting position, or any visualization. Zen12 helps you with meditation in your comfort zone.

If you are hesitant because of your bad experiences with meditation, don’t let the fear hold you back. Zen12 is advanced with its modern techniques adopted in meditation. It will do the meditation for you. All you have to do is click the play button.

As you advance, Zen12 grows along with you. You can start from the beginner level and proceed to the next level each month. If you are a professional meditator, you can directly choose the advanced levels.

Follow the 3 steps and get the bliss of Zen12:

  • Choose your level.
  • Click on the play button on your iPhone or MP3 player or computer and listen.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Zen12.

Is It Safe To Use Zen12?

Zen12 is very safe to use. A unique, next-generation design with natural and scientifically proven methods to help you get over the hassles of meditation. You can throw away all the prejudice and bad experiences you have had before with meditation. You will get a new outlook with this art of meditation.

zen12 reviews

Benefits of Zen12

In a matter of 12 minutes, this scientifically proven meditation gives you countless benefits.

  • You get both instant and long-term benefits with this program.
  • You get the following benefits instantly with Zen12:
  • All kinds of stress, worry and anxiety get dissolved.
  • You become more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Your focus levels and creativity are enhanced.
  • Your moods will have positive development.

You will have the following lasting benefits:

  • An increase in your brainpower.
  • A wide range of gains in your health.
  • You will have greater serenity and inner peace.
  • Your threshold to handle stress increases.
  • You become the master of your emotions.

Purchase & Price

Zen12 offers you the program with different packages based on your levels. You can choose any of the following as per your preference.

  1. Beginner For $67

This package includes:

  1. Opening Course with 23 MP3s that comprises of the first 6 levels
  2. Six months of levels from beginner to intermediate
  3. Premium For $87

This package includes

  1. The entire Zen12 course with 48 MP3s for 12 levels
  2. Twelve months of different levels covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced

iii.Audio guide for each level

  1. Access to one-hour training call by Karl Moore

This package is the most popular and highly recommended.

III. Advanced For $67

This package is for meditators who have an experience of at least 6 months. This includes –

  1. Advanced Zen12 Course comprising of 24 MP3s for the last 6 levels
  2. Six months level for the advanced stage

The 3 packages include a quick start guide, user manual, direct lifetime support via email, bonus gifts, and a one-year money-back guarantee.

Have a glance at the bonus gifts. They include the following:

  1. A copy of ‘The Secret Art of Self Development’
  2. Audio versions of the 18 rules of happiness
  3. Self-growth vouchers for your use

zen 12 free trial

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

When you buy the Zen12 program, you are buying only gain. It is a risk-free program.

Although, this program has not disappointed anyone until the date, your purchase still offer you a one-year guarantee. You have twelve full months to try this meditation program. If you are disappointed at any point in time, feel free to drop in an email or get in touch with customer support. You will receive a full refund of your money.

You will have no inquiries. Along with your refund, you can keep the bonuses and compliments with you.


Which Is The Best Time To Use Zen12?

Zen12 does not have stringent rules on the timings. You have the freedom to listen to it anytime you want to – be it morning, afternoon, or night. Give twelve minutes of your day at any time to gain a relaxed mind.

How Often Should I Listen To Zen12?

You can listen to a session every day or a few days in a week as per your schedule. You will enjoy all the benefits, no matter what. You will gain extra productivity irrespective of the time you invest in the system.

How Can Zen12 Meditate For Me?

Zen12 uses an unusual phenomenon called brainwave entertainment. The enriched audio pulses improve and effectively control your brainwaves. This technique is an area of science studied and proven hundreds of years ago. This makes Zen12 do your job of meditation, letting you enjoy the results.

When Will The Audio Be Accessible?

Click the ‘Get Started’ button, fill in your details, and you get instant access once you make the payment. In less than 10 minutes, you can enjoy the lasting benefits of the Zen12 sessions.


Zen12 offers you the following advantages:

  • Your stress levels decrease, making you feel more relaxed than your former state.
  • Your body regains good health.
  • Your mind makes a higher shift in thinking patterns and focuses levels.
  • It helps you get over the burden of fighting against quietening your mind or the distractions around you.


Although it is a known fact, the manufacturer still recommended that you do not use Zen12 while you drive or operate any kind of dangerous machinery.

Customer Testimonials

~ Olivia Aiden

I enjoy listening to Zen12. Each session is engaging. I look forward to listening to it every day. This program helps me stay enthusiastic throughout the day. Being a mother, I felt difficult to set even one hour for relaxation; Zen12 did the job for me beyond my expectations.

~ Chris Logan

I battled terrible stress and worried about so many things at home and office. When I tried the Zen12 program, I began to experience a change in my mind. My life began to seem light and my problems were easier to handle. I am glad that I chose Zen12. I still use this program and it is improving my intellectual skills.

~ Lucas

Zen12 is an amazing meditation program. When I first started using this, I was so skeptical about meditation. I tried so many techniques and failed. After my first level of Zen12 program, I felt so motivated. All my stress is gone and I feel relaxed like never before. I will recommend this to my peers. This program is worth the price and very promising.

~Tristan Carlos

I battled so much in my mind. Serenity and happiness were out of my reach. I felt so dejected which led to sleepless nights and a frail body. A dear friend of mine asked me to try the Zen12 program. The state of my mind made me feel sarcastic about good results in twelve minutes. Yet when I began to listen to the extraordinary audios, my mind started to enjoy sound meditation. I felt so refreshed, calm and relaxed. I am happy that I chose Zen12.


Having less time in this fast-moving world, choose the Zen12 program. Celebrate the advantage of one-hour meditation in twelve minutes. You will get relief from stress, anxiety, worries from your comfort zone. Enjoy a better, relaxed, focused mind with enhanced creativity. Your efficiency at home, workplace, and society will be greater when you achieve inner peace and serenity.

Get quick meditation results in just twelve minutes.

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