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It is not just older men who have erectile dysfunction. Younger men, below the age of 40, also have issues with premature ejaculation. In fact, some of them, compared to older men, have a more severe case of ED.

What causes this limpness? Drug use, smoking and diseases by high blood pressure can indeed cause ED – which is primarily restriction of the flow of blood. While quitting smoking can help, you would need external help if the cause of ED is a medical issue, anxiety, or stress.

5G Male helps men get rid of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems because it is manufactured using ingredients that provide energy and increase your libido so that the thought of sex is exciting. This supplement gives staying power in bed.

5g male enhancement

About 5G Male

5G Male is a formula that promises to enhance erections, increase stamina, and rejuvenate your sex life. It contains natural ingredients that increase blood flow into the corpora cavernosa so that your erections are rock hard and on-demand. This supplement is a natural alternative for those men seeking to naturally increase their penis size and satisfy their partners in bed.

Ingredients Of 5G Male

This male enhancement formula is a combination of herbs, minerals, and vitamins. All the ingredients are organic and pure and have been known to treat sexual health disorders in men. Given below are the ingredients used in the formulation of the supplement:

Vitamins – Vitamins C and D

Vitamin C – It treats erectile dysfunction and helps you reach the peak of your sexual capability. If your diet is deficient in Vitamin C, you can suffer from erectile dysfunction. Vitamin C also improves immunity and protects you from diseases.

Vitamin D – A lot has been written about the effect of Vitamin D on sexual performance. It has been observed that an increase in the consumption of Vitamin D improves levels of free testosterone and stabilizes blood sugar.

Extracts – Leaf extracts of Ginkgo Biloba and decaffeinated green tea and root extracts of Ginger root and American Ginseng are used. Ginseng enhances both physical and mental activity, which helps improve erection and energy levels. The extracts of green tea and Ginkgo Biloba enhances physical performance and consideration.

Leaf Extracts

Green Tea – The extract of the leaves of green tea is beneficial in increasing blood flow. It also helps reduce stress, thereby improving orgasms and decreasing fatigue.

Gingko Biloba – The extract of the leaves of Gingko Biloba helps dilate blood vessels and resulting in their expansion, which increases their blood holding capacity. The leaves of this herb are a rich source of flavonoids and terpenoids. The role of these compounds is to decrease the stickiness of blood, ensuring free flow.

Root Extracts

Ginseng – The extract of the roots of Ginseng increases libido and sperm count.

Ginger – Ginger is a root, and the liquid extracted from this root increases testosterone levels.

Dried Garlic – When garlic is digested, it releases some compounds. The red blood cells convert these compounds to hydrogen sulfide, which helps dilate blood vessels, resulting in increased blood flow.

5G Male Ingredients

How Important is Testosterone for Men?

Testosterone is the most important male sex hormone. It is at the center of a man’s sexual response and increases his sexual desire and results in an erection. But for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, more testosterone is not the solution. To be precise, it is not a universal solution because not all men with erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels. ED can also be caused due to stress and fatigue. Therefore, most doctors will not prescribe testosterone unless there are other symptoms.

What is needed for a good erection is enhanced blood flow to the spongy tissues present in the penis, which cause an erection. Several drugs can help men enhance their erection, but most of them come with side effects, one of which is a heart attack. A natural supplement is an answer to this problem as the organic ingredients in the natural supplement will not have any severe side effects.

The Story Behind 5 G Male

The main person behind creating the supplement is Dave, a 70-year-old retired veteran who served in Vietnam. The secret to his super sexual powers lies in the food that he ate while serving in Vietnam. His superpowers include getting a hard erection and staying hard until his partner is satisfied. Scientists tested his blood to find what it was that kept him going. They discovered that while in Vietnam, this veteran visited a brothel. During that time, he could not get an erection, or if he did, he could not sustain it. The brothel owner sent him food that would give him a rock-hard erection quickly and with the ability to sustain this direction. After retirement, Dave found work in the porn industry because of his sexual capabilities. The food the brother owner fed him was called Xao Toi.

How Does 5G Male Work?

One of the key ingredients in the supplement is garlic. It is known to help increase nitric oxide production in the body, which helps the inner penile muscles relax and increase the blood flow. The widening of the erectile tissues causes the erection to be big, hard, and firm.

Vietnamese garlic contains a unique element called Allicin that cleans the blood vessels and helps them remain clean. It also increases blood flow into the penis, filling the spongy tissues so that you can have rock hard erections quickly and stay hard as long as needed. Garlic also releases another element that decreases stress and helps the penis retain blood.

Ginseng, which is another ingredient in this supplement, helps give longer, harder, and sustainable directions.

The root of Ginseng enhances sperm count resulting in intense ejaculations. The leaves of Ginkgo Biloba help the blood vessels to expand. They also and help release nitric oxide so that more blood can flow into the penis, giving quicker erections.

There are two more ingredients in the supplement, namely green tea and Ginger. Green tea promotes blood flow to the penis and enhances mood.

On the other hand, ginger stimulates the production of testosterone, which is essential for the body to produce sperm. These two ingredients are also helpful in calming the mind. They are dopamine boosters.

5G Male also contains trace amounts of zinc, which improves the quality of semen and increase the production of testosterone.

How is 5G Male to Be Used?

Using the supplement is extremely simple and straightforward. The manufacturer recommends taking one pill a day for the best results. Please do not overdose on the pill as it can cause severe side effects. You don’t have to carry the bottle with you as you can take the pill before you leave home. You also need to follow a good, healthy balanced diet and exercise regimen. In addition, you will need to have a good sleep cycle as adequate rest is as important to a healthy body as nutrition and exercising.

The manufacturer also recommends consulting with your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are on medication for any ailment.

Safety Standards

5G Male contains only natural ingredients. The manufacturers have used potent ingredients in their male enhancement formulation that are found in nature and proven to treat male sexual disorders effectively. There are no toxic ingredients or fillers that can cause any side effects. Also, the supplement has been manufactured in FDA approved facilities with due regard for purity and safety. As there are no fillers for chemical components, this product is extremely effective and not at all addictive.

Benefits Of 5G Male

Given below are the benefits of 5G Male: –

  • Increased Strength – The product is a blend of minerals and herbs that help increase testosterone production and, thus, strength, sex drive, and muscle mass.
  • Sustained Erections – Garlic, Ginseng, Zinc and Gingko Biloba in the supplement help you sustain your erection.
  • Improved Sexual Performance – 5G Male contains Ginseng and green tea. Both these ingredients help calm down the mind and elevate mood. When your anxiety and stress decrease, sexual performance improves.
  • Increase in Production Of Nitric Oxide – 5G Male helps increase the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric Oxide has the property to dilate blood vessels and, thus, is a popular addition in male enhancement supplements. This vasodilator helps the erectile tissues to expand, which leads to bigger and harder erections.

5G Male Side Effects 

5G Male has no known side effects, as this is a completely natural formulation. The ingredients used to manufacture this supplement are pure and organic. They are effective and help treat sexual disorders.

Dosage of 5G Male

There are 30 capsules in one bottle of the supplement, which is enough dosage for a month. You need to consume one pill in a day along with water. Although the manufacturer states that the results will be visible in 1 month, you should be aware that each body is different, and hence, the results will vary from one man to another.

Where Can You buy 5G male and at What Price?

To ensure that the product that you purchase is genuine, it is recommended that you buy it only from the 5G Male official website. The price of the different packages offered by the manufacturer is given below:

  • Starter Package – This package is the one-bottle-package. This is enough for 1 month and is available for a price of $69.95.
  • 3-Month Supply – This package’s cost is $179.01, which is enough dosage for 3 months. The cost per bottle is $59.67, when you choose this deal.
  • 6-Month Supply – This package is available for a consolidated cost of $316.98 or $52.83 per bottle.

The manufacturer also offers the following that can be added to your cart:

  • Super Lubricants – for an additional payment of $14.95 per unit.
  • 37 Best Sexual Positions – You also get access to this unique program that will teach you 37 of the best sexual positions at a minimal cost of $19.95.


Shipping is charged only when you order the starter package. The other two offers come with free shipping.

What If You Are Not Happy With The Results?

In case you are not happy with the results of this supplement, the manufacturer has you covered. You get a 90- day money-back guarantee with every purchase. It means that you try the product and if you want a refund, you have 90 days to claim a refund.

5g male

Process of Refund

The process of refund is fairly simple. All that you have to do is call up the customer service of the company, and you will be walked through it. To summarize, you will need to return the used and unopened bottles of the supplement to the company’s warehouse. You get a full refund minus shipping charges. The refund will be credited to the account that was used to make payment.


Can I take more than the recommended dosage?

No, you can’t take more than the recommended one pill per day as it can cause side effects.

Should I consume the pill with my meals?

You can have the pill with water.

Customer Testimonials

When I read about the results of 5G Male supplement, I thought this was another scam. But I wanted to try it out, if only out of curiosity. I have been suffering from ED and nothing has been effective. I started using this supplement and I was surprised when I could perform well in bed. The results were visible in exactly 43 days. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who suffers from ED. Tom, Cincinnati.

What is the Verdict?

After examining the pros, cons, benefits, side effects, and scientific reasoning behind this supplement’s working, it appears that 5G Male is an effective supplement. Its working is based on science. Also, it uses only pure natural ingredients that make it safe to use.

If you have erectile dysfunction, then you should use this supplement. Since the manufacturer gives a 90-day guarantee, your money is safe, and so you have nothing to lose.

5g male enhancement

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