Witeem Surge Protector Review

Witeem Surge Protector

Product Details Product Name: Witeem Color: Black Power Outlets: 2 Voltage: 5 Volts Dimensions: 11.6” x 4.1” x 1.2” Product Weight: 0.85 g To assure safety and high-quality products and services, Witeem, a company dedicated to offering high-quality surge protectors, has a professional technical team and a user-friendly service system. Witeem surge protectors are commonly … Read more

Furman M-8X2 Review

Furman M-8X2

Furman M-8X2 Merit X Series 8 X 2 Outlet Power Conditioner is an affordable AC power solution for rack mount applications. The M-8x is installed in the top slot of the rack. It has an eight switched AC outlet in the rear panel that will power up and protect all equipment up to a load … Read more

Panamax MR4300 Review

Panamax MR4300

Panamax is the recognized pioneer in AV equipment protection, with over 30 years of innovation, millions of units sold, many patents granted, and numerous industry awards. It is specifically developed and engineered to offer home theater systems with safe and filtered power. Panamax’s unique AVM circuitry provides the finest in AV power protection and filtering. … Read more

Bondic Review


An adhesive that works well can prove to be a godsend in times of emergencies. Suppose, you break your mom’s favorite glassware or your father’s glasses, what would you try and do? What would you do if you, unintentionally, break an item, treasured by someone you love very dearly? You would run to the market, … Read more

CleaniX UV Light Sanitizer Review


Sanitizers have become the new gold. Drugstores have run out of it during the COVID-19 outbreak. Almost every social media platform, agency, medical professionals, and news outlets are stressing how important a sanitizer is. COVID-19 is declared a pandemic and this means staying super-safe. Hands must be washed after touching anything alien. As one does … Read more

Neck Relax Review

Neck Relax review

I am a content writer and I have to write lengthy articles daily. Due to my work, I was habitual of sitting in the wrong posture for a longer duration. At starting days it was easy for me, after some time it started creating trouble for me. I was suffering from a bad neck and … Read more

Xtra-PC Review


Do you want to boost the speed and performance of your old computer? Have you tried various ways, but none could improve the speed? Then, you must try using Xtra-PC. However, before investing in this product, read on its review. Introduction  Many people struggle with their aging computer that drops its performance and speed day … Read more

OkoWatt Energy Saver Review


The continuous increase of populations has also increased the maximum consumption of natural and artificial resources. These resources are the base to make our survival conditions possible and easier. Power is one of the most important sources which has not only simplified our living but also made our social growth possible. Today power is produced … Read more

Breathe Green Plug N Pure Review

Breathe Green Plug N Pure

Breathe Green Plug N pure are discrete, small air purifiers that work when plugged in and electricity supplied. The purifier is capable of taking even the strongest of odors away from your space. Besides removing the foul smell, the product can also successfully remove microbes, mildew, and mold from the surroundings in which it is … Read more

Mobile Klean Review

Mobile Klean UV Light Sanitizer

Growth of viruses, bacterias, and other harmful microorganisms caused a lot of harm to human beings. Cold, chickenpox, flu, influenza are the most common types of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. The most common type of spread of these diseases is “Contact Transmission”. Contact Transmission means the passage of infection from one infected person … Read more