OkoWatt Energy Saver Review

The continuous increase of populations has also increased the maximum consumption of natural and artificial resources. These resources are the base to make our survival conditions possible and easier. Power is one of the most important sources which has not only simplified our living but also made our social growth possible. Today power is produced by the use of some natural resources. Therefore we need to use it as per the requirement.

Its wastage is also expansive for us. The increase in electricity bills has a very bad effect on our budget. This is the reason why I have installed all the energy-efficient appliances in my house. But still, I was not able to get the desired redemption in the electricity bill as I had expected. But for the last four months, my electricity bills have surprised me. The reason behind this unbelievable redemption in my bill amount is a change. I started using OkoWatt at my house. This lowers the electricity bill in a very amazing way. I am very excited to tell you more about the product and its unbelievable performance.


What is OkoWatt?

This is an efficient power saving box. Users don’t have to put so much extra effort into the installation of this power-saving box. You just have to simply install it in the socket of your house or office. You can do it by yourself as you don’t need any expertise or to call an electrician for its installation. Installing this is very simple and anyone can do it.

A quick installation of this power-saving box will give instant service of 50% savings on electricity consumption and bills. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want to get rid of high electricity bills. This is the reason why I call it a magical product. You can use it without any safety-related issues. I have kids at my home and this product is shockproof so I am tension-free.

I know you must be thinking that there are several competitive energy saving boxes available in the market then why only OkoWatt? I will tell you why. This energy-saving box contains a LED light that indicates a green light when in use. This device has a very compact size that makes the usage convenient. Its attractive and stylish body fits nicely in any home and office interior.

Its compact size itself makes it easier to install or remove. A temperature control feature is added to this device to make the all over performance superior and uninterrupted. The product is capable of serving durability and is available at very affordable prices. So the people who are stuck under the burden of heavy electricity bills can release their pressure by just buying and installing this power saver box.

How Does It Work?

One magical power saver device can serve the area of 1000 sq. ft. OkoWatt economizes the electricity and serves the saving benefits of up to 90% depending on different conditions and uses. The devices which support money savings are the best thing to buy at any cost. Oko supports the saving of money and energy.

OkoWatt performs at a voltage stabilizer and maintains the current balance. The surge protection by Oko supports achieving the power saving effect. The best part of this power-saving box is, it does not consume energy it supports cutting down the consumption by the rest of the appliances in our home or office.

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Specifications of OkoWatt

The specifications of this surprisingly amazing device are the following:

  1. OkoWatt can be easily attached to the electric socket or users may also attach it to the mainline.
  2. One OkoWatt device = 1000 sq. ft area. This is true that one OkoWatt device can effectively control the power consumption wastage of 1000 sq. ft area. This area can be your home or office.
  3. The new users get confused about whether the device is working or not. As the conclusion of this problem, OkoWatt contains a LED light in its body. This LED light works as an indicator. This LED light indicator indicates you about its working condition and its LED light turns green instantly as you connect it with any simple socket.
  4. The other specification is great in this price range which is temperature control. This temperature control may handle the temperature range from 15-degree Celsius to 60-degree Celsius. This temperature control power is sufficient to save the product from heat-related issues.
  5. OkoWatt can prevail in its performance with the supply of power in 90 to 250 volts. The device has the most reliable frequency of 50-60 Hz.
  6. This amazing power-saving device has a compact body. It can easily be held by only one hand. You can take it anywhere along with you.


We have already discussed and its name also reflects that it is a power and money-saving device. Below are some more advantages of this device:

  1. Power wastage identification: The device supports to acknowledge that which electronic appliance is responsible for the wastage of power. It regulates the energy consumption and saves unwanted energy.
  2. Power quality: This energy-saving box is also useful in highlighting the quality of power. This is very effective to run heavy load equipment and appliances at our workplaces.
  3. Easy operation: The installation and operation of this device are very easy. The convenience of this box makes it very popular. The product doesn’t contain sensitive features that get damaged so easily. The product is manufactured to serve durability to its users and features and functions are also very easy and user-friendly.
  4. LED light addition: The LED light of OkoWatt gives ease to its users in monitoring the multiple actions and changes.
  5. Appliances compatibility: The one OkoWatt is capable of serving unexpected results in power saving. This saver box is capable of serving almost all appliances that we commonly have at our houses.
  6. Heatproof: This device has thermal resistant sensors installed in its body. Which assures no matter what, there won’t be any heat-related losses to your electric socket.
  7. Shockproof: If you are worried about whether it gives high electric shocks or not, then the shockproof sensors have got you covered. These sensors protect against high voltage shocks.
  8. Saves the money: The OkoWatt installation can save you a lot of money in the form of an electricity bill. When the extra power supplied to your appliances is reduced, you will automatically get reduced electricity bills. The makers of OkoWatt claims that you can save 60-90% of power consumption by installing this device in your home or workplace.
  9. Multipurpose: The OkoWatt is a multipurpose device. It can be used almost anywhere whether you want to use it in your home, apartment, office, shop, restaurant, factory, or anywhere.
  10. No energy consumption: The device is used to save energy but, shockingly, the OkoWatt doesn’t consume any energy for its operation. It works without putting extra load on your energy consumption.
  • Worldwide availability: Are you living anywhere in the world and suffering from never-ending electricity bills? Don’t worry because this device is available throughout the globe. Simply place the order and you will receive the OkoWatt at your place.

The above-mentioned benefits are enough to give you a reason to buy this fabulous product. If we talk about the prices then again, I would say that the product cost is nothing besides its capability and advantages. Have a look at the price and other buying related details:

Lifetime Warranty, Guaranteed Performance, And Affordable Pricing

This energy save box is available at a very low-price range. The buyers can save their money when buying for more than a single Oko power saver box. If your area contains more than 1000 sq. ft then you can use the second one otherwise you can give it to your relatives. The purchase of two gives direct 50% off on the second OkoWatt device. In this package, the price value of a single OkoWatt device is $39.98. But buying two devices and paying just $79.96 will give you one OkoWatt device free.

The price range is already very surprising and there is also a lifetime warranty that makes it the first choice to buy before thinking once or twice. The company also gives a guarantee of performance, which means they assure to achieve the power saving results as mentioned on their company website.

Have you ever seen a product that gives a lifetime warranty? OkoWatt does! The company is providing a lifetime warranty against this device. So you are covered for any defects and defaults. If anything is not working properly, simply get your power-saving device replaced.

They are open for the return if the product doesn’t perform as per the promise. Delivery of this device is a hundred percent free in the US and buyers may receive the product under a very short delivery period. The device contains many other models of this device and prices may differ as per the model wise specifications additions. For smart purchasing, buyers need to visit the company website only.

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Is There Any Limitation To This Device?

The OkoWatt is a perfect power-saving device that can be used anywhere. It works with most of the electrical devices and the capability of working with conditioners, televisions, and refrigerators is remarkable.

But the device is not suitable for heating appliances such as induction cookers, electric stoves, and more. If you are using these devices then OkoWatt cannot give you power-saving benefits.

What Customers Are Saying About This Energy Saving Device?

By Olga T.

I am an event manager and I love my job. Everything was going smoothly until one day when one business event organized by me devastated due to the power outage. I had to explain to everyone that it is temporary and power will be resumed but everyone was upset as some reputed company managers were attending the event. I could nothing but gasp in that situation. It was my fault and I wanted to correct it in the next upcoming event. I got my hands on some power saving devices online and OkoWatt seemed to be the one that I could trust. I installed it quite easily everything went without any worry. I am really happy with its performance!

By Mark L.

The old power-saving device at my workplace stopped working and I wanted to have a power-saving device installed in my office but I could not find any in Florida. I searched online and OkoWatt came in front of me. It has amazing features and has powerful energy-saving capabilities. I am glad that instead of trying the old one I ordered this online!

By John P.

A friend of mine has installed OkoWatt at his home and he told me how he has achieved up to 70% saving in electricity consumption by using this device. I was highly impressed and decided to install it in my home as well. My home needed three of these power-saving devices so I ordered a pack of three. It came quicker than I expected. The installation process is easy and I have been using this amazing technology for more than 6 months now. Impressive!


Have you given up on the electricity bills in your home or workplace? Do you want to control your consumption and at the same time increase your saving on electricity bills? If the answer to both of these questions is yes then you need OkoWatt!

This innovative device can save power consumption in the area of 1000 sq. ft. If you have ever dreamt of reducing electricity consumption, then OkoWatt is just the right device for you. It is a compact shockproof, heatproof, and affordable power-saving device.

Simply install it with your power line to get the most out of the device. And it will save almost 60-90% of electric consumption used by the appliances that are already installed in your home or office. The company is also giving amazing offers if you buy a pack of more than one OkoWatt power-savers.

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