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Do you want to boost the speed and performance of your old computer? Have you tried various ways, but none could improve the speed? Then, you must try using Xtra-PC. However, before investing in this product, read on its review.


Many people struggle with their aging computer that drops its performance and speed day by day. It is not easy for people to invest in a new laptop or a computer since it comes with a cost. You can make your old computer work fast by using Xtra-PC. It looks like a flash drive. Over time, personal computers or laptops would drop the speed due to the installation of new software, updates, and other changes that are happening in the system.

The Xtra-PC adds a new lease of life to the old machines and makes them work like a new one with jet speed. It makes them work faster than you can imagine. It is secure and cost-effective to use this device. This is the best solution that is available for people to get their ancient laptops back to its form without denting the pockets.

You can buy this device only if the laptop or desktop is working slowly. You do not need to dispose of the laptop instead can invest in this small device that can add some more life to your old machines by improving the efficiency, speed, and performance.


About Xtra-PC

It is a device like software that is developed by HP. It looks like a flash drive that operates on the Linux operating system and ample storage capacity. There are essential functions that you can carry out using this device, such as surfing the internet, working on various files, listening to the music, checking the photos, and configuring the Wi-Fi and printer settings.

There are several websites that you can access using this software, such as Amazon Prime, Facebook, and Netflix, and so on. You can also gain access to Google docs using this software.

You can plug this flash drive like device to your system to improve its speed and performance. By using this tiny gadget, you can improve the speed and enjoy working on the system for hours together without waiting for ages for a single file to get saved.

You do not need to buy a computer instead can use this to improve the performance of the old system. You can plug this device into your system through the USB port. The USB device can circumvent the operating system and load this Linux based device that is away from the restraints of your old machine. It works on old systems and the systems that do not have a hard drive or malfunctioning hard drives. This USB drive will run on various operating systems, and no file on the system would be changed.

xtra pc review

How does Xtra-PC work?

The software will be in the USB drive, which you can plug to the system through the USB port. It overwrites the operating system that is already on your computer with a faster and highly reliable Linux operating system. When you plug-in this device, you will get the prompt. You must follow the instructions thoroughly to make your PC work faster.

With this software running on the USB drive, the old files and data that are on the hard drive would not be lost. You can retain the data without any worries about losing it. The best part of this drive is that the computer with a missing hard drive or faulty hard drive or that does not have the OS can use it. You can use this on the desktop and laptops.

The device will load the OS that is on the drive instead of using the OS on the hard drive. You can put this USB drive and turn on the system. When you see the start-up screen, you must click on the boot key. It boots at a brisk pace. You can also see the difference in the speed at which your computer boots.

When you plug-in the device and run, you can see the computer carrying out the computing operations at a brisk pace and comes with different features and functionality.

Here is the step by step process you must follow to use Xtra-PC

Plug-in – You must look for the USB port on the PC and connect this USB drive

Restart – You must restart the system with the help of the power button

Reboot – You must open the boot menu by hitting the boot key. The steps differ for Windows and MAC operating systems.

The steps are simple to follow and use this stick.

xtra-pc reviews

Various requirements of Xtra-PC

You can use this flash drive to make your old devices work again. It makes the PCs run naturally. You can use this on old desktops, laptops, and notebooks that run on various operating systems such as Windows. You can make this device work on any system model that is released after 2004.

Here are a few requirements to make your flash drive run on the system


The processor of the PC must be 700 MHz or higher than this.

USB Type

The USB port that supports 2.0 and 3.0 of USB can boot this USB like device with ease.


The RAM that your system must have is 512 MB. However, it is best to have RAM of around 2 GB.

Graphic support

It supports various graphic cards such as VGA, HDMI, and DVI to make the system run efficiently.


It is the primary output/input system that helps you learn how to reboot quickly. The system must have the ability to reboot the USB drive with ease.


Your computer must have a provision to connect the modem cable or must allow you to get connected to the Wi-Fi.

Benefits of Xtra-PC

Here are a few advantages that are offered by Xtra-PC

  1. Cost-effective

The basic model of PC costs a few hundred dollars these days. If you want to buy a personal computer with your required specifications and of superior quality, you must spend a considerable amount from your pockets. You are not sure that even if you spend this amount, your system will last longer.

When you use the stick, you can boost the performance of the PC in no time. It makes the system work like earlier by spending just a few bucks from your pocket.

  1. Easy to use

The product is simple to install and can be used by the people who are not tech-savvy. By following the simple steps, you can make your desktop work like a new one in a short time. You just have to follow the instructions that you get on the screen. Some applications and programs are pre-optimized.

You no more have to worry about backing up the old files that are stored in your old system.

  1. Ample support

It works on the systems that are running MAC and Windows. You can use this device on the system that has the Windows operating system version, which is obsolete now. You can also use this on the system that has a missing or faulty hard drive.

  1. Keep your files intact

The documents and media files that are stored on the system will remain unaffected despite you using this USB drive. You can also access the files on the old system without using any additional software. You can retrieve the files with ease. There are no extra steps to be done. The hard drive will show those files, and you can access it.

  1. Plug and play

It is a plug and play device that allows you to connect it to the computer whenever you want to use it. It boots the operating system, and there is nothing more you have to do.

Purchase and price

You must buy this device from the official site since many people are selling fake devices. You must do extensive research about the device and then go ahead buying the product. There are different types of Xtra-pc products available. You can buy the one that is based on your usage and the money you have.

The product is available in three different models. Each model has different storage capacity and price.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16

The storage capacity of this product is 16 GB, and you can get it at the cost of USD 49.99. You can buy this basic model device to plug into your home computers or laptops. It allows you to surf the internet, watch videos, and enjoy playing your favorite games. There is a discount offer available on this product. You can get this product for USD 34.99 now.

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

The storage capacity of this product is 32 GB and is available at the price of USD 119.99. It has double the storage capacity of the earlier version and works faster. It can improve the efficiency and speed of your old system.

Xtra-PC Pro

It has a storage capacity of around 64 GB and is the widely purchased model by the people. It allows you to enjoy browsing, watching videos, and playing games continuously. It gives high value for the money and is available at the price of USD 159.99.

Money-back guarantee

If you do not like the product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. You can send an email to the manufacturer about returning the product in 30 days and ship the product with its original packaging. You will get the refund amount in a short time, excluding the shipping charges and taxes. The manufacturer will replace the defective part, but you must pay for the shipping charges.

Downsides of the product

There are no downsides that are reported by the customers who have used the product. However, it is learned that it takes some time for users to learn using this Linux based product. The apple systems that were released above 2011 would be able to use this software.

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My son was asking me to buy a new computer so that he can enjoy playing his favorite game for hours together since the old system is hanging up in between. I do not have enough cash in my hand to buy a new system. One of my friends recommended me to use an Xtra-PC device.

I was skeptical about it since I never heard about such a device, which can improve the efficiency and speed of the old systems. When I plugged in and rebooted the system, I was amazed to see its speed, and it started to work like a new one. My son is happy with the functioning of the system. Thanks for the manufacturers. I was able to save a considerable amount of money.


Many people come to me to solve their technical glitches in the system. One of my friends used to come to me to help her improve the system performance. I tried adding RAM to the system, but still, the old computer was not able to function correctly. This time, I suggested that she use Xtra-PC, which I learned from one of my colleagues.

This software has miraculously improved the system speed. It is worth every penny of the price that the manufacturer is charging. Thanks for fixing the laptops.


I want to do my school projects, but with the aging PC that is at my home, I was unable to finish the projects soon. I learned about Xtra-PC and how it is helping to improve the system speed and immediately purchased it.

I could not believe that my laptop started to work like a new one. The features are allowing me to browse the internet at a good speed. All thanks to its manufacturers.


It is frustrating to work on the systems that take ages to save a file or show the result that you are searching on the internet. Few systems take a long time to boot and open a browser or a program. The problem is due to the usage of the old system. However, Xtra-PC has come as a boon for the people who are still using the old system and cannot afford to buy a new one. It works on various models of computers and compatible with all OS.

It can work on the systems that do not have a hard drive or less space. You just need to connect the device to the system provided the system meets the requirements given by the manufacturer. You are good to go. It provides quick access to the files that are on your system. You can enjoy the music, watch movies, and work hours together without compromising on the speed.

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