Nakto Electric Bike Review

Nakto Electric Bike

Product details

Technical Specifications

Motor:Brushless 36V 300W

Output power: 10% increase

Battery:Removable, 36V 10AH/36V 12AH

Charger: Smart Charger with Overload protection

Charging time: 4-6 hours

Charging current: 2.0A

Bike Details

Frame: Carbon Steel

Rear Gears: 6-Speed

Braking device: V-DRUM, front V brake, rear drum brake

Throttle: Variable Speed Control

Speed: 20 Miles/hour

Mileage: 20-25 miles


NAKTO Electric Bike for Men and Women – Sleek frame made of carbon steel, and rust-proof powder coating.

Brake system – Power-assisted bike with V-DRUM brakes on the front and back. It has a removable lithium battery. The battery can go about 25 miles on a single charge and takes about 4-6 hours to charge.

Strong Motor – The 250W motor gives the electric bike a powerful boost that lets it go as fast as 20 mph. The turntable instrument with LED, easy-to-use button, makes riding easier and more convenient. The kit comes with bright headlights and taillights that reflect light. Electric bike accessories will give you a safe place to drive at night.

Smart Riding – Pedal, Auxiliary, and Pure Electric modes are all built into one and can be switched at any time. Day’s work worn out? You can get home on “Electric Mode.” Baggage burden? Luggage rack design & bike basket hope to help you. When riding in the rain, watch out for the slippery road.

NOTE: Don’t let the water get into the battery, and get home as soon as you can. The safety of people is more important than anything else.

1-Year Warranty – The company gives a warranty that is applicable for a year from the date the buyer first bought the item. There are no flaws in the materials or the way they were made.

Note: Pre-installed: To avoid damage and collisions during shipping. The Nakto Electric Bike is 95% assembled before it ships, saving you the trouble of putting it together. Only need to put together a few small parts, like the front wheel and handlebars.

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