Penomet Review

How often do you feel that your sexual life has not been up to the mark? How often do you feel insecure about the small length and width of your penis? I am a sexologist myself, and many men come to me to find a solution to this problem. While many openly talk about this issue, some still shy away and keep this issue hidden in their heart. When they do not open up their issue, it makes them less confident, introvert, and demotivated in life.

As a sexologist, I used to suggest to my patients some chemical drugs, but many of my patients refused to take it with the fear of side effects. Some of them who took the medicated pills came up with obesity issues and other side effects of the medicines. All of these issues made me worry about my patients, and I researched different ways of how one could increase the size of the penis without any medications. I then came across a multi-award-winning brand called ‘Penomet’ that had tools for the elongation of the penis. This tool was simply the best way to enlarge the size of the penis. Here is a detailed review of the product.

Penomet Penis Pump

About Penomet Penis Pump

Do you not believe that changes happen instantly? Well, yes! If you have a small penis, it will enlarge in only 15 minutes on the first try. Thousands of customers have used this product and are extremely happy with its results. The product has become amazingly effective and has won the best male enhancement product award, best product award, and best jury award. The product has satisfied a million customers and has made their lives the best. It is Europe’s most awarded product, and the sexologists of the US are also suggesting their patients use the Penomet Penis Pump.

Things That Penomet Penis Pump Comprises Of

The Penis Pump from Penomet is a hydro pump, and the elongation of the penis happens with the usage of water pressure. The device comes with a set of gaiters – some of them are hard, and the others are a bit soft. This gaiter has to be attached to the Penomet cylinder, which enlarges the length and the breadth of your penis. The gaiters come in different hardness to make you feel comfortable with the device. You will have to start using a soft gaiter and then switch to a harder gaiter. In this process, the penis becomes 65% larger right from the first use.

The pack comprises a 4.0 cylinder, 5 gaiters of various pressures, a digital exercise guide book, and a printed manual. The device comes with a three-year guarantee.

How The Penomet Hydropump Works

The entire process of working for this penis pump is pressure and compression. It is advisable to use this pump with the presence of water and not mere air because of the bellow reasons.

  1. The vacuum without water hurts this organ and causes unbearable pain.
  2. The elongation happens easily when there is water.
  3. When you try this without water, There would be an enlargement of only one part of the penis and not the complete organ.
  4. Since Penomet hydro pump is used with water, it equalizes the pressure equally along with the cylinder.

The hydro pump of Penomet comes with 5 replaceable gaiters, and each of them has its hardness. This helps men who use it to gradually and painlessly increase the pressure during the elongation process.

Along with this, you will receive a digital guide that has the exercises to enlarge the penis. Are you wondering if you hear all is true? Yes, of course! All of the exercises that are suggested for the enlargement of the penis are scientifically proven.

The exercises, along with the Penomet hydro pump, must be practiced 20 minutes a day for five days a week. You will get the enlargement you have planned for in less than 10 weeks.

penomet review

How To Use The Penomet Penis Pump

Using the Penomet hydro pump is really simple, and there is no rocket science involved in it. Here is a step-by-step procedure of how you use this device without any sort of confusion and hindrance while using it.

Step 1 – Take the gaiter that is the softest of all the gaiters. Do not choose the hard one as that exerts more pressure for the first time. This will lead to pain in the penis. Use the gaiters from the softest to the hardest, respectively, when you feel comfortable with each pressure.

Step 2 – The Hydro pump cylinder of Penomet must be taken and must be washed.

Step 3 – Fix the gaiter to the cylinder firmly. Do not leave any gap while fixing it.

Step 4 – Wet the hydro pump thoroughly, and put the penis into it underwater. Now underwater could be under the tap or the shower or simply inside the bathtub. The best time to use this product is when you are bathing.

Step 5 – Put the entire penis into the pump and seal it well. Hold it in the same way for some time and then relax it.

Step 6 – Keep putting the entire penis inside the Penomet hydro pump and keep it for 15 minutes. When you do this, you will notice the much-needed change right from day one.

Step 7 – Continue this process with the gaiters of harder pressures for 15-20 minutes a day during the morning shower. You can stop using the Penomet pump after you have got a penis of the desired length.

Step 8 – For the best results, repeat this 5 times a week. Do not use it if you feel uneasy or if you have excruciating pain in the penis. A little discomfort is common, but if the pain is intolerable, stop using it immediately for some time and then continue with the gaiter having the softest pressure.

Benefits of Penomet Hydro Pump

The Penomet Penis Pump is not used only for the enlargement of the penis. Along with this, it has the benefits that are mentioned below, and all of them are essential.

  • Boosts Self Confidence: The first thing that the hydro pump does is to boost your self-confidence. Many of the men feel insecure about the size of their penis and fail to approach their lady love too. In such conditions, the pump enlarges their genitals and makes them feel more manly. This can change an introvert into a bold speaker too.
  • Abolishes Impotence: The exercises that are mentioned in the Penomet digital book do not only make the penis long but also works on solving the issue of being impotent. Several factors, such as lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, smoking of tobacco, and other such issues, make men impotent, and they fail to enjoy their sexual life. The exercises are a trigger that sparks up the much-needed romance and childbearing ability. Those who have been longing to have a child, have been benefited from this.
  • Decreases Pre-ejaculation: Women enjoy a longer duration of sex. When I have my patients coming up for suggestions to have longer sexual intercourse without any supplements, the hydro pump is what I refer them. The gaiter and the cylinder do not only elongate the penis but also makes the muscles stronger so that the man can hold on and satisfy his lady love. In the process, the pre-ejaculation of semen stops, and there will not be a risk of pregnancy before you draw the penis out.
  • Increases Sexual Stamina: Most of the men who have taken my suggestion of trying the hydro pump are happy about having a drastic improvement in their sex life. Many of them say that they can hold on longer and do not get tired in between. This is the magic of the hydro pump.
  • Reverses Peyronie’s Disease: Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the development of a scar or a tissue layer on the penis. This causes to erect penis to painfully stoop and takes a curve. This disease mostly needs surgery, but the exercises using the hydro pump from Penomet works effectively in healing and curing the penis of the disease and making it erect painlessly. This is one natural treatment for the disease.

Price Of The Penomet Pump

After you have read about the review of this amazing penis enlargement tool, you will conclude that it might be very expensive. Let me burst this myth of yours by revealing the actual price of this device. It is only $79. The actual price is $199, but the company is giving a discount of 30%, and this makes it budget-friendly for you. Along with this, you will be getting a lifetime warranty of the gaiters and three years warranty on the entire device. You will also get a digital exercise book for free.

penomet review

Money-Back And Refund Policy

The Penomet team challenges every single person to try this device out. They say that this device will definitely bring changes to the enlargement of the penis. Even if someone accepts the challenge and does not get the needed results, you will get your whole money back in 60 days. This is yet another promise from the team itself. However, there is no unhappy customer that they have till date. The refund or complaint can be raised on the company’s mailing address, as mentioned here- [email protected]. The team is quick in replying and comes to your aid soon.

Side Effects Of Penomet Hydro Pump

One side effect of the hydro pump that my patients have reverted with is the swelling and the inflammation of the penis. This is probably because of the wrong way of inserting the penis into the cylinder. Along with this, many try using the pump without water, and the dryness causes more pain. It can also cause swelling in the penis region. If the device is used rightly, there will be no pain and injury. The trick is to start with the gaiter that has the least pressure and then switch to gaiters of more pressures.

Customer Reviews

Penomet Results

The bellow is some reviews from my patients who have used the Hydro pump.

I had the issues of sexual impotence, and I feared that this was because of the small penis that I had. I visited my sexologist and took the advice of using the Penomet Hydropump. My penis has become longer, and I have a two-year-old boy now. – Tony Webberson

My husband had a short penis, and this made him uncomfortable to have good sexual intercourse with me. He was demotivated many times and a lot of confidence in himself. This was when our sexologist suggested us to use the hydro pump from Penomet, and it has truly worked wonders in our life. My husband is the best man, and I feel proud of him. – Laila Robbinson

My son, who is 23 now, developed a scar on his penis a year ago. Little did we know at that time that it was the Peyronie’s Disease. When we researched, the thought of surgery gave us goosebumps. We slowly took this case in ease and managed to meet our sexologist, who helped us with the idea of Penomet Penis Pump. My son is all fit and fine now, and I am ever thankful to the team of Penomet for creating such an excellent device. – Roger Ferns

The Final Verdict

This is the review from my end as a sexologist. This tiny device is of huge help to many men. My suggestion to all is to not shy away in discussing this problem with a loved one or a doctor. The more you keep things closed in your heart, the more it will worry you. Over 80% of the men have a problem with a small penis, and there is no need for you to worry about it. Go ahead and order this pump for yourself and have better days ahead.

penomet review

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