Self Defense Siren Review

How safe are we from human predators in this world? How secure are we when we are alone, and something unexpected happens to us? How many people would come rushing to our help when we are helpless, but all are out of earshot? How safe are our children who go to school, and may meet an unexpected hazard on the way?

The answer to the question is inevitably a big ‘No’. Despite the modernization and sophistication, we are experiencing, and the individual is still at risk. One may face a robber on the street, the children may remain a kidnap risk, and we may fall somewhere clutching our heart due to a sudden stroke.

There is a solution now. It comes in handy and very light in weight. It is known as the “Self Defense Siren.”One can attach it to their keychain, or stick it in their shirt, as long as they can access it in that one second they have when confronting a life-threatening situation. The Press of a button discharges a siren-like noise, audible for over a Kilometer. The siren would alert people who are in the nearby vicinity to rush to your rescue immediately.

Added on to this is the sudden jolt, the perpetrator receives, as it confuses him completely. Those are the vital seconds or even a minute that is required. It is sufficient enough, to make good your escape

Let us examine this product in detail so that we can understand its superior functions.

Self Defense Siren

What is Self Defense Siren?

The Self Defense siren from Original Defense is almost a key chain. Imagine your car keys with remote control. That is the size and shape of this product too. There is a provision to insert the key chain inside this device. The minute you face the necessity to use it, pull the key chain from the socket. The siren noise which emits from this contraption would make heads turn in your direction, a kilometer away. People nearby would come rushing to your help too. The danger is thus averted, and you are safe. Self-defense Siren has the highest decibel among similar products and goes off at 130 Db.

Parts of the Self Defense Siren from Original Defense

The self-defense siren is a short piece made of plastic and weighs just .64 ounces.

It contains a powerful LED light, which is capable of lighting up your pathway, in case of darkness and a socket, to insert the key chain which comes along with it. It also has a provision of attaching it to your shirt or luggage, and would not slip away. The battery inbuilt into the siren is CR2032.

How does Self Defense Siren work?

The modus operandi is so simple that even a child can operate it. One needs to pull the keychain from the socket, and the alarm starts ringing. To stop the signal, plug the keychain back into its socket, and the device is ready for use again.

Benefits of Self Defense Siren 

  1. Training not required

The gadget does not require any specialized training. All it needs is just a minute, to understand where the socket is, for you to pull the keychain back in times of danger, and push it back In when it is not required.

  1. Stress and anxiety pushed down

The elders always tend to worry when the children are out late at night, or they have to come back from school unescorted. It is at that point; their worries would come down a lot since they can arm their children with the self-defense siren. Help is always nearby, with the children sounding off the siren. This device is sure to bring down the child abduction crime rate.

  1. Helps the aged 

Many older adults would be at home alone. They may have a cardiac issue, and if they experience a sudden seizure, the Self Defense siren can be sounded off by them. Neighbors would hear it, and rush to their help.

  1. LED Lights

Indeed a bonus feature, but the purpose is manifold. It’s a dark street, and you are walking in it but cannot determine where to step in next, the LED lights on the gadget would come to the rescue. The Light is so powerful that it would guide you to complete safety.

  1. Maximum decibels 

The siren activates with the chain pulled away, and this would cause an alert more than a kilometer away. Therefore when an assailant confronts you, it would confuse him for a minute, and his ears would not be able to take on the noise level and may tend to move away. Now you have enough time to escape from the crime scene, which failed to happen.

  1. Batteries

The batteries are inside the gadget and would work in a full charge for at least a year. Therefore, there is no necessity to charge it or keep checking whether it would fail.

  1. Walking exercises made possible

Anyone who walks early in the morning would tell you that the stray dogs are a menace, as the streets are empty. They tend to bark and advance on you dangerously. There are similar instances of people who have experienced this. Equipped with the Self defense siren, the noise would make the stray canines run away.

  1. Offer and pricing

This gadget comes in at attractive prices and one to one suggestion, which is ideal. Now, everyone in the family can have one for themselves.

  1. Police Certified

The police Department has encouraged and endorsed the use of self-defense siren since this would bring down the crime rate. It may be a weapon to circumvent crime, but this does not injure anyone.

  1. Easy to carry

The gadget is light in weight and can be taken in your pocket, or even pinned to your shirt. Thus, it is retrievable for easy use, durable and weatherproof.

  1. Third-party help

Sometimes we are witnesses to robberies, which is happening on the opposite of the road. We cannot do much, but the best way to help the other victim is to sound off the siren from the gadget in our possession, and the robber would run away/, or the police would come in.

Original Self Defense Siren Review

Demerits of the Self Defense Siren

  1. Easy to misplace

The gadget is quite small. Therefore one tends to leave it somewhere in the house, and then search for it.

  1. Easy to lose 

You slip it into your pocket, and this may move out of your pocket easily. Since the weight is so light, none would notice the absence of it when it slips out.

  1. Battery life not sure

There may be a guarantee that the battery would survive for a year, but if it fails to set the alarm off, at the crucial moment, it could be disastrous.

  1. It is not a toy

The siren sound would get the children excited, and they might probably show it off to their friends, which is not what the idea is. Children should get educated that it is not a toy.

How much does Self Defense Siren cost?

Self Defense Sirens have been offered as found below and can be purchased only through their official website. The offers are:

  • Buy four pieces at the rate of $19.95 per piece, and take home four parts free. Total savings is $79.80. Shipping is free.
  • Buy three parts at the rate of $19.95 per piece, and take home three parts free. Total savings is $59.85. Shipping is free.
  • Buy two parts at the rate of $19.95 per piece, and take home two pieces open. Total savings is $39.90. Shipping is free.
  • Buy One piece at the rate of $19.95 per article and take home one piece free. Total savings is $19.95. The shipping charge is $8.52.

Thus it can be seen that the purchase of more units begets a substantial discount, and the company bears shipping charges.

Self Defense Siren Review

Self Defense Siren Money-back guarantees

In the case of a customer not satisfied with the product, he can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. He can contact over the telephone to the customer service, or send an email at [email protected], only on weekdays. Between 9 am and 5 Pm.

Ensure this step within the return period, then a Return Merchandise Authorization, also known as RMA, would be generated by the company and sent to the customer via an email. The customer would get 14 days to complete the process of returning the physical product. In case this is not done on time, the company would have the discretion to decide whether they wish to refund and thereby provide an RMA number.

Without the valid RMA details, refunds delays can occur up to two months. As soon as the return package reaches us, checking is the next step. We check whether there is any damage to the product, and in case there is none, it would be up for a net refund. A net return is the purchase price reduced by shipping charges and handling charges. It would take the company to credit back the amount to the same card, which the client used initially. If the product is damaged, a refund would not be processed at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is ten years old. Can he operate the Self defense siren?

The product is easy to use, and there is no training required. However, if the child is young, do a demo for him once or twice.

How long would the charge on the batteries last.?

It will last for one year.

Can anybody trace my location if I have a gadget with me?

It is impossible. The gadget does not have any GPS on it.

What is the duration of the Alarm bell?

Stop it by plugging the socket with the critical chain, or till the charge in the batteries get fully extinguished.

Customer Reviews

By Greta Thomas

“My father is an aged person and has many ailments. Doctors have insisted that he has to walk an hour every day, but I was scared he may faint or slip on the ground beneath, with none to rush to his aid. Now he carries the Self Defense Siren, and I am sure I will get to know if something untoward happens.”

By Francis Samuel

“I work late hours and return home at 3 am. There are many stray dogs here who have bitten my neighbors too. They tried to attack me last week, but I set the alarm, and they disappeared in a second..”

By Paul Nelson

“Getting mugged is a part of our lives here in Brooklyn. I have always feared that day may come for me too, and it also did. A guy confronted me with a penknife, who demanded my car keys, and I obliged him by pulling the key chain away.

He was horrified at the sound, and bolted .”

By Juliette Irwin

“I am in my mid-thirties and return home in the wee hours by cab. Women always have a fear that any stranger may try and molest them, and I was no exception to the rule. One night, the cab driver took a detour and was driving crazily in the opposite direction. I screamed, but he kept driving, and then I sounded off the self Defense alarm. He nearly hit a lamppost, and he braked. I opened the door and bolted, not aware that he was also running away for life.”

The final verdict

We are not all superheroes, to brave a situation, when an armed robber or mugger, points his knife or gun at, threatening us for money and belongings. Neither would our screams heard through the walls are the alleyway. The best option is self-defense and, in it, the Self Defense Diren from Original defense. It does scare the robber into thinking the police are outside or nearby. The best option he has is to bolt from the place. There is no doubt that this product is here to stay and does the job of a superhero.

Self Defense Siren Price

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