Subliminal360 Review

Everybody faces hardships and challenges in their lives. Nobody lives a life that is a bed of roses. Now, we have also been conditioned in a certain way, from our childhood. What this means is that we are used to a particular way of living. Our opinions and values are also pre-formed from what we see and listen to in our surroundings. It is a common belief that these thoughts cannot be controlled and changed. Let us break this belief that everyone has been living in. We can influence and change our thoughts. It is possible to control the mind and bring about positive changes in our lives.

In this busy era, where everyone is busy doing something, it is essential not to get frustrated. Frustration will only lead to anxiety and depression. I faced this problem too.

I am working as the manager of a law firm. I have worked there for 10 years now. Last year, I began to notice that I snapped at almost everybody and for no reason. I knew the stress of work was getting to me. I was getting frustrated with the pressures of work. My wife then suggested that I try the audios at Subliminal360. I started using them, and they have been extremely effective for me. Subliminal360 has changed my life for the better.


About Subliminal360

Recent research and surveys have proved that subliminal messages can help you improve any area of your life – improve your self-confidence, concentration, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and much more. And Subliminal360 enables you to do that. You just have to inform the software what you want to change.

It then works in two ways for you.

  • First is the visual subliminal. It flashes thousands of subliminal affirmations on your screen while you work. These are the visual subliminal. Your subconscious mind absorbs these messages and trains itself to work accordingly.
  • Secondly, it also generates certain mp3s which you can listen to any time and program your subconscious mind. You can easily achieve what you want.

The software, Subliminal360, has over 4000 subliminal messages in 350 sessions. The software creates MP3 affirmations according to your needs and choices. You can download these MP3s on your smartphone or any other device and hear them at your convenient time.

What do you get in the Subliminal360 library?

Health and Fitness

This section will help you manifest a healthy lifestyle. You will, successfully, be able to adhere to your diet and exercise. This section includes ‘stick to your

diet’ and ‘get fit fast’ Subliminal audios, among several others.

Sleep and Relaxation

This section will help you get a good night’s sleep and relax. Your stress and anxiety will reduce too. This includes Subliminals like ‘overcome insomnia’ and ‘dissolve stress and worries’.

Improve your Body

This section includes Subliminals like ‘get a clear skin’ and ‘get rock hard abs’.

Control your Emotions

Subliminals like ‘forgive and find peace’ and ‘let go of anger’ are included in this section.

Enrich your life

This section helps you attract whatever you want. You can manifest anything from more opportunities to your dream car.

Other sections include personal power, business success, overcoming addictions and bad habits, get over phobias, treat illnesses, love, and marriage, and improving your skills.

Subliminal360 review

How Does Subliminal360 Work?

The positive subliminal messages in the form of visual affirmations or MP3s which are created by this powerful software work on your subconscious mind. It programs your brain to think positively and stimulates you to achieve your goals. The creators of Subiminal360 have included all the areas of life that could benefit from Subliminal.

The subliminal messages which flash on your screen or the hidden audio affirmations in the MP3s include –

  • health and fitness
  • improve your body
  • mental skills
  • sleep and relaxation
  • emotions
  • personal power
  • enrich your life
  • business success
  • bad habits
  • addictions
  • phobias
  • illness
  • love and marriage
  • adult
  • parent and baby
  • music and arts
  • skills
  • sports

How to Use Subliminal360?

After purchase, you can easily download and install the software from the link provided. Then you get instant access to the huge library of visual affirmation messages and MP3s. Just choose the area you want to work on, and subliminal messages will flash on your screen.

For audio subliminal, you can choose the area and also the background music you want. And, instantly, the software will create customized audios, which you can download to your device.

Is it Safe to use Subliminal360?

The subliminal affirmation visuals MP3s offered by Subliminal360 are safe for your use. Scientists and psychologists have tested the effect of subliminals and have come to the conclusion that all the effects are positive. Also, you can discontinue the usage of this software any time you want.

Subliminal360 reviews

Benefits of Subliminal360

  • This software is easy to download and install
  • There is a huge library that has material to cover all the areas of life which can be improved
  • It has both visual affirmations and also audio affirmations.
  • You can customize your MP3 and download it to your device.
  • The creator provides lifetime support.
  • These affirmations boost your mind’s capabilities, and you can change your life positively.

Purchase & Price

The company offers three versions of Subliminal360. The benefits of each version are different.

  • First, there is the Amazing version that is priced at $97. In this version, you get access to 100 subliminal recordings and 1200 affirmations, Editor where you can create custom subliminal, support material, and lifetime support from the company.
  • Then, there is the Awesome version, which you can buy at $127. You get more benefits if you purchase this version. You can access 150 subliminal audios and the entire brainwave library that includes over 25 MP3 audios.
  • If you purchase the Everything version, you will get access to the entire subliminal library that includes 350 audios. You also get access to the mind hacker library, in addition to the training videos. All this at $147.
  • Since all the resource is downloadable and online, you are not shipped anything, saving you the shipping costs!

Subliminal 360 review

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The creators of the subliminal audios have confidence in what they offer you. They are 100% confident that these audios will serve their purpose. Hence, for your satisfaction, the manufacturers provide a whopping 1-year money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you will get a refund. When you ask for a refund within 1-year, you will get 100% money-back. You lose access to the audio library, once you apply for a refund.


Is this compatible with Windows?  

Yes, it works on all the versions of Windows and Mac OS.

How rapidly can the results be seen? 

The subliminal affirmations start working from the first day itself. The creators advise continuing using any program of subliminal for at least a week or two for the best results. Else, you may not see the product’s best effects on your mind.

Will it work for every person? 

Yes, it will work for every person. Subliminals have undergone thorough research, and it has been observed that they have a positive effect on the human mind. The subliminal will show you the results within five minutes from the time you start listening.

Does science approve affirmations to be working?

Yes, Subliminals have been scientifically researched continuously. Even doctors and qualified psychologists have found subliminal audios and visual affirmations to be working on the human mind positively.

Does it take long to install the software? 

No, it sets up in minutes. The company will provide you with full guidance on how to install the software. It’s very simple to set up. The Subliminal360 software will be set up and running in five minutes from the time you purchase.

What are the payment methods?

The payment methods on the company’s website are convenient and safe. The transactions can be made by Visa card, MasterCard and Paypal which are accepted all over the world.

When will the order be shipped and delivered? 

This is a software, which is downloadable from a link, so it can’t be physically delivered to you. But you can access it as soon as you make the payment.

Does the company accept international orders? 

Yes, the company accepts all international orders.


  • Subliminal360 software is very simple to set up. After purchase, the company will provide you with full guidance on how to install the software. You don’t have to be a techie to be able to install it.
  • Subliminal360 has gone through extensive scientific research. Now, people have found it to be working on the human mind positively.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of both Windows and Mac.
  • The positive affirmations will support you in achieving goals.
  • The company offers a one-year money-back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support is available for all purchasers.
  • Lastly, the company is currently giving discounts on the software.


  • It is only accessible on the company’s authentic website.
  • A fast internet connection is necessary as it is an online product.

Customer Testimonials

There was a time when I slipped into depression. It was the toughest phase of my life and I was losing my self-confidence day by day. My mom suggested that I try the Subliminal360 program. This app aims to program the mind for personal development. I tried the programs like Rocket Your Self-Confidence, Enjoy a Positive Attitude. Find Your Life Purpose and Boost Your Self-Esteem. After hearing the programs, I started believing in myself and could speak my mind. I also felt that I was ready to face any challenge. The Subliminal360 programs really changed my life for the better. Claire Fischer, 24, Los Angeles, California.

I always try my best to keep a healthy mind and body. I believe that all-round well-being depends not only on the way I take care of my external health and also of my mind. With this object in mind, I bought the Subliminal360 program and installed it in my Windows pc. I started listening to the programs like Enjoy Optimum Health, Eat Healthy Foods, stick to Your Diet, Overcome Binge Eating, Live Longer. It helped to reprogram my mind by modifying my deepest, subconscious thought patterns. This, in turn, helped to make positive changes in my life. Frank Holt, 33, Kansas City, Missouri.

After I turned 60 I started struggling to get a good and uninterrupted sleep. I used to wake up tired and lacked energy. Further, I was often anxious and tensed. My wife recommended that I use the Subliminal360 program. After listening to programs like Deep Relaxation, get a Great Night’s Sleep, Overcome Insomnia, Wake Up with Energy, Dissolve Worry & Stress and Stay Calm & Collected I could feel visible changes in my life. I could get a good sleep and I was less tensed and anxious. Adam Hammond, 62, Houston, Texas.

My husband was a chain smoker. Though he knew the bad effects of smoking, he was not being able to get rid of this addiction. I gifted him with the Subliminal360 app. He listened to the program “Stop Smoking” repetitively. The app helped to reprogram his mind and influence his subconscious mind so that he can successfully come out of the addiction. Subliminal360 helped him to come out of his habit of smoking, which he had for the last 10 years. Stella Richards, 45, Chicago, Illinois.


If you want to change the way you think and lead a more positive, fulfilling life, you have come to the right place. The audios and affirmations of Subliminal360 is something that everyone has to try. You will be able to reduce stress and anxiety in your life, get fit, adhere to your nutritious diet, and improve your skills. It is all you need to lead a successful and happy life. These audios and affirmations have helped many achieve the goal and purpose of their lives. You will benefit massively, as well.

Given that the creators are offering you so many resources, the prices set for the different versions are quite low and affordable. So, buy a version suitable for your needs and bring about a positive change in your life.

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