ThePhotoStick Mobile Review

With technology blanketing the universe, the market has seen a flood of new gadgets with every passing year. The need for availability of information to each individual at the snap of a finger due to heavy dependence on technology is like second nature to us.

With technology, the obsession and possibility of capturing each moment have increased magnanimously due to the presence of top-notch cameras in mobile phones enabling us to make memories on the go.

Now suddenly everyone is a photographer!! And just as a photographer likes to adore their muse, similarly we, common man, also want to revisit our memories sometimes.

But the real hiccup comes when these moments are ruined by problems like lack of storage or if the device suddenly decides to stop working. That’s where technology takes over to make our life easier. With brilliant gadgets like ‘The PhotoStick mobile,’ storing as many memories as want becomes a child’s play. Excellent because it ensures a guarantee of never running out of space.

But, let’s see in the review below if this gadget is worth your time and money or not?

photostick mobile

ThePhotostick Mobile: An insight

‘ThePhotostick mobile’ is a small device that consists of a scanning mechanism that automatically detects photos, videos, songs, documents, and clips from your computers or phones and stores it in its one terabyte memory to be accessed later. This is basically a genesis of technique, concept, security, and simplicity folded into a USB flash drive forming a convenient medium between your past memories and a photographic future.

This device allows secure storage of photos and essential data in a technologically safe and convenient solution. This device is more straightforward as compared to other handheld memory devices and thus suits people from all walks of life.

How does it work?

It works on a straightforward mechanism of plugging in the external memory device into your computers and mobile phones and with the inbuilt scanning technique, it automatically scans the device of images and videos and stores it separately in its own memory so that it can free the portable device of its overfilled storage and also provides access to those photos anytime, anywhere. This makes this gadget very convenient. Computers, like MacBook, will ask for the USB options which need to be searched and then connected. The scanning and storage are simultaneous processes that automatically take place once the handstick is connected. This stick provides touch and goes kind of technology, where once it’s connected, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The idea behind this is to have an inbuilt screening program embedded in the flash drive enabling it to store 60,000 images, videos, and essential data.

The stick’s fantastic concept to riddle out the photos from a system automatically has connected with the customers and is in high demand.

photostick mobile review

Some Facts

  • ‘PhotoStick Mobile’ is a straightforward gadget to use. With functions ultimately ending with just connecting the PhotoStick, this is one of the gadgets that is technologically endowed but surprisingly without any complexities.
  • The stick runs automatically with all sorts of newer PCs, Android version Phones (version 5), and iPhones (version5.0 or new) and is entirely compatible, making it a common choice.
  • This stick can store all photo and image data of 32 or 64 GB mobile storage until as long as you want.

This hand stick actually can be referred to as an external physical cloud that we can take anywhere we want except it can be accessed at a much juvenile level without an ID & Password and absence of an interface, making it a much simpler and quicker task.


This device performs the core functions of providing-

  1. Memorabilia record of all your memories
  2. Efficient back- up
  3. Ironclad safety
  4. Expansive storage options
  5. Simultaneous screening and storing with appreciative speed
  6. Super convenient to use.

In this section, we will take a look at what benefits this PhotoStick can offer us:

  • It has the technology and capability to function independently.
  • It helps save a lot of time and money as it provides massive space for more prolonged use and allows you to access files anywhere & anytime.
  • One terabyte is massive storage to work with and gives us the advantage to store extensive data at once without worrying about storage.
  • It can screen, scan, and organize files automatically.
  • The compatibility of the data is smooth for both windows and the MacBook.
  • Is a perfect non-complicated version of the virtual cloud
  • This device is a very cost-effective option as it is a one-time purchase meant to last a long time.
  • The entire headache of remembering the storage folder’s name goes out of the window with this one-stop storage solution.
  • The pain of deleting the duplicates is something that we all go through. With this device, that problem gets solved too.
  • The absence of passwords makes this an excellent option for less tech-savvy people and the elderly, which makes this an even preferred product.
  • It’s a revolutionary device but with basic technological concepts and allows not only images and videos but also other relevant documents and notes.
  • Removes the hassle of storing photos on a laptop.
  • Accepts any or multi-file formats
  • Presence of a compelling memory


  • The makers of this product have kept competitive pricing of this product with both ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ versions built separately.
  • ThePhotoStick for iPhones comes with efficient iOS compatibility with a lightning port, and the one for Android comes with a Micro – USB and USB- C compatible
  • They are competitively priced the same, which begins at $ 64.99 each, which is moderately priced, provided it will provide lifelong security and warranty to your photos unless you lose the device completely.
  • One of the good deals that comes with it is if you buy more than one, then a discount of 40% is applicable on your purchase. Hence, if you know someone who, along with you, can use such an advanced device to stock back on memories, then this will prove to be a worthy gift.
  • However, the prices are retailer, storage, and quantity-based and may differ accordingly.

This device is definitely on the higher end of the spending chain as compared to a flash drive, but if compared with features like longevity, space, storage, portability, and security, then the price seems like a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories. You are reducing the hassle of buying a more expensive and complicated alternative.

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For the purchase of ‘The PhotoStick Mobile,’ payments through American Express, Discover, Mastercard, VISA card, Shopify, or PayPal can be made. These are secured and reliable channels of processing your transactions.

Money-Back Guarantee

This device was launched, keeping the convenience of the people in mind. With so many features and exciting deals, this ‘The PhotoStick mobile’ offers another great feature, and that is the 30- Day money-back guarantee option, which promises you to refund your entire amount in case you become dissatisfied with the product. However, for how long this deal stays, that entirely depends on the demand and inclination of the market towards this product.

Refunds are only processed if there is an excellent reason for it or if the product is faulty before customer usage. This can be guaranteed if an email, along with the images of the damaged product and packaging are sent across to our customer service support team.

Product diversion

There are mainly two primary products categories available in this category-

  • One is ‘The PhotoStick,’ and the other is ‘The PhotoStick Mobile.’
  • ‘The PhotoStick’ is usually used in PCs, MacBook, and Tablets, whereas ‘The PhotoStick Mobile’ is used in mobile phones.



  • It cannot organize the files: This PhotoStick cannot organize between the data that it stores. It only functions as a sieve and not as an organizer of the data. In spite of the technology leap, organizing data in real-time is a challenging task. This makes the older and newer files to exist together, creating lots of disorganized data when accessing from a PC or Mobile. So every time you download new data into the PhotoStick, it will collect all data to be frisked through at leisure, causing trouble every time to access the mobile or Pc to transfer the data.
  • It is not equipped with Instructions: Since this is pretty to use, it’s quite disappointing that it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. But to be on the fair side, it’s totally uncomplicated to use. But in the end, figuring out will happen independently or YouTube.

However, to help customers at any point, the support team has been allocated who will guide you through every step.

Customer Reviews 

This product has successfully been accepted by the customers with mostly positive reviews to rave about with its criteria set under Reliability, Ease of use, Build and Design, Value for Money.

Cyril Tiloff: With a total of 30,000 photos and duplicates, this little “stick” could take care of all the duplicates and managed to keep only about 24,00 originals safely saved in a secured back- up. This indeed is an efficient and simplistic method of preserving memories safe.

Linda Harper: The Photo Stick is just perfect for my needs and is most convenient to use. With a storage space as massive as this, I will be able to store all my family photos right from my parents till my great-granddaughter, and I am delighted.

Kate Stephanie: The best thing that this 128GB Photo Stick offers is that it copies the exact name of the file in the stick to the PC. So, in separate computers, the stick will copy and rename them while allocating to a different folder to avoid the dumping of photos and data together.

Sage Schidmt: The product is as expected and as promised. With simplicity designed to such extent, I feel free after many years when I can store everything in one place. This is just a great device. My computer crashed, and after fixing it, I badly wanted to transfer it to an external unit. Though Hard disk is an option but with the size of the peanut and capacity of an elephant, this Photo Stick surely ruled my heart.

Chelsea: This is one accessible peasy technology, and after using it, I can proudly say that I can use one of the most efficient, updated technologies in use nowadays.

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Conclusion – Is it really worth it?

After spending time with this gadget, and understanding the functionalities of this product, the recommendation to purchase this product comes very clearly.

The reason why it tops the list of storage preferences is because of its preferability by all kinds of people, whether tech-savvy or not.

Most of us like to live by capturing small moments of life to look back to. At such, having the option of storing decade-old photos securely while adding more exciting ones to the collection is an indeed gratifying feeling.

This device is like the perfect option to carry around anytime because all it requires is one click of a button to store data quickly, securely, and efficiently. This device works on all kinds of Pc and mobiles and comes with familiar compatibility with external extensions without the support of any software.

This one- time investment that could last longer than most of the gadgets that are built now and should be a must-have for people who love to create memories.

Although not all reviews are positive, with the majority of positive ones, it’s a confident win that this device is faring better than most of its competitors because of its multi-functionality, compatibility, quality, and size and is an excellent option to seek out.

photostick mobile

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