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What the COVID-19 crisis is telling us is that human life is vulnerable. A virus, that’s partly inanimate, is causing so much of havoc worldwide. It is infecting all and sundry-the old, the poor, the rich, young, beautiful, fat, as well as babies and kids.

It has no barriers whatsoever. It does not choose who to infect and subsequently kills. It infects who-so-ever is in the vicinity.

New information about this virus is coming to light each day. It was earlier thought to be a variant of the flu virus, but it turns out now that COVID is more than that. It was thought to be less fatal too, but it is showing different fatality rates across the world. COVID-19 is also not a virus, but a family of viruses. In short, it’s almost a force of nature.

COVID-19 is a disaster that we are facing today. Disasters can happen at any time. We humans have no control over when a disaster strikes or how much damage it does to us. We can’t prevent a disaster, but we can damage-control for sure. And we have been taking steps to tackle the human disaster facing us in the form of COVID-19 today.

We are social-distancing, wearing masks, covering our faces, stepping back from people, working from home, and washing our hands maniacally every time we touch something.

Is it working? Yes, but to an extent only.

Preparedness thus is key for mitigating harm from a disaster. If you have a plan in place, you have a higher chance of survival. This is because, when a disaster strikes, you are so overwhelmed that your brain stops working.

So, do you have a plan to survive a tsunami or an earthquake, a flood or a tornado? Most of you don’t. Let’s face it; very few do have any kind of knowledge about disaster planning. This is where this new program comes in. Called the Ultimate Survival Code, this is the perfect aid for disaster planning. It is also your go-to guide in times of a disaster and a complete solution to all the problems you can face during one. Using the advice given in the series of guides here will keep you safe and at peace even during an emergency. You will be able to survive through any kind of disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, or a viral pandemic like SARS and COVID-19. The guides here will, in short, prevent you from becoming yet another disaster statistic.

Ultimate Survival Guide

The Ultimate Survival Code: Components

The Ultimate Survival Code contains life and death information and has the following components:

The first component of this Code is the Essential Survival Guide pack. It comprises of three parts:

The Short Term Survival Guide – This focuses on the basic rule of 3’s that says that you can’t live without:

-air for three minutes

-water for three days

-food for three weeks, and

-critical thinking for about three seconds, according to several survival experts.

If you have planned for these three before a disaster strikes, you are safe and above board.

The Short Term Survival guide will educate you about everything you need to know to survive from the very beginning – to prepare your 72-hour survival kit for food, water, medicine, shelter, light, warmth, power, fuel, and tools. It will also teach you how to secure your car or any other means of transport, and ways to communicate with others if the telephone network breaks down. It will also help you master first aid skills and teach you how to tackle unknown threats during an emergency.

The Home LockDown Guide – The second part of the Essential Survival Guide deals with how you can prepare yourself for a full-home lockdown that can happen during viral pandemics like COVID-19. Your home can become a prison during a protracted lockdown, and this guide will educate you about how to defend it and your life when you have to isolate yourself for extended periods. It helps you understand how to ready your house to support you through a major crisis like a lockdown, especially in the eventuality of things not going back to normal. This is an advanced book that helps you to convert your house into a well-protected fortress able to sustain itself for a year if so required.

This guide will also give home defense tactics – like the ways you can secure your perimeter, enforce your doors and windows and ways to keep invaders and looters away.

Here you’ll also get military-level expert advice by the author, Frank Marshall, on advanced home defense techniques and the best practices to use when it comes to weapons, firearms, ammunition, and ways to create your non-lethal weapons. It will also teach you how to improvise quick, inexpensive but highly effective defense mechanisms and, of course, how to craft your body armor, including tried-and-tested steps to craft and employ the four essential personal defense layers plus advanced food, water, and medicine hoarding techniques. All of these guidelines are crafted after extensive consultations with commando troop experts by the author of these guides.

The Commerce Survival Guide – Last, but not least, with the Essential Survival Guide packyou’ll find something that 99 percent of people have no idea about. This one is called the Commerce Survival Guide. In this, you’ll learn how to barter and manage when money becomes worthless. Disasters will take a significant toll on everything, including the money system. Our banks will be extinct, ATMs will not spew money, and credit cards won’t work. So you have to learn to barter and trade to survive. This guide will tell you the 100 items you should stockpile to survive as they will be in high demand.

Ultimate Survival Code review

Fast Action Bonus Gifts

You get digital downloads of two additional guides:

  1. Medical Survival Guide-In this, you will learn exactly what to do when all hospitals and medical care facilities are shut down. This will help you deal with a medical emergency like diarrhea and fevers, which can become fatal as you have no access to medical care and drugs.
  2. Water Survival Guide-This is the other bonus. This will show you how to store water properly and how to deal with water storage problems. It will also show how to save yourself from waterborne diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis A, or cholera through purifying your water. Do remember that if you have clean water to drink, your chances of survival are much above 80% of the rest of the people.

Other Exclusive Bonuses And Benefits

  1. The Ultimate Food Survival Guide- The guide will tell you which 36 essential food items you should stockpile when a crisis looms. It reveals the food and grocery items that are must-haves and the medicines and hygiene products that you should buy first.
  2. The Ultimate Personal Defense Secrets- These are self-defense tips that will help you learn to bring down an attacker in hand-to-hand combat in seconds. It will also tell you things that you should not do when you are attacked.
  3. The Ultimate Firearms Survival Guide– This includes expert knowledge of firearms usage and how to operate a weapon for self-defense.

Is The Ultimate Survival Code Safe To Use?

Yes, all the advice in the guides has been given by professionals. The author is an expert in survival techniques, having been present in China when SARS broke out almost 15 years back. He has collaborated with some of the sharpest brains in the field to put together the above guides. These guides teach you everything you need – securing your house, money, self-defense, water, and food supplies for you and your family’s well being during the time of a disaster.

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Benefits of The Ultimate Survival Code

The new COVID-19 pandemic has killed thousands of people globally. These people have lost their lives because the virus is a super-spreader. Plus, they have gone because they weren’t prepared. A recent survey done by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners says clearly that almost 48% of Americans are unprepared for a disaster. The Ultimate Survival Code makes sure that you are not one of them. But you emerge a survivor, whatever be the challenge.

The Ultimate Survival Code shows you how you can safeguard your life, the life of your parents, kids, pets, and save your house in case of a disaster.

You don’t get to think when you are in a disaster and this can lose you your life. But if you’ve read this guide and apply the principles to keep safe, you can win over any odds.

The guide prepares you to tackle natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires, tsunami, blizzards, ice storms, drought, floods, as well as health disasters like a virus pandemic such as COVID-19, or a disease outbreak. Incredibly, it also helps you withstand man-made, civil, or economic disasters like war or terrorist attacks.

It teaches you the nitty-gritty of survival, such as –

  • How to get enough water
  • What to buy
  • Which food can last you for long
  • How to manage your money
  • How to safeguard your house in case of an attack

These are some of the practical things you learn here to take you through a natural, civil, economic, or man-made disaster. If you’re not prepared, you may not be able to save yourself or your family.

The guide, thus, prepares you for any disaster comprehensively.

 Purchase And Price

The goodies are available in two packages-

The Essential Survival Guide This includes Short Term Survival, Home LockDown Survival and Commerce Survival. Plus 2 free bonuses of Water Crisis Survival and Medical Survival are available for an incredible price of $ 39 only.

The Ultimate Survival Guide – This includes the Essential Survival Guide, Food Survival Guide, Ultimate Personal Defense, Firearms Survival Guide along with 2 free bonuses of Water Crisis Survival and Medical Survival for $ 59 only.

Ultimate Survival Guide

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

You are protected under a completely risk-free, 60-day hundred percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.


What Is The Ultimate Survival Code?

The program tells you what to do in a disaster like tornadoes, viral pandemics or wars and riots. It reveals how you can save yourself, your family and property in every way possible.

Who Can Use The Ultimate Survival Code?

Anyone who wants to prepare for a disaster can use the program. Gender and age don’t matter. All that matters is the willingness to keep yourself, your family and friends safe when a disaster like a viral pandemic strikes.

How to Use The Ultimate Survival Code?

Just follow the instructions in the guides and you will be safe.

 Where Can I Buy The Ultimate Survival Code?

You can buy the program only from the official website.

Is The Ultimate Survival Code Safe To Use?

It has been crafted by specialists and crisis intervention staff for your safety and wellbeing in times of a crisis or disaster.

 Can I Claim A Refund If I Am Not Satisfied? 

Yes, you can claim a hundred percent refund within 60 days of ordering the Ultimate Survival Code Program.

 Pros Of The Ultimate Survival Code

It comprehensively reveals how you can survive and keep safe during an emergency like the COVID-19 outbreak. It is extremely detailed and easy-to-follow.

Cons of The Ultimate Survival Code  

This product is available on the official website only.

Customer Testimonial

Dean – This is an incredible guide. I got it yesterday and was unable to put it down the whole night. It gave me an idea of how unprepared we were in case a disaster struck. These simple to follow steps have given me a lot of confidence.


Less than 15% of Americans carry the necessary resources for survival in their house in the event of a disaster. This means 85% of the population is unsafe and living in peril. This guide is the best prep for a major disaster when no one will come to help you.

Don’t take your safety and the health of your near and dear ones lightly. Order this program now and be assured and at peace. You will thank yourself later for doing the right thing now.

Ultimate Survival Code price

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