Diabetes Freedom Review

Every two in three Americans are overweight. Over 80% of their children are obese; 79 million people in the USA are pre-diabetic and 25 million are diabetic. Diabetes is the most disturbing epidemic spreading in America. And it is estimated that most Americans are likely to get it. It is the sixth highest killer of Americans. Only a few are safe from it.

Diabetes Freedom

What is Diabetes Freedom And What Does It Consist Of?

George Reilly was an unlucky person. One day he woke up in a hospital bed to find that his leg was about to be amputated. His grandson was weeping at his plight. His doctor felt bad and delayed the amputation. During that time, he discovered a cure for diabetes. He used it on himself and saved himself from amputation. That same cure used by George Reilly has been turned into this product with the help of another expert, Dr. James Freeman.

Diabetes Freedom is a program that is divided into three parts, also known as Steps. These Steps consist of a fully digital program, videos and books and are detailed below:

The Pancreas restart Nutrition Plan (Step 1):

The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Program starts with a temporary nutrition plan that destroys the white fat cells in your body. This reduces the clogging that happens inside your body. After a few weeks, when the pancreas starts to function normally again, your body will begin to regulate your blood sugar levels on its own. Type-2 diabetes goes into remission.

Your healthy brown fat level increases, and this happens at the cost of the unhealthy white fat cells. As a result, you feel lighter and more energetic. A healthy feeling in the body also creates a healthy mind, which helps you think more clearly. This part demands nothing more than the sacrifice of white bread and soda for a few days.

Step 1 also includes a five-part video program to beat diabetes. This includes the following:

  • What exactly to eat to get rid of all the fat around the liver and pancreas;
  • Breakfast shakes which you should drink instead of soda to melt all the white fat;
  • Things you can eat all day to avoid cravings and not feel hungry. When you beat the cravings, getting cured of diabetes becomes much easier;
  • Flushing out the toxins in your body and detoxifying the liver will give you better digestion, clearer skin and increased memory;
  • Five detox teas that reduce craving, melt body fat, and thereby reduce blood sugar in minutes;
  • The seven secret fat loss shortcuts which are very powerful in reducing blood sugar;
  • The tastiest dessert recipes that you can eat these without having to worry about blood sugar levels;
  • A secret spice that you are supposed to take before meals, which reduces blood sugar by thirty percent.

The Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint (Step 2):

Brown fat is good fat. As you know, when there is an increase in the brown fat in your body, the unhealthy white fat gets reduced. This step helps you do just that to keep burning the white fat in your body. As your white fat melts away, your diabetes too gets reversed. How is this done? It is done through simple 2-minute routines that you can easily do them from the comfort of your home.

This part also contains three blood sugar lowering drinks that you can use after vacations or eat out at a restaurant to keep sugar levels healthy. These routines will also clear your arteries, thereby lowering your blood pressure level and make you slimmer.

Meal-Timing Strategies That Eradicate Diabetes Type-2 (Step 3):

This step teaches you to time your food intake in a way that reduces blood sugar levels. You can reduce your blood sugar level by 20 points just by timing your food correctly. It has a video guide which shows at what time you can eat certain foods such as desserts or crabs which help you do that. This video will give you step by step instructions on what to eat and when to eat that keeps blood sugar stable.

  • Increase your energy and beat cravings with the 60-second breakfast trick.
  • Never feel hungry with recipes for tasty snacks that you can eat between meals.
  • Melt extra fat from your thighs, back, and belly, which results in good sleep and extra energy when you wake up.
  • Specifically, when to eat crabs and how to prepare them.
  • There is also a surprise bonus program for you at the member’s area of their website.

Diabetes Freedom Review

How Does The Three-Step Program Work In Diabetes Freedom?

When food is digested, it is turned in to starch by your digestive system. This starch is either then converted into glucose or fat according to the requirement of the body. This glucose is absorbed and carried by the blood, which increases the blood glucose level. When the body needs energy, the pancreas releases hormones that signal the cells in the body to absorb the glucose in the blood and burn it for fuel. This reduces the blood sugar level in the blood and keeps blood sugar level stable.

In type-2 diabetes, the pancreas gets coated with unhealthy fat, which disables it from releasing the necessary hormone insulin for cells to absorb sugar. This inefficient supply of insulin causes the cells to burn all the stored fuel in them without absorbing the blood glucose. Once the stored fuel is used, the shortage causes food cravings. You eat more and that food gets turned into sugar. And without getting used, it starts to accumulate. This is diabetes.

Diabetes Freedom reverses this process. It reduces the unhealthy fat from the pancreas so that it produces more insulin. This insulin lets the cells absorb more sugar from the blood, giving an instant boost of energy. The process makes you feel more energetic. When you become more energetic, you naturally become more active. The more active you become, the more fuel is needed by your cells to keep you active. However, this source of energy comes from the high sugar level in your blood. Your food cravings go down. You are burning the sugar accumulated in your blood without replenishing it, thereby reducing your blood glucose and getting cured of diabetes.

How to use Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom can be easily used from the comfort of your home with minimal effort. The product is accessible online from anywhere in the world for members. The instructions consist of easy to follow videos as well as books, including recipes. These recipes include the use of things containing prophenylphenols, which are found in dark chocolate, grapes, and cinnamon, etc. You can get lignans from eating squash, carrots, etc., flavonoids from eating lettuce, parsley, celery, etc. You can order more specialized products from Quantum Naturals. Other things include small routines that help you keep in shape. And some of it is as easy as not drinking soda for a few days.


You are supposed to follow the instructions for the specified time mentioned by the manufacturer. This will involve committing a few minutes every day to some specific routines. Other things are eating a certain quantity at a particular time. Drinking special tea or eating special spice before meals also help.

How Safe Is Diabetes Freedom to Use?

The product is safe to use. One of its developers is Dr. James Freeman, who has decades of experience curing diabetes patients and is an expert on the subject. The product does not use any dangerous substances that may cause harm to you. Instead, it uses videos that you can watch from home.

Is This Habit-Forming?

No. The product uses some teas and spices. These are very tasty and they are not addictive. Other things used in the product are dark chocolate and crabs, which are very appetising.

Benefits of Diabetes Freedom

  • Stop feeling hungry all the time.
  • Reduced food intakes due to reduced food craving enable you to eat tastier food and deserts.
  • Recipes for a tasty snack in between meals.
  • Crabs. If you love seafood or crabs in particular, this product is for you. It tells you when not to have them and when to have them.
  • Its 7 secret weight-loss cheats.
  • More timing strategies not only help you lose body fat and excess body weight but makes you sleep better and makes you feel more energized.

How Much Does Diabetes Freedom Cost?

The usual diabetes treatment programs that are available in the market cost thousands of dollars and involve regular and expensive consultations with the doctor. This is why Dr. Freeman wanted to charge $997 for this program. George Reilly, due to what he had gone through, wanted this to be something for all. That is why this program costs only $37. But, wait, if you go to diabetesfreedom.org, you not only get this program but even more goodies worth $147 absolutely free of cost.

  • The first bonus is Fat Burning Blueprint. This book has the secrets of how movie stars burn fat so fast. The personal trainers of some of these celebrities have written it. Tighten up your skin and burn your fat in record time using this book. The market price of this book is $49.
  • The second bonus is The Stay Young Forever Program. Did you know certain foods that you are eating are making you age prematurely? However, you have seen people who remain younger with minimum effort. This book reveals the secrets of how to change the habits that are aging you faster and how to keep yourself young for a longer time. You can be the youngest looking person in your social circle. The market price of this book is $49.
  • The third bonus is 33 Power Foods For Diabetics. George Reilly and his team have done extensive research to find every power food there is for diabetic patients. So when you start your recovery program, you will never be hungry for a snack. The market price of this book is $49.

All of them have a total cost of $147. However, at diabetesfreedom.org, you will get all of them for free.

diabetes freedom reviews

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee. The program guarantees a cure for your diabetes. If for any reason you change your mind, or you are unsatisfied with the results, you can claim the money-back guarantee. You will get a full refund.

Side Effects of Diabetes Freedom

There are no side effects to this product. The product does not use any harmful chemicals or prescription drugs, which can have side effects. You are completely safe using this product.


Does this program really work?

Yes. This program works. It has a 90% success rate. The rest 10% also improves health standards enormously.

When is it safe to stop medication?

Once you see that your blood sugar level has dropped to normal and remains healthy, i.e., your diabetes has got cured, you can stop the type-2 diabetes medication.

Is this program scientifically proven?

Yes. This program is scientifically proven.

Is this program very difficult?

No. This program is not difficult at all.


  • Availability – The program is available to anyone in the world and accessible from everywhere where there is an internet connection.
  • Nil Side Effects – There are no medicines involved. So there are no harmful side effects on your body from this program.
  • Usability – Whatever your age group, you can avail yourself of the benefits of this program. This program involves no exercise and involves things like drinking tea and eating snacks, so even old people can avail themselves of it.


  • Only accessible on the internet. You cannot find this in shops.

diabetes freedom review

Customer Testimonials

Chris, 33, New Mexico ~ Due to my fast food habits, I had gained a lot of weight. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I got to know about this product from a friend and started using it. I have lost weight. I am no longer diabetic. I am so energetic that I have now started going to the gym.

Sally, 29, Charleston ~ I was obese from age 14. I got type-2 diabetes when I was just 22. I had been on meds ever since. But, then I discovered Diabetes Freedom. I am no longer on meds, and I live a full life. I have also shed weight and become slimmer.


This is an excellent product. It can change your life without exhausting exercises and punishing routines. You can buy the product from its website www.diabetesfreedom.org. All transactions on the website are secure. Go now and change your life by getting your membership. There are bonus goodies and surprises if you hurry.

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