How To Beat Winter Blues

The commonly seen mood changes in a low-temperature season like winter is winter blues. Lots of people suffer from this sickness as it is quite common. As the temperature falls, we usually get moody and down and will not do our chores. Due to lack of sunlight, most probably this may cause. If you are feeling sad, down, depressed, or irritated, you might have winter blues. It is better to take precautions for this sickness before it affects you. Simple precautions will avoid winter blues from affecting you. You must treat it, or else it might become hectic as it will make you feel down, which is visible on your face.

Winter Blues

What is winter, blue?

Winter blue is a sickness that appears in the low temperate seasons. The winter season may make us a severe type as it often changes our mood, will make us sad and depressed the whole time without any reason. It is because of the climate changes occurring around you. Also, there are some changes in hormones that may result in this sickness. So, getting rid of this is essential, or else it will badly affect your daily life.

Studies show that people feel moody due to the change in our bodies’ physical and mental attributes during these seasons. The daylight hours are shorter than usual, and the high production of melatonin will cause these symptoms to our body, which must adequately given the treatment. Sometimes the absence of loved ones who have passed away may also cause this sickness, according to some sources of studies. This sickness will make your life stressed and dull. You will start missing the colorful days, trips on holidays, etc., while going through these conditions. And also, one thing to be noted is it is more affected by women than men. So, women must surely take the precautions as you are the one who is more prone to winter blues.

Symptoms of winter blues

The most commonly seen symptom of this is the way of feeling we have at that time. Some may feel moody and depressed, and some sad. The signs also may vary from one person to another. Some of them get this sickness as they miss their loved ones who have passed away. Some of the most seen symptoms given below:

  • Problems related to sleeping
  • Depressed almost all-day
  • Having some things related to suicide
  • Concentration problems
  • Feeling down and could not concentrate on anything
  • Losing interest in doing things you used to do
  • Hopeless or worthless feeling
  • Poor self-confidence level
  • Feeling angry or sad for no reason
  • Tempted to take drugs
  • Feeling hopelessness

Causes of Winter blues

  • The decreased amount of light can change your body’s biological clock, which may lead to feelings like depression.
  • The production of a high level of melatonin hormone may cause depression, lethargy, etc.
  • Serotonin, a neurotransmitter is known as a mood enhancer, reduces the level of serotonin and can cause depression and other symptoms.

How can you treat winter blues?

We can treat winter blues in some simple ways. You must make sure to keep yourself motivated. Try to love yourself and accept your flaws and then motivate yourself. You can even start a hobby to be busy, and there would not be time to think about other irrelevant things. Also, you should find time to take care of yourself. Self-care will also help you to get rid of many problems that you face. Meeting up with your friends and family will make your minds comfortable and happy. Staying away from negative people is something you must do. Or else it may affect you badly and make your condition even worst. In this condition, you must not skip foods or eat an excess of junk foods. Try to consume a balanced diet that includes little low carbohydrates. You have to feel energized throughout the day for not being affected by this. Feeling fresh and healthy will make you energized and will prevent you from getting this sickness.

Some simple ways to beat winter blues

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the simplest and best ways to beat winter blues. You must stay active and healthy to get rid of these moody and depressing feelings. Exercise is good for the increase of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, dopamine, etc. The main criteria that will energize our brain and help regulate circadian rhythms. Daylight absorption in your body is needed, so if you need this, you have to work out daily outside, where there is plentiful sunlight. Doing this will provide energy to you, which you can use for your daily purpose.

2. Try to spend quality time with others

Spending quality time with others may heal your mind. Try to surround yourselves with positive, vibed people. Spending time with people will make you forget the time that passes. And there would not be any time for stressing out or being depressed. Talking to your loved ones or positive vibed persons will make your stress reduced and make you feel happy.

3. Consume essential supplements

Taking supplements is needed for our body to stay healthy and vibrant. Intake of vitamin D supplements is adequate for maintaining sugar levels in the blood and regulating and boosting our moods and immune systems. Vitamin D’s primary source is sunlight, but the sun’s amount in this gloomy winter is relatively low. So, for this, you need to take supplements that contain vitamin D.

4. Mediation

Mediation is one of the best ways to keep your mind relaxed and cleared. It will help you in relaxing your whole body. It will help you with the stimulation of releasing the melatonin hormone. Also, meditating will increase the activity of the brain, which is associated with happiness, enjoyment, and decreasing the activity in stress, strain, depression, etc.

5. Try eating complex carbohydrate foods

Consumption of complex carbohydrate content food items like lentils, broccoli, spinach, etc., is good for our body’s health. It will help in maintaining the blood sugar level in our body. It is better to avoid greasy and refined carbohydrate-rich foods like pizza, burgers, etc. They are not suitable for your body and will make your sluggishness more in these climates.

6. Light therapy

Many of the people who are affected by these winter blues get relief from undergoing light treatment. Some studies have shown that the lightboxes with the concentration more on the blue end spectrum are beneficial. The light containing blue color helps suppress the hormones, making you feel sleepy; thus, reduce the symptoms.

7. Take tryptophan supplements

Light therapy seems to be useful for many; for enhancing its effectiveness, you can consume tryptophan supplements. It will convert an amino acid to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that will help you regulate happiness and moody changes. It can also be useful for some kinds of depression, which is a symptom of winter blues.


Winter blues are the feelings of sadness that appear to people because of some seasonal changes. Some can treat these as simple chores. Exercise, uptake of supplements that contain vitamin D, light therapy, etc., can be used to cure winter blues. The problems that we face when having this sickness may be upsetting. So, taking precautions will be the best option.

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