8 Life Changing Ways To Help You Move Through Shame

We, humans, are blessed with emotions. Amongst all of the creations that we find around us as humans, we can emote better. The ability to feel happiness, love, care, affection is a blessing indeed. But for many, these blessings come along with certain disguises. Everybody would agree when we say that not all emotions are beautiful emotions. There is this world of emotions which is painful as well there are several unspeakable emotions that humans face both in a positive manner as well as a negative manner. And one of the most unspeakable emotions that prick us inside our hearts is that of “Shame.” Wouldn’t you agree to this? She is truly a very uncomfortable and soul-eating emotion. You have this urge of leaving the feeling of shame hidden behind the shadows of the conscious awareness or maybe you just pretend that the feeling of shame just doesn’t exist in your life.

But the truth is that we all feel this at some point of time in our lives and we make sure that it is dug deep inside. If you hide shame in an unexplored or an unseen place, it is bound to affect you every single day of your life. The same is like a self-critical voice inside our heads that screams when it is unsatisfied in relationships, or when it feels worthless, or when it regrets after making certain choices in life. She is a very personal emotion. You can also call it a feeling of humiliation as well. It is that feeling when you have done something that has embarrassed you or it is something that has brought disgrace to you and your family. If the feeling of shame is left unattended it will certainly turn into poison in your life. We bring to you this light of the possibility that can help you untangle the shame within you. You can explore, befriend, or welcome this into the light of conscious awareness from being hidden in the shadows. Here are eight potential ways of driving away shame or coping with it positively.

Life Changing Ways

  1. Allow Yourself To Be In The “Present”

In simple words, it means just leave the very second or the very minute that you are in and enjoy the place that you are bound to. Until and unless they completely accept the present situation in our lives, we can never move forward. We need to get real with ourselves and learn to shine a light over things that are not serving you anything. In the reality of our present moment and experience the emotions only of the present moment. When you feel this you can get up and get out of the sheen that has been clinging on to you because of your past experiences.

  1. Create A Dream, A Vision For Yourself 

Oftentimes when we have gone through an experience that has sprouted the emotional sheen in our lives, we often feel these emotions when we sense that there is something better in store for us. So when you have a sense that there is something better, we need to figure out what it looks like? Getting a vision that is super clear for yourself is the ideal way to leave behind shame in your life. You don’t have to focus on a fair vision, you could instead focus on daily visions and perhaps you can go ahead and create a vision board for you. Focusing on your everyday visions/goals/goals will help you align your thoughts into actions that work in your best interest.

  1. Make That Decision 

If you realize what you have been through and you have a vision set for days to come then make an honest decision that will lead you to that vision. You need to start making decisions that will help you move forward and simultaneously help you move away from the shame that you have experienced. Remember, that it all starts with a decision. And be prepared to handle whatever the journey this decision brings to you.

  1. Be Honest With Yourself 

You will be apprehensive; you will be scared for you have shame hidden deep inside you. But you need to be proud of yourself for you have made a vision and a decision that goes along with it and if you’re still feeling scared, what is it that is scaring you? Sometimes, simple practices like writing exercises with “Fear” as the heading might get the honesty out of you. While doing such exercises be really honest and just write down the point as to what it is that you are afraid of. And then, you should just go ahead and burn those fears for doing this will help you release all those excess thoughts onto the paper and then burnt into nothingness.

  1. Remember That The Sky Is The Limit

The decision to transform your life into something more meaningful will create an impact not just on you but also on the people all around you. So when you decide to lead a life that is fully expressed you are inspiring others to walk in your footsteps. If there is any change that you want to embody in this world get a clear picture of it. When you get involved in a mission that is beyond yourself any decision or any choice that you make affects not just you but also affects those around you. When you do this every step you take to drive away the shame becomes a lot easier.

  1. Find Your Support

If you think you need some external support in the direction that you are headed ring up your closest ones and let them know. Or maybe you could get a support guide or a coach a lifestyle coach who understands the transitions that a person goes through while restarting life. You could also find others were sailing in the same boat as you, this will help you and the other person be each other’s strength and support. Never think that you are alone in this; just make it easy for you but seeking support in any way possible.

  1. Find Your Silver Lining

You need to understand that everything that has led you to this present moment — all of those bad choices that you made in your past, all those things that have embarrassed you filled you with regret, have helped you in molding to become who you are now. And consider this person that you are now as your best self. Find the silver lining in everything that you have gone through; understand that each experience has either helped you understand what is good or what is bad. Just trust all of the experiences that you have been through in life and never feel ashamed or regretful because of the same.

  1. Keep Your Heart Wide Open

Shame can be all about holding back, limitation, keeping you isolated or separate. You can even consider it a shame to be this filter that keeps you away from the beautiful life. It filters the entire negative and takes it closer to you and keeps the positives away. You need to keep your heart wide open and allow it to be touched by the very beautiful and simple experiences of not just special days but every day in the life. You need to find inside you the courage to be able to open your heart. Don’t let your soul be absorbed in shame, instead of experience beautiful things, people from your beautiful eyes.

So, are you still cotton shame? You need to believe that you are not alone in this. Have you found ways to move over your shame? Understand that we all feel shame, fear, regret— what we need to do is move past all of these weighed down feelings and find our purpose to be happy again.


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