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The concept of cloud storage is not new. In fact, it is something extremely essential in the current times. Due to the fact that we’re always on the go, businesses and consumers are increasingly reliant on cloud-based storage solutions instead of in-house, on-premise local storage hardware. But with the increasing dependency comes to the problem of privacy breach too. Infinitikloud has been developed as a solution to this problem.

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What is Infinitikloud?

Infinitikloud is a USB thumb drive that stresses the unique ability to backup as well as store your data so your data won’t be lost even if your computer is damaged or is stolen. The USP of Infinitikloud is that it is not just a classic USB stick or a conventional cloud, but a combination of both. So as the user loads all the files on the stick, they are simultaneously already stored in the cloud of the provider. Additionally, the offer is made more lucrative by the fact that it employs a completely automatic, built-in software to back up the data so you can do it in just a few, simple clicks.

Why do you need a backup USB drive?

If you are someone who is always on the go for work purposes, you definitely have faced the problem of losing important data due to the lack of storage space of your laptop or smart-phone.

Sure you can back up your files or even photos over the available cloud storage services, but does it provide a 100 % guarantee to keep your data safe from loss due to server failure or unwanted access by other users of the service.

Here comes the need of the Private Cloud for data backup. It is aimed at all users of computers and smartphones who don’t want to lose important text documents or pictures with a high ideal value. By using the new, special USB sticks that have been developed keeping in mind these problems, it is possible for you to store all the data that is important to you whether it be from a professional or a personal point of view in the special cloud now.

infinitikloud review

Why Infinitikloud and how to use it?

The developers of Infinitikloud designed the product with the goal of making private cloud services more accessible and trustworthy. This USB drive can store up to 64 GB of information. It functions just like other drives. To use the Infinitikloud storage, you need to follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Insert the drive into the slot designated as the USB slot on your computer.
  • A drive icon will appear on your desktop display. Click on the icon to let the automated prompts guide you to set up the drive required for automatically backing up the contents of your computer.
  • You’ll be asked to create a schedule so that the backups can occur. Choose the files you want to be backed up. Mostly, sensitive information like legal information and personal content like your photos and videos are the most vulnerable and hence need the most secure backing up. The choice lies in your hands about what kind of information you want to protect with Infinikloud.
  • Once the above steps are followed and the drive has been set up successfully, note that you must keep the drive inserted into your system while you are copying the files into the USB storage to automatically load your files into the storage system.

A perk of using the Infinitikloud storage is its wide range of compatibility. Devices like PC machines and Mac are completely compatible with this drive storage. It uses both the standard USB B and the newer USB C adapter for all generations of computers. You can even back up your phone with the USB C port that comes with Infinikloud.

USB vs Cloud: Which one to choose?

If you are in a dilemma about which way to go about, here are a few points you should consider before opting for any.

  1. Longevity: The physical devices that involve non-static parts are usually known to have a life of 2 to 5 years depending on how frequently you use it. However, the Infinitykloud practically has a lifespan of at least 10 years that will be useful for keeping your data safe even if your computer or smartphone breaks or you end up losing your external storage devices. 
  2. Safety: USB drives like Infinitikloud or external hard drives from companies like Seagate or W.D backup your data on physical devices, thus rendering you safe from losing your valuable data to hackers. Only you can modify the data and no one else will have access to it if they don’t have the physical device.

On the other hand, Cloud storage removes the constant need to carry around clumsy hard disks or the USB drives which are so small they easily misplaced. Moreover, the removal of physical devices makes it more convenient to access the data from literally anywhere; all you require is a connection to the Internet.

With Infinitikloud, you get the highest possible security you can avail of for your data. This data security starts with the provider directly on their website. You can rely on the AES-256-bit encryption that the website provides. It is known that the site has received McAfee SECURE certification for its safety measures and protection policies.


What is the cost of the Infinitikloud storage?

Almost all the cloud services presently available cost less than the physical storage devices. For a single device, the price of Infinitikloud is $ 49.99 while buying for four devices will cost you $ 129.95.

For backing up your device on Google Drive, you have to pay extra for 100 GB of storage space for a cost of $ 1.99 a month, or $ 11.88 a year.

While Infinitikloud may seem expensive by comparison, in the long run, it is bound to prove to be much more cost-effective than the other options you have available at hand.

Return policy of Infinitikloud

When publishing, you can get a USB drive that has an in-built software for storage at $ 49.99 for one device and $125.95 for four devices. The shipping cost of one drive is around $ 8.95.

There is an official website of the Infinitikloud for the upgraded version of the 64 GB drive that transfers data faster than the other versions. This version consists of a 128 GB drive and a USB 3.0 compatibility. The price of the 128 GB version varies depending on the platform from which it is bought. The device is available for $ 89.99 on DFY Daily and $ 98.99 on Amazon.

The USB drives made by Infinitikloud are covered with a 30-day return policy. If you are dissatisfied with the product and wish to return it, you can return it with the original packaging intact within 30 days of the date of purchase to avail of a free refund. Note that the shipping cost of the product is not included in the refund and the expenses of returning the product must be borne by the customer as well.

Customer reviews for Infinitikloud

infinitikloud reviews

The reviews on the top-selling platforms reveal that Infinitikloud is mostly praised and recommended for buying by hundreds of satisfied customers. The average rating on Amazon at the time of publishing was 3.4 stars.

The reviewers were split in their decision and were either of the opinions that Infinitikloud was easy and convenient to use or that it was completely useless and harmed their devices. Although with more upgrades on the way, Infinitikloud has garnered increasingly positive reviews in the recent days.

The final verdict

After analyzing all the pros and cons of Infinitikloud as a storage device, we can arrive at the conclusion that albeit overpriced, the device more than makes up for what it offers to the customers in exchange for its cost. The primary advantage that Infinitikloud offers is the in-built backup software that comes installed with the device itself. If you are willing to get the maximum possible security for your data along with large storage space and a long lifespan, the Infinitikloud USB storage is definitely something worth investing on!

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