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The Coronavirus pandemic has been taking over the news and sweeping the world. There have been unimaginable changes forced on the daily lives of people. Even though it is a state of worry, and disastrous in some cases, being aware of the action of the virus and understanding the procedures to control are the best ways to deal with the emergency.

So, to give you knowledge regarding the pandemic and how to face it when it is at your doorstep, a product has been launched in the market for the users who are keen to know about the effects of the pandemic and the things you need to adhere for survival. The information inside this product has been provided by one of the National Safeguard armies with a motive to make people aware of the pandemic or any other biological disaster, and cope with the situations efficiently to protect them, their family, friends, community, area, and nation from critical conditions.

pandemic survival

About the product

The product ‘Pandemic Survival’ is a course that contains information about how to survive Coronavirus. There have been many cases around the world where people are affected by this deadly virus, causing deaths, and scientists haven’t found any solutions for it yet. So, in a situation like this, how one can protect him from this pandemic without waiting for any solutions is what mentioned in this product. The course consists of various ways and steps that need to be taken for fighting against the pandemic and protecting yourself from it.

Upon publishing this course, it has been in high demand and picked up by the local police force as well as the fire department as it holds crucial information to cope with the pandemic. It has also been used by the local mayors and politicians currently to hold-on to the situations that are affecting the society. You can use this course and learn about the process of handling demanding circumstances, and how to overcome it in your way without depending on anybody.

The course includes:

  • Ways to avoid forced vaccinations.
  • Methods to be applied to boost your immunity so that you are 75-80% less likely to catch Coronavirus.
  • Learn how to make your own Hazmat suit.
  • Prepare your own ready-made Hazmat suit.
  • Techniques to be kept the armed forces out of your home.

There may be situations in the coming days where the Government will take major steps to avoid maximum risks that can affect the country. To handle affairs like that, one needs to be prepared in advance to be less affected by the decisions. There are chances where it will not be possible to meet daily requirements as there have been strict lockdowns in many countries for avoiding the pandemic.

So, how are you going to face these issues? Nobody has answers to it. To keep you out of these dire situations, this course gives you details regarding the activities you can do at your home to meet your necessities. In this way, you can not only help people around you but also support others by spreading the advantages of this course. Hence, they can also avail of the benefits of it and fight back to the difficulties bravely.

How does the course work?

The course will guide you in many ways to improve your overall ability and face tough challenges. There is necessary information regarding various things you can face while handling crucial situations, and it contains steps that can be applied to get better results. You never know when you will be in danger and what can happen next, so having an alternative is the best choice to prevent any disaster.

This course plays a vital role in making you well-conceived in odd situations and improves your capacity for specific needs and circumstances you are likely to face. No matter where you are, and in what situations, this course can help you in facing dangers that come to your ways in the phase of this pandemic.

The information available in the course can be used in specialized needs, which can be examined as per your way to address them. If you face any situation where you find yourself around armed forces, and you want to draw their attention, this course shares major steps to be carried out and protect yourself lawfully.

The course contains tricks to avoid situations where you do not want to take vaccinations and toxins because it is not proven that the vaccine will work the same for everyone without any side effects. And, a vaccine that hasn’t been tested cannot be considered that it will be effective against Coronavirus. According to some searchers, vaccines carry a risk of allergic reactions that can be life-threatening.

You can also find information regarding the immunity booster so that it will lessen the chance to catch the Coronavirus. By keeping your immune system healthy, you can fight against many diseases as your immune system contains collections of cells that defend your body against toxins, viruses, and bacteria. Also, you can get details about the supplement cocktail recipe mentioned in this course which will help you to increase the odds of your survival as much as 95%.

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Benefits of this course

By having this course, you can become wise while tackling any issue carefully as it provides you with enough knowledge that boosts up your morale. The way this course has been designed, with some of the classic elements, you can ensure best practices to make yourself ready for any critical situation. The course provides peace of mind, shows how to be agile and strong, and also makes you more efficient. You can find bonuses available with this course that can enhance your skill:

Bonus #1: Pandemic Survival Essentials quick lists

It contains details about the essentials that are advised to be kept during emergencies such as food supplies for a long time, water purifier, boiler, first-aid kit, medications (cough, fever, and flu), baby supplies, soaps and sanitizers, face mask (when needed), diapers, portable radio, flashlight, garbage bags, fluids having electrolytes, toilet paper, thermometer, cups, sanitary napkins, etc.

Bonus #2- Emergency Power Guide

The guide provides information regarding the types of equipment you can prepare at home when you do not have an electricity facility. A comprehensive guide to protecting you and your family at times of grid collapses. The guide includes steps regarding how to prepare your own:

  • Solar heater:

You can use it for water heating and storing it in a hot cylinder for a longer period.

  • Solar power:

Generating electricity with the help of solar cells used for auto motives, lights, and gadgets.

  • Solar oven

Using sunlight and heat for cooking food.

  • Solar energy generator

To keep lights on and keep the radio going to hear critical updates and many more.

Bonus #3- Pandemic Survival Videos

It contains videos related to pandemic survival and everything you need to pull through:

Defense Techniques: In this part, one can learn the following activities:

  • Preparedness at the time of a pandemic like early planning, communicating responsibilities, storing medicines, and developing COP for disease inspection.
  • Observe and disclosure by sharing continuous awareness regarding the outbreaks among the population to limit the spread.
  • Acknowledge and containment of actions to reduce the health, social, national, and economic influence of a pandemic.

Prepping your home: The activities include:

  • Planning for a pandemic

Execute a proper plan to keep yourself and the members of your family healthy from the flu.

  • Before the pandemic

Help to slow down the spread of the flu by taking proper action and seeking emergency when having any symptoms. You should always have an emergency plan of action, practice good health habits, and plan for changes at the workplace, preventing the spread of the flu.

  • At the time of the pandemic

Inform about the change in schedules at the workplace, manage children’s activities, and stop attending large events.

  • End of the pandemic

Evaluate the productive emergency plan-of-action used by you with others.

Spotting Infections Fast:

It shares the information to know if a person is already infected or has symptoms of it. The Coronavirus is ranged from mild symptoms to severe and then death. So, you need to watch out for the symptoms; if a person has a cough, fever, and shortness of breath, then it is the incubation period.

However, if the person is having trouble while breathing, constant pain in the chest, bluish lip or face, then it’s time for seeking medical assistance as these are the emergency warning signs. According to the symptoms, you can know if someone from outside is safe to let in or not, and much more.

Price, money-back guarantee and refund policy

The price of the course is US$37. And, you can purchase the course from the official product seller on the internet which is safe and secure. The course comes with a no-risk 60-Day money-back guarantee. So, you can get the course, and after reading, if you feel it is not worth it, then you can email or call them for the refund of your money. The refund will be done within 24 hours of your bank account.

Pandemic Guide Coronavirus

Side effects

  • No demerits as it can be purchased for free if you do not have enough money.
  • Even if you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can get a refund. So, there seem no cons to this product.

Customer reviews

“Clayton, my wife and I, we got Pandemic Survival yesterday, couldn’t put it down. We finished the whole thing in one day and had no idea how unprepared we were. And, that thing scared us to death. But, then like you, I got further on in your course the fear start to melt just like you said. I just took those simple steps you suggested. Now we don’t worry about the pandemic at all…”

–     Ted Vigil. Dallas, Texas

“Clayton, my mother was living in fear of watching the news; she couldn’t stand what she was hearing. I looked online, and as you said, nothing but a bunch of garbage. No credentials and all their information basically contradicted each other. Then I got the Pandemic Survival, and it was like water on a parched tongue. It took all the mystery out of the process, exposed all the holes, and I mean all of them, and showed us how to plug them without spending barely any money, and without being handy at all. I am recommending it to every human being, I know because I know that when I do, I’m saving lives and also spreading a lot of peace and calm at the same time. Get it out there, Clayton; I hope it reaches millions. You may just save this country…”

–     Beverly Pastore. White City, Oregon

“This course needs to be airdropped en masse all over America. Because if everyone and this course then outbreak could be over tomorrow. There would be no worry; there would be no fear-mongering because when you understand the tactics, you are in the zone. That’s how powerful this course is.”

–     Harry Blackman. Fayetteville, North Carolina 

In conclusion

Your lifestyles may depend upon your alternatives at some point, so you’ll need to think carefully about the disasters you may face and do your best to assemble the items that will help you to survive. This course will help you no matter how bad the outbreak gets, and protect you and your family. If the Government is not taking an interest in helping you to be safe during this pandemic, you have a plan that’s bulletproof in the form of this course, which you can utilize for the critical situations.

The course is perfectly tailored for the people to help them face the pandemic when it rolls out. The course is the answer to all your questions and doubts regarding the Coronavirus. And, having this product with you will be the ultimate solution for all your needs to fight against the pandemic. It is highly advised to all the readers to buy this course so that you won’t be worried and be armed with everything you will ever need.

Pandemic Guide Coronavirus

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