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Anyone who has a problem with hearing, and feels the continuous buzzing in the ears, know the pain of it. It is difficult to concentrate, and it is difficult to hear. One keeps asking, “What?” after every conversation.

People suffering from Tinnitus know it is a hard thing to deal with. Treating Tinnitus is tricky. It is so because Tinnitus is not a problem with the hearing but with the brain.

There are many supplements in the market that help with Tinnitus. However, after a lot of research, we found Sonus Complete, which is one of the best solutions for Tinnitus in the Market.

Sonus Complete is working wonders because it does not treat Tinnitus as an ear disease but as a brain disorder. It sets the network of the brain straight and takes effect in a few weeks. Within a few weeks, the patient of Tinnitus can feel the buzzing fade.

This supplement comes as a pill and can be taken daily as a medicine. Its result is not fast, but it works its charm in a few weeks. There has been a lot of buzz around this buzz ridding medicine – Sonus Complete. Our research tells us why this medicine is so effective, and it depends on the ingredients the supplement is made of.

sonus complete review

Who made Sonus Complete?

Gregory Peters created the concept of Sonus Complete. He was a medical librarian in one of the prestigious universities. However, he was also troubled by Tinnitus. He visited many doctors and still could not find a cure for Tinnitus. But he later found out that Tinnitus isn’t a hearing condition but a brain condition. He realized that he needed to sharpen his brain network. So, he created a blend of natural ingredients that helped him treat his Tinnitus. He wanted to share the cure with everyone suffering from the same fate.


Sonus Complete consists of natural ingredients. That’s why it is so effective and has minimal side effects. The ingredients present in Sonus Complete are of

  • Buchu leaves
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Juniper berry
  • Hibiscus
  • Vitamin B12
  • Garlic powder
  • B6
  • Niacin (B3)
  • Vitamin C
  • Olive leaves
  • Green tea
  • Uva ursi

sonus complete ingredients

Buchu Leaves

Buchu is a plant or herb. Its leaves are used to treat urinary tract infection, kidney problems, high blood pressure, and also skin diseases. It acts as an anti-irritant. But the buchu leaves are a part of Sonus Complete because they help to get rid of the toxins and let the brain function properly.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry helps with the treatment of heart and blood vessel-related diseases. It also treats skin problems like Buchu leaves. Moreover, it helps patients with heart failure and gets rid of the congestion in the blood vessels. It helps people with Tinnitus because it increases the blood flow to the brain and increases the transmission of nerve signals.

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry is mostly used in the culinary field to add flavor to gin. But for medicinal purposes, it’s used as a diuretic. It promotes the generation of urine and prevents edema. But the reason it is used in Sonus Complete is that it has neuroprotective properties, which means it protects the brain and nervous system.


Hibiscus is not only a beautiful flower, but it also has medicinal properties. It is used to treat high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is used to treat bladder infections, and it induces weight loss. There has been some evidence that hibiscus can also do wonders for patients with nerve disease. That’s why it is an essential ingredient of Sonus Complete.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 must be an essential part of the diet. But due to its deficiency, there are a lot of illnesses in people. Vitamin B12 can prevent macular degeneration, increases numbers of RBCs, and helps with depression. This essential nutrient also prevents memory loss and improves brain atrophy. That’s why it is used in Sonus Complete.

Garlic Powder

Garlic is a spice that adds flavor to food. However, it also has health benefits like treating cardiovascular diseases and even common health problems like a common cold. Garlic Powder also improves the nervous system, and that’s why it is a part of the supplement.


Our body cannot produce B6; that’s why one needs to obtain it from foods. Most of the population achieve it from food, and there are a few who lack it. Sonus Complete has B6, and it improves brain function. B6 benefits people with heart problems and blood pressure problems as well.

Niacin B3

Niacin, also is known as the B3 vitamin, is highly essential for the functioning of every part of our body. Because it helps with cellular metabolism. The reason it is an ingredient of Sonus Complete is that it boosts brain function. B3 becomes a part of the coenzymes NAD and NADP, and it helps them to get energy and function properly. In a way, it increases brain function. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only good for skin, but it also has many health benefits. It is an antioxidant that means it rids the body of free radicals/toxins. Vitamin C is essential to get rid of the toxins and increase brain activity. Thus Boosting brain growth is the reason why it is present in Sonus Complete.

Olive Leaves

Olive Leaves have always been effective in treating Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. The leaf has antioxidant effects; thus, it helps with preventing the loss of dopamine neurons. Failure of the dopamine neurons is associated with nerve diseases like Parkinson’s.

Green Tea

Green tea is on the rise now because it is being advertised as a weight-loss option. It has several health benefits, like treating heart disease and reducing blood sugar levels. However, its antioxidant property is why it is present in Sonus Complete.

Uva Ursi

Uva Ursi is one of the favorites of bears; that’s why it also has the name bear grapes. It treats UTIs and kidney infections. It has antioxidant properties because of which it is part of the Sonus complete for formula.

Sonus Complete is an all-out natural product made up of natural ingredients to treat Tinnitus. Here is how it works.

Gregory Peters sonus complete Supplement

How does it work?

Sonus Complete has this complex combination of all ingredients that work together to treat Tinnitus. However, Tinnitus isn’t a hearing problem, as said earlier. It is brain Dysfunction. The nerve network of the brain gets damaged. And Tinnitus is a sign of underlying diseases like dementia, autism, and memory loss.

Consumption of Sonus Complete facilitated the repair of the brain network that has been damaged. Within a few days, one can notice the changes in their brain. They will be able to recall everything; their hearing power increases, etc..

Sonus Complete does not target the symptom, but the underlying problem. It treats the root evil- that’s the glitch in the neural network. Within a few weeks, one can feel the buzzing sound receding.


It is highly recommended that you use the proper dosage of the medicine and do not go overboard. One must take two pills every day with meals. Or one can also consume it with a glass of water like conventional medicine. The results start showing just a few days after the usage.

Benefits of using Sonus Complete

There are many benefits that users of Sonus Complete experience. The users

  • Get rid of the constant ringing and buzzing in their ears
  • They can hear clearly and loudly
  • There is an increased memory power
  • They have better focus and can concentrate on things
  • Experience better sleep
  • No risk of chronic disease
  • Brings a positive attitude
  • The brain is cleaned of toxins
  • No need for surgeries and further supplements

Get Rid of the ringing

Sonus Complete is an excellent solution for Tinnitus. Anyone tired of the buzzing sound can take this and rest assured that they will recover. Ringing can cause unease and messes with concentration. Getting rid of the ringing can benefit the user in many ways.

Better hearing

When the buzzing is gone, then the hearing becomes better. One can forget about saying “What?” at the end of every conversation.

Better memory

Sonus Complete increases the number of synapses in the brain and improves the brain network. It leads to better memory.

Better Focus

With an increased number of synapses, the neurons are hyperactive. One can easily focus if there is a good network of neurons inside the brain.

Avoid Chronic Diseases

Tinnitus is a symptom of underlying brain diseases like memory loss or Parkinson’s. Treating the symptom now can lead to the prevention of chronic diseases in the future. If you treat the root cause – the brain Dysfunction then in the future there won’t be any problem.

No need for surgery

Those with Tinnitus and other hearing problems sometimes have to undergo a surgery or operation. Sometimes they have to take high dose medicines even. But with the help of Sonus Complete, there is no need for surgeries. Sonus Complete cures Tinnitus in a few weeks, or months. With regular usage, the patient will finally be free from the disease.

Better Mindset

An underlying disease of the nervous system can lead to depression and stress. That can lead to many health problems as well. But using Sonus Complete improves brain health and puts you in a positive mood.

The use of Sonus Complete brings about a change in the lives of its users. They feel a positive impact by getting rid of a lousy brain network.


Those who have the condition of Tinnitus find that it is better to invest in Sonus Complete Pills than to invest in surgeries. There are various packages you can opt for

The Basic Package is the trial package where one can get one bottle of Sonus Complete that costs $69. It will probably last a month.

The standard package is for three months. In this package, the one bottle costs $59, and three bottles can last up to three months.

The premium package is of a more extended period- six months to be precise. In this package, one bottle costs $49. It is by far the best of deals.

Refund Policy

Sonus Complete also has a refund policy of 60 days. If the ingestion of the pills does not bring a positive change in your hearing problem, and the ringing continues, then you can claim your money back. However, very few customers avail of this offer, as the product is most effective.

sonus complete

Side Effects

Sonus Complete is a 100% natural medicine. It had herbs and natural ingredients that can’t cause any harm. Even if the users have an allergy towards a particular ingredient, they must not fear. Because it contains the ingredients in trace amounts that it can’t cause may allergies. However, if someone doesn’t find it satisfactory at the end of the day, they must not use it.


Many people have benefited from the use of Sonus Complete. Gregory Peters himself is the most exceptional example that Sonus Complete actually works.

More and more people with Tinnitus are using the product and are loving the results. Users from all over the country shared how the use of Sonus Complete helped them feel lighter, and their head is quieter now.

Many even say it is a miracle that this pill exists. People also share how the use of Sonus Complete has boosted their memory power. They feel like a curse has been lifted after getting cured of Tinnitus.

Final Verdict

Sonus Complete is a natural medicine to cure Tinnitus. While it may seem like a huge claim, it is not. It is an actual medicine that has worked wonders for many.

However, it is not 100% natural as claimed but is 97% natural. That doesn’t make it any less effective. Sonus Complete is changing the lives of people with Tinnitus.

It is not only improving the hearing capacity of people, but it’s also improving their confidence level and mental health. Sonus Complete is every bit effective as it claims to be.

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