Steroids Can Fight Severe COVID-19, Multiple Studies Confirm

From the many studies and the survey, it is declared by the medical team that the cheap steroids can fight to the severe COVID-19 virus. It is also proved that the steroid decreases the death rate to third among the COVID-19 patients. Common drug-like corticosteroids can fight the severe COVID-19 virus and decrease the death rate in the patients. It is a crucial step in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. You have to study all the factors that are related to steroids or cheap drugs. If this is an accurate solution for this virus, the patients will recover fast all over the world.

Many universities and their professors are studying this virus, and it’s the treatment that will destroy the virus. Therefore, they published new data about corticosteroids treatment. They used corticosteroids in this treatment, like hydrocortisone or dexamethasone. The study about these corticosteroids is an essential step in this treatment. They are doing the survey and study on the patients who are taking steroids for the treatment.

Steroids Can Fight Severe COVID-19

What are corticosteroids?

Corticosteroids are useful in all types of respiratory diseases from the decades. It treats the disease, results in inflammation, and weakens the immune system. This steroid is officially permitted for medical use in 1961. Drugs like dexamethasone are one of the official drugs which you can use for medical use. From the study, it is proved that the drug named hydrocortisone is useful in inflammatory diseases. It is also used in different severe inflammatory diseases. These drugs are also used in an endocrine disorder like Addison’s disease. Hydrocortisone is the stress hormone cortisol.

Clinical trials

For the study of steroids and COVID-19, they arrange the clinical trials in 12 different countries. This study is also called meta-analysis, and in this, they give the data of reviewing the patients. This trial involves seventeen hundred patients who are had a severe COVID-19 virus. The data published by this study proved that the use of corticosteroids in patients who have severe COVID-19 decreases the death rate by one third, and it is excellent to have complementary clinical trials. These clinical trials give positive results with the treatment of the COVID-19 virus. The steroid will fight the COVID-19 in your body.

This study is valid for patients who are on mechanical ventilation because of the lack of oxygen in the body and the patients who need supplemental oxygen but who did not need ventilation. The steroids will affect the patient’s health. The study recommends the use of corticosteroids to treat patients who are infected with the COVID-19 virus. Corticosteroids will decrease the death rate and make the patient healthy.

Quieting the storm

Indeed a beneficial and essential study for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. All over the world, this pandemic is taking many people’s lives and increasing the death rate. It is challenging for the economy of the world. For all these problems, we have to find a solution to stop this storm. We have to decrease the death rate and destroy this virus. This study is decreasing the death rate and making progress in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The severe COVID-19 patients have to treat in the intensive care unit known as ICU because they need the ventilator for the breath. When their body goes out of oxygen, they lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is seen in the severe pneumonia patients and ill patients with different severe diseases. This study proved that steroids play an essential role in pneumonia treatment and ARDS treatment. The steroids will decrease the death in pneumonia also. As we know that the last stage if COVID-19 is similar to pneumonia; therefore, we can try this steroid in the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Solid evidence

In June, they found substantial evidence for steroids that will fight the COVID-19 virus. They did the trial on six thousand and four hundred people who are going through the severe COVID-19 virus. The trail outcome shows the use of the steroids in the treatment of the COVID-19 virus decreases the death rate by one third in the patients—especially those who are on the ventilator or who are on the supplemental oxygen.

The medical team in the world is also arranging many more trials, which will prove that steroids can fight the COVID-19 virus.

Effect of the steroids on the patient

From the different studies about steroids, it is seen that the number of steroids will not affect patient health. If you give the high dose of the steroid to the patient, it is effective as much as the low dose of the steroid. The low dose of the steroid will fight against the COVID-19 virus. The steroids will affect the inflammation in your body, and the steroids will fight against this inflammation disease.

This steroid will also suppress the immune system. When your immune system becomes weak, then you will have the bacterial infection fast. At the end of the treatment, few patients who have to take this steroid for the treatment of COVID-19 will have a severe bacterial infection, which is dangerous for their health.


From the study and the survey, it is proved that the steroids can fight the severe COVID-19 virus. There are many steroids like hydrocortisone, corticosteroid, and dexamethasone, which fight against the COVID-19 and pneumonia. In conclusion to the above information, the use of steroids in the treatment for severe COVID-19 virus decrease the death rate by one third in all over the world.

You have to make sure that you take the right amount dose of steroids, which will make the improvements in the treatment. They arranged many clinical trials for the practical results of this study in all over India. The trial proved that the effect of the steroids is significant on COVID-19 patients.

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