Five Ways To Improve Testosterone In 2020

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for masculinity in males and a primary sex hormone. It helps in the development of male reproductive tissues such as testes and prostate. It also helps develop secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone weight and the growth of body hair. Testosterone is needed for health and well-being. Low levels of testosterone can lead to inefficiencies and other problems such as frailty and bone loss. Both high and low level of testosterone is bad. A high level of testosterone can lead to aggressive and irritable behavior and sleep disorders. Testosterone is found in both men and women. Men have a high level of testosterone compared to women. Low testosterone levels can lead to decreased sex desire, less energy, moodiness, weight gain, low self-esteem, less body hair, thinner bones, feelings of depression, etc.

Boost Testosterone

5 Ways to improve testosterone in 2020

  1. Exercise & lift weights

 Exercise is one of the best ways to fight against any diseases, and testosterone also can be increased with exercise. A recent study revealed that people who do exercise have high testosterone compared to others. Weight lifting is one of the best forms of exercise to increase testosterone in both the short and long term. Taking appropriate food along with exercise will help in increasing testosterone. All types of exercises are good to increase testosterone, but the most effective one is weight lifting.

  1. Taking protein, fat, and carbs

Consumption of certain food types influences the level of testosterone in the human body. Constant dieting or overeating can affect the level of testosterone. Therefore, it is important to analyze and plan a diet strategy. Eating enough protein can help in maintaining testosterone in the body. Studies have confirmed that cards and fats can also maintain and increase the level of testosterone in the body. A whole and complete diet will help in maintaining the perfect level of testosterone in the body. 

  1. Minimize stress and anxiety

Research has always confirmed that long term stress and anxiety can reduce the level of testosterone in the body. Many functions of the body get disrupted with stress and anxiety. Living with unwanted stress can cause problems in the body. It is advised to reduce the stressful situations in your life and live a healthy and balanced diet life. Stress and anxiety can weaken the body and reduce the life span. So, it is required that one has a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Exposure to sunlight and vitamin D supplement

 Exposure to sunlight and the intake of vitamin D can help maintain testosterone at normal levels. Vitamin D has one of the best vitamins to take, and studies have confirmed that the intake of vitamin D helps in increasing testosterone levels. Regular exposure to sunlight helps in increasing testosterone and bone mass. Many people who fall frequently have low testosterone, and it is advised to take vitamin D supplements.  Sunlight helps to increase bone strength.

  1. Get plenty of restful, good quality sleep

Getting good sleep can increase testosterone in the body. Decades of medical studies highlighted the coordination between sleep and the level of testosterone. People with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep tend to have a good level of testosterone compared with that of 5 and 4 hours. People who do hard work all day long with little sleep is found to have low testosterone. So, it is important to get enough sleep and rest for the body.

Testosterone levels are highly important for the body as people with varying levels of testosterone are found to be affected by diseases and irritations. A balanced and structured lifestyle will help in maintaining testosterone levels. Diet plays a major role in determining the level of testosterone in the body. Eating protein-rich food can increase the level of testosterone.

Why testosterone levels matter?

Testosterone levels can determine the health condition of an individual. Both high level and low level are bad for health; a proper balance should be achieved with the testosterone level in the body. Low testosterone can lead to obesity, illness, and premature death. From the age of 25 to 30, a person’s testosterone levels tend to decline. People high in age tend to have low testosterone compared to younger ones. Healthy levels of testosterone are important for women also. It is more important in the case of males. The consequences of low testosterone levels are many. Obesity, fatigue, hair loss, decreased bone mass, decreased muscle mass, etc. are symptoms with low testosterone.

Signs of low testosterone

  • Hair loss: Testosterone plays a major role in developing the hairs of the body. Aging can cause hair reduction in the head, but testosterone reduces hair in the face and body. People with low testosterone are found to have hair loss in the body.
  • Fatigue: People with low testosterone is found to have declined energy levels. Sometimes a person would have a good amount of sleep but still feels tired, can be a case of low testosterone. Intake of protein foods can help a great deal in increasing testosterone levels.
  • Loss of muscle mass: Another important sign of low testosterone is the loss of muscle mass. Testosterone is a hormone that helps in building the muscles of the body. Low testosterone can cause a reduction and loss of muscle mass. Weight lifting is highly advised to increase testosterone. Proper exercise with a balanced life can do a lot of good.
  • Increased body fat: People with low testosterone may develop obesity. There is a chance for breast tissues to become large. Studies have proved that people with low testosterone have a chance to become obese.
  • Decreased bone mass: People tend to fall when the bones are weak, triggered when the bones in the body do not have the strength to support the body. Low testosterone can lead to reduced bone mass. Vitamin D is the best supplement advised by doctors to treat decreased bone mass due to testosterone. Exposure to sunlight can also help a lot.
  • The Mood Swings: Testosterone influences much of the body functions; low testosterone levels tend to show mood changes. Depression, irritability, anger, etc. are some problems usually showed. Often varies from person to person.
  • Affected Memory: Low testosterone can also cause memory loss. In almost everyone, memory reduces with age, but it can also happen because of low testosterone levels. Proper exercise and diet will help to increase and maintain testosterone levels. 


Testosterone is a hormone in the body that influences many functions of the body. Testosterone is high in males compared to females. Both low and high levels of testosterone are bad for the body, and proper treatment is required to maintain a healthy level of testosterone. There are many ways to increase the level of testosterone. Exercise, proper rest and sleep, avoidance of stress and anxiety, exposure to sunlight, intake of vitamin D, etc. are some of the solutions.

A balanced level of testosterone is needed to lead a normal and happy life. Many problems are associated with a low level of testosterone. A proper diet and living style will help maintain a balanced level of testosterone.

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