The Beat Exercises For When You’re Feeling Angry

As a society and as human beings we need to firstly  accept  that anger is a very normal emotion and a healthy emotion that each one of us experience at some point of time or the other in a day or in a lifetime. Underlying emotions — guilt, sadness, fear and also other ways of expressing anger. And if we press these emotions and do not express it, anger could turn into stress that stays with us for our entire lifetime. Anger can be problematic only when it is not manageable. Each one of us has our own ways of managing anger, don’t we? Some of us write it down on a piece of paper, some of us head out and travel, some listen to music, and then there are some who exercise in order to manage their frustrations and emotions. There are several proven researches that talk about how exercising can help reduce depression, hostility, and anxiety. Certain researchers suggest that just a short time of exercising helps in preventing angry mode on a daily basis.


What effects does angle have on our body?

Studies define anger to be an emotional state that is made up of feelings which vary in intensity right from a mild or a slight irritation to an intense fury or annoyance. You can think of anger to be of two different types:

  • Destructive anger – it is the anger that is used to portray feelings or an intense state of rage.
  • Constructive anger-it is the anger that will help you solve problems and has a protective component around it.

Although anger is considered to be a healthy emotion, it does take a heavy toll on our bodies. People who practise this and refer to anger as one of the three poisons of a mind along with foolishness and greed. Anger is known to have a huge impact on our sympathetic nervous system and therefore has a positive association with coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis. Negative emotions also include anger and lead to bulimic behavior. Angle is associated with type two diabetes and also with road accidents.

Coming to exercising-it is associated with a decreased risk of several diseases that include type two diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases. Exercising has shown emotional resilience towards stress. So when one experiences anger, physical exercise is a positive way to relieve that tension.

What type of workout should I consider to manage Anger?

Exercising is always a great solution but many people have difficulty in dedicating that amount of energy to a workout especially when anger is consuming them. There are many ways to approach exercising when you are annoyed or frustrated. Some people prefer to let go of their anger with extreme movements such as dancing, boxing, or circuit training. Then there is another set of people who want to get rid of their anger by practicing breathing exercises or focus on reducing their heart rate with mind-body exercises such as teaching, meditation, or yoga. And then we have a set of people who want to go for a combination of both such as hiking in nature. If you are looking at exercising in order to lower your anger or frustration or any negative feeling, always be open-minded and experiment and try different exercises and see which has the most calming effect on your mood. Always remember that the goal here is not to exercise in order to eliminate anger. Anger is very natural and they are very healthy. Exercising will simply allow you an outlet for healthy expression and management of anger.

Exercises to manage and relieve anger

Here is a noble list we have made for you to consider when you want to exercise to manage and relieve your anger for good. Read on.

Sweat it out: Several researchers have called out aerobic activity as a very apt way of reducing anger expression in not just adults but also in children. What are you trying to say is you might just want to sweat in order to calm your nerves. Exercising activities like treadmill running, rowing are associated with lower anxiety, dejection, and anger.

Boxing: this workout will force you to leave focus on that specific job and five combinations. A workout that involves boxing engages your entire body, helps burn your calories, and strengthens your body especially in the upper part of your body. There are several boxing gyms and studios, and these days there are several mobile applications that will help you to learn and practice boxing from the comfort of your home.

Circuit training: One great thing when it comes to circuit workout is that your body keeps you moving. You need to move from one station to another and you are working on different parts of your body in a very short segment of time, therefore there is very little time for you to think about whatever is causing you anger. If you want to do a circuit at home, all you need is some equipment like kettlebells, resistance bands or dumbbells.

Jumping rope

This is one of the high-intensity workouts that demands your concentration and focus. The beauty of this workout is that it increases your heart rate rapidly and also burns calories at a faster rate. It requires just one piece of equipment which is an inexpensive rope. A jumping rope workout includes most such as running steps, double 4 to jump, his death, all double Unders.


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