Is Neck Pain Affecting Your Sex Life?

Neck Pain and Causes

Human anatomy shows the neck connects to the back of our body and often known as a backbone to the body for a reason. The structure of vertebrate that makes small bones links the network of nerves throughout our body and further protects the spinal column.

Hence, problems with the neck require immediate medical attention. Neck pain is considered as a serious issue and requires attention to get treated as soon as possible. Neck pain has many effects on the body physically as well as mentally. Here are some common causes that can lead to neck pain:

  • Poor prolonged posture while working at a desk
  • Sleeping with a bad neck position
  • A strain
  • An accident causing whiplash or injury
  • Neck wrench during exercise or any other physical activity
  • An infection etc

Neck pain is very common, experienced at any point in time in our lives. Neck pain duration differs from person to person, depending upon its severity. But the pain caused by neck pain discomforts a person in different ways irrespective of the pain intensity too high or low. Neck pain is unavoidable and can affect day to day acts physically and mentally. For instance, back pain can make you stop to undertake all the physical activities that can put stress over the vertebrate or spinal cord. Similarly, it can stress you out and raise your worries and make you feel unrest, disabled, depressed for not being able to have full physical freedom.

Neck Pain

Neck pain and sexual activity

Neck pain can cause a lack of freedom in the movement of the body. Not only to the individual, but neck pain extends its effects in the intimacy of a couple too. Very often, physical flexibility is related to sexual exploration and satisfaction. Neck pain hampers the physical movement to a larger extent and can create problems that might descent the intimacy.

Few consequences of listing that are likely to happen in a relationship if the partner/s are going through neck pain:

  1. Dampers the intercourse: As neck pain causes a restriction in full-body movement and flexibility, it’s obvious that neck pain might make the sexual act less enjoyable. Those restrictions and constant thought in the back of the mind of the ongoing neck pain diverts you from enjoying the pleasure and leads to dissatisfaction with yourself, and your partner, too, leads to complicate your flow but would also affect your intimacy chemistry in the future.
  2. Loss of interest in intercourse: No relationship can run one-sidedly. Similarly, no sex life can be satisfactory if driven by only one force. The good sexual act in a relationship represents equal participation and response to one another. If neck pain restraints you from expressing yourself, there are more chances that your partner might not feel pleasure, and this can lead to him/her losing interest in having physical intimacy with you.
  3. Prevents peak pleasure: It is completely fine to be concerned over your neck pain while undertaking any activity that might put stress over it. Even while you are involved in intercourse, you tend to have a constant thought not to push your physical limits or stay in limits to protect your neck. This concern and extra care towards the neck pain to prevent more damage restricts your body in multiple ways, and that can result in a lack of culmination during intercourse.
  4. Stressful to the relationship: Sex life is one of the most important factors in any relationship. The study has shown that couples who are less active in the sexual act tend to separate from each other soon. Hence, as mentioned above, if a person is facing neck pain, he/she is more likely to invite dampers in the sexual life, which can complicate and put a physical gap in a relationship. This physical distancing can lead to lessen the attachment and affection between the couple and can give rise to a stressful relationship.
  5. Limits the exploration of coital positions: Sex life is more enjoyable when both the forces are excited to explore the sexual act in newer ways each time to enhance their intimacy chemistry. But Neck pain restrains from sudden movements that are directly or indirectly connected to the vertebrate. This restriction can limit the experimentation of new coital positions, further leading in a diminution to their chemistry.

Neck pain can cause problems that can become a hindrance to sexual pleasure. But some ways can help to reduce the effects of neck pain on sex life.

How to reduce Neck Pain’s effect on Sex Life

Communicate with your partner: Talking to your partner about your pain and the complications you face during intercourse is the foremost thing to be done when you start experiencing the effects of your neck pain on your sex life. Keeping this transparency can help both of you to understand each other’s condition and cooperate mutually.
The communication should be a mutual understanding of how together you can cope up with the conditions to get the pleasure.

Communication is the key to avoid misunderstanding and further stop the stressful situations to occur in sex life, help to fade out the fears, anxiety, and tension you otherwise would carry if you decide not to communicate.

Seek out a doctor and sex therapist: It’s always healthy to not hide your concerns or issues with your doctor. Be upfront to ask about the conditions, postures that can cause more damage to your neck pain, take suggestions and act accordingly, assist you in eradicating the fear factor to get into the right frame of mentality to have sex.

Secondly, be open to approaching a sex therapist if you are unable to find solutions to what is demanded from your body mentally or physically during your neck pain. Take help from a sex expert on how to improvise your sex life in such restrictive times, enable you to provide a direction to maintain a balance between your care for pain and sexual satisfaction.

Enhance intimacy: Once you both have mutually accepted the fact that this pain is going to long last with you and still you won’t let it affect your sex life, create a plan to enhance your intimacy. Find different ways that can help to maintain a balance between the conditions and satisfaction. Explore positions that are most comfortable and cannot cause any harm. Divide the partnership as per your choices and not equally necessarily. Take initiatives if you are not the one with neck pain and do that little extra moving to make another feel good.

Make sure always to consider neck pain and plan things. Sex is most enjoyable when both of you are relaxed and rested. Find time, days, or occasions when you think neck pain is most low or energy levels are high. Emphasize on building intimacy and enjoying the course rather than focusing on performance or barriers that are limiting you.

If you find difficulty in making your Neck feel relaxed or rested, use Neck Relax advanced massager assist in getting rid of all the stress present in your Neck and the upper back.


Although neck pain has adverse effects on body flexibility resulting in sexual complications, there are always ways to work it out with little adjustments. Neck pain can stay with one for shorter, longer durations, or occur occasionally. Rather than stressing over the condition and worsening the sexual activity, one should try to find out remedies that can help to enjoy the intimacy at the same intensity it would have been enjoyed without neck pain.

Always remember satisfaction never has to come at the cost of worsening your neck pain. But if it’s causing a hindrance in your sex life, then focus on root causes, take treatments and medications that can help you reduce the pain, and finally only undergo such activities that don’t result in more damage to the neck. Understand that sexual intimacy is the act to feel touch, spend time, give pleasure, and provide emotional support to each other and don’t only demand sexual performance. So, taking care of your neck pain will only help you to satisfy the intimacy and maintain it over a longer period. Otherwise, stressing the neck pain can worsen the whole body and can leave with prolonged restrictions to many other body movements too.

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