How Women Can Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

They say to fall in love is one thing and to be in love is another. If this sentence wasn’t complicated enough to understand, what makes it worse is the level of complications that relationships these days comes entangled with. The need of the hour to be the best version of you in a world that judges you by all the minute details makes it tough for us to be good at everything. And the same goes for the case of love and relationships as well. People no longer stick to “one partner for life” policy. They are always on the lookout for better partners for themselves. They are always keeping an eye for partners who would love them a little more, cuddle with them a little more, and satisfy them sexually a little more.

And if you find yourself being committed to a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction—it is the worst thing ever! And we give that to you! When one partner is facing this issue, it is natural for his better half to suffer from the consequences as well. We mean, who doesn’t like to be sexually aroused and satisfied to the fullest isn’t it?

The television commercials, on the other hand, make it seem so funny! You cannot get a hard erection so you pop a pill and boom, you are the hardest of them all. In reality, none of this works! Women often find themselves in this scenario—when they are ready to go looking their sexiest best in that Victoria Secret lingerie but their man just isn’t up for it yet. This is where women fall under the misconception and start thinking that maybe they are no longer so attractive to their partner. They begin to think about what if their partner has started showing interest in some other woman and therefore the disinterest. But you see, that’s not the case. Let’s understand what women need to know about the problem of erectile dysfunction and how they should deal with it. Read on.

Erectile Dysfunction

What Women Need To Understand About Erectile Dysfunction

It’s common sense here, a simple fact about life—you can handle a problem in life in a better manner if you know about it completely. Even in this case of erectile dysfunction, the more your partner and you know about it, the better you will be able to understand and access the problem together. You don’t have to talk to everybody about it. It’s you and your partner who are facing this sexual issue. Therefore, the two of you are solely responsible for solving it too. Agreed that it could be very awkward to sit and talk about this with each other. But remember that you have to or you’ll never be able to solve the problem and enjoy a good intimate life. Allow us to take you through some headlines that will help you initiate a healthy start towards working together on this problem of erectile dysfunction. Read on.

  • It Is Common: Out of a hundred percent, if you haven’t been able to achieve an erection for twenty to thirty percent of the times—that is normal! Also, understand that you are not the lone soul if you suffer from a serious case of erectile dysfunction. One out of every ten men faces this problem according to the stats. And if you have crossed the age of 50, it is more common to face this problem.
  • It Does Not Include In The Aging Package: It is true when they say this problem becomes more prominent as you age. But that’s not true always. With good stimulation, men who are even-aged above sixty still do enjoy an amazing intimate life. A decrease in their erections is a very natural phenomenon of occurrence here.
  • It Is Treatable: It isn’t the end of the world if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. There’s always a cure for everything in this world. Even in the case of erectile dysfunction, there are various options when it comes to treatments—oral supplements like BlueChew, Massive Male Plus, injectable medications, sexual devices, sex therapy, and the surgery as well.

How Can A Woman Cope With Their Partner’s Erectile Dysfunction

We know that it is going to be difficult for you to cope with this issue of your partner dear women. But by breaking that awkwardness and by striking the right communication string, you can help your partner and yourself out of this stressful intimate life. The steps could help:

  • Get Educated: Knowing what erectile dysfunction is and what causes it and what are the treatment options available for it should be the first thing that you need to do. Because understanding the treatment options will help your partner and you to pick out the best option. Make it a point to accompany your partner to his doctor appointments and ask questions too. Your partner might feel a little conscious to do the same, therefore, you could speak for him. Ensure that you are actively involved in the treatment procedure as well.
  • Be Positive: You need to steer clear of anything that makes you judgmental in this time for your partner. Your partner needs all the positivity from you. Give him good feedback in case he is improving at his performance as time passes.
  • Remember That It Isn’t Your Fault: Most women get blamed for this. They are made to believe that the fault lies in them and not their male partners. Understand that the reason behind erectile dysfunction is solely dependent on the male body and its functioning. A woman has nothing to do with this problem.
  • Be Flexible. Be Experimental: If the normal way of making love didn’t work out for the two of you, be experimental. Try different ways of experiencing intimacy. Find the sexual technique in which you both feel the most pleasure. For this, your partner and you need to communicate well. You cannot assume that your partner doesn’t like trying different things. Exploring the world of intimacy has no bounds. Explore and enjoy it!
  • Lead A Healthy Lifestyle: If you ask us, then the most simple way to cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction would be to bring out positive changes in one’s lifestyle. Too much stress also can lead to damage to your sex life. Simplest of all the measures like quitting smoking, exercising regularly, practicing meditation, going on nature walks—all of these are good to battle the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
  • Try And Rediscover Your Relationship: Remember how excited you felt the first time your partner and you touched and kissed? It must have got your adrenaline rushing, isn’t it? So, in times like these, try and relive those moments. Talk, laugh, kiss, and experiment. Just take both of your minds off the clock and enjoy and live in the moment with each other. The arousal is the key here, so touch more, caress more, feel the heat, and the longing to do it from scratch.

There is nothing quite like regaining the confidence in your bedroom. The issue of erectile dysfunction can come into your life in many ways. But what you need to take from it here is that you need to understand that not everything over here appears to be as grim as it looks. There are several oral supplements and medications that will help you win in this situation. Always opt for oral medication like the BlueChew if you have just started facing the issues of staying kaput while making love. This particular oral help is made in good hands and produces no side effects either. This table helps promote a healthier intercourse life and better arousal as well. The best part is that these oral medications don’t need a prescription either. So you can go hassle-free and but the product for yourself. You wouldn’t feel any embarrassment either. So, the key is to stay strong here! Women have to be positive and treat this coupled problem most positively. Ensure that you have carried out all the necessary research before zeroing on the treatment option. Let us remind you again that this problem isn’t the end of a good bedroom life. It can be treated and cured and looked after so that it will not get worse.

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