Natural Ways To Get Rid of Ringing in Ears

The ringing ears are irritating and cause discomfort. The ear might be affected by the ringing noise. The noise cannot be head by anyone, no matter how close to you they may be. The sound can drive you crazy. The ringing might be mild or severe. The sound might come and go. As such, it might not be something serious. However, some people experience a grinding sound that rings continuously. The ringing can be relieved using natural ways. Some of the ways to relieve you include lowering the volume, exercising, eating healthy and other ways that will be discussed below.

ringing ears

What causes ears to ring?

The ringing of ears is a symptom that is also known as tinnitus. The noise can happen in various forms. It can be a humming, buzzing, ringing, hissing, clicking, or a roaring sound. The sound is unbearable and varies. It can be mild or severe. Besides, the sound might affect one ear or both. The occurrence of the sound in ears also differs. The sound can come and go, or it might make noise continuously.

There are two types of tinnitus; subjective and objective. The most common type of tinnitus is subjective, and you can only hear the noise. Auditory nerves or auditory pathways cause this type of tinnitus. Other causes are related to an inner, middle, or outer ear problem. The objective tinnitus can be heard by the doctor while examining your ear. This type of tinnitus is rare, caused by muscle contractions, blood vessel problems, and middle ear bone condition.

Various issues can cause ear ringing. You might not know the exact thing that causes the irritating sound in your ears. However, there are common causes of tinnitus. The ringing noise is due to the cell damage of the inner ear hair. The broken hair in your ears can cause tinnitus. Physical injuries in or around your ear may result in tinnitus or ringing sound in your ear.

The tinnitus is also common in seniors. Aging can result in hear loss and hear loss can cause the ringing sound in ears. The other common cause of tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. The loud noise can cause a ringing noise in your ears, but it can disappear. However, if the ears become more exposed to loud noise for the long-term, the ringing noise in your ears might become permanent or last longer. Your ears might experience massive accumulation of earwax. The earwax might block your ear and irritate the eardrums resulting in ringing noise.

Various diseases and medication can also cause ear ringing. Having ringing ears might indicate of ear disease called Meniere’s. Other conditions that can cause ringing noise are acoustic neuroma and Eustachian tube dysfunction. Medication can cause ear ringing sound if taken in large doses or continuous. Some of the medications include antibiotics, cancer medications, antidepressants, and many others. Herbal supplements can also result in ringing sound in your ear.

Various issues can cause ear ringing. This can vary from one person to another. More, so the treatment of ear ringing might not be the same as it depends on the causes.

Seven natural ways to get rid of ringing ears

Due to various causes of ear ringing, there are also different ways that you can explore to relieve yourself of the irritating sound. Ears are sensitive, and you must handle any situation or condition related to them with care. Below are the natural ways to relieve yourself.;

  1. Avoid high volume

Exposing yourself to places with a lot of noise can damage your ears. Likewise, listening to music on high volume can irritate your ears and lead to the ringing noise. Therefore, avoiding high volume sounds can be helpful. If you are already suffering from tinnitus, you might lower the chances of continuous ear ringing. If you are working in a noisy place, protect your ears by wearing ear protection. Ear protection can lower the chances of fully exposing your ears to a high volume of noise.

  1. Lower ear wax build-up

Earwax can trap a lot of dirt particles, which may end up causing tinnitus. Lowering the build-up of earwax in your ears can lower the chances of accumulating dirty stuff in your ears. The earwax can be removed by using olive oil. You can put one or two drops in your ear every fortnight. This can assist in removing the wax naturally. You are not supposed to use objects to remove ear wax. Objects like earbuds, pens, match sticks, and others can damage your eardrum. It is advisable to let the wax move out of your ear naturally without using the objects.

  1. Meditation

Meditating is useful in diverting your attention from the ringing ear. Meditation can help relieve stress. Stress worsens the ringing noise. Relieving stress can make your mind and your body relax as such meditation helps calm your nervous system. You might relax and forget about the ringing noise by meditating.

  1. Exercise your body

Exercising helps make your body fit. It can also boost the immune system. Exercises like yoga can make you feel better. Doing yoga postures can make your body relax, thereby improving your focus and concentration levels. If your tinnitus is related to high blood pressure, exercising can be effective in lowering the symptom.

  1. Play soft music

Music is effective in soothing people. Listening to soft music may not stop the ringing sound in your ear, but it can soothe you. You may forget about the ringing noise while listening to music. Music makes you focus better than focusing on ringing ear. Make sure the volume is low to avoid irritating your ears.

  1. Healthy diet

Eating healthy is useful to individuals fighting the ringing ear. Some tinnitus symptoms are caused by poor blood circulation or unhealthy blood. Therefore, you must make sure that you are eating healthy. Those who have Meniere’s disease can reduce salt intake. They must eat food with less salt to avoid alarming tinnitus symptoms. Alcoholism can also affect blood pressure. Therefore lowering the intake of alcohol and soda can make you feel better if you are suffering from tinnitus. You can also avoid using tobacco cigarettes as it affects your blood pressure.

  1. Get enough sleep

It would help if you slept well to avoid fatigue. Some of the things that may make you sleep better is having a timetable that you follow when you are sleeping. Sleep in the night at the same time daily and also waking up on the standardized time make you sleep better. You must make sure that you sleep in a dark room in a comfortable bed with supportive pillows. You should avoid taking alcoholic drinks 2 hours before going to bed.

Alternatives to get rid of ringing ears

Suffering from ringing ears is so frustrating. The frustration gets worse if you fail to get rid of the irritating feeling of having ringing ears. If you fail to get rid of ringing ears using natural methods, you may visit your doctor or a specialist for further advice.

There are other conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, and others that influence the development of ringing ears. Therefore, you might also need to treat these conditions separately to lower the development of ringing ears.

Other supplements might also help you relieve yourself of the ringing ears. If the tinnitus symptoms persist, you might use a tinnitus supplement called Sonus Complete.


Various things might cause the irritating buzzing or ringing sound that you might experience in your ears. It might be a result of your lifestyle, chronic diseases, medication, aging effects, and other conditions. Knowing what causes the ringing sound in your ears, which is also known as tinnitus, might help you in finding relief.

People experience tinnitus differently because various things can cause the symptom. As such, there are various natural remedies that you can try to relieve yourself of the pain. You can easily get rid of mild tinnitus by cleaning your eras and avoiding loud volume. You can also wear ear protection if you work in a noisy place to protect your eyes from the noise. Severe tinnitus can be soothed in various ways, such as meditation, exercising, and eating healthy. If it persists, you might consult a doctor.

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